Why should you use WordPress for Your Business Website?

By: Beatrice Raphaella Aranton


06 Oct 2022

Why should you use WordPress for Your Business Website? - Verz Design

WordPress originally served as a blogging platform. But it quickly gained popularity and is now one of the best tools for building websites. It has quickly mastered talents and unlocked new advantages for its users which a lot of SEO agencies in Singapore have given a hearty two thumbs up to. WordPress is the most well-known platform for creating websites because it powers more than a third of all websites. The functionality of WordPress and the fact that it is free and open source are perhaps the main factors in its success.

WordPress is a free, GPLv2-licensed and open-source content management system. A content management system is simply a tool that allows you to easily manage critical components of your website. This includes managing content without any programming knowledge.

10 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Website

WordPress enables anyone to create a website, including those who aren’t programmers. Here are 10 reasons why SEO agencies in Singapore find utmost reliability and convenience in concluding why you should choose WordPress as the best platform for creating websites.

1. WordPress is search engine friendly

WordPress is search engine friendly

To score highly on Google and other search engines, your website must be searchable. WordPress sites frequently score highly for their keywords. It’s good for SEO because they are updated frequently and because it contains several tools and plugins for content SEO.

2. WordPress is extendable with themes and plugins

WordPress is extendable with themes and plugins

WordPress themes give users a wide range of options for customising the look and functionality of a new website. This is all thanks to its extensive and constantly expanding directory of free and premium themes. The theme directory contains all available themes and hundreds more can be purchased from international third-party designers and design markets. Additionally, themes can be installed at any moment and live-previewed to alter the appearance and design of a WordPress site.

3. WordPress is mobile friendly

WordPress is mobile friendly

Websites need to look excellent on all devices because Google rankings also consider mobile responsiveness. A static site can be responsive using plugins and WordPress provides several responsive theme styles.

4. WordPress is safe and secure

WordPress is safe and secure

WordPress can automatically install the so-called minor updates, or updates with just a few changes. In this manner, security holes are immediately eradicated as soon as they are found. This gives you a huge security advantage when used in conjunction with a WordPress backup plugin. Consequently, it’s advisable to let a professional do it for you since significant WordPress updates may impact your website.

5. Has competitive advantages to help you stand out

Has competitive advantages to help you stand out

Making a quick, attractive ecommerce site is just the first step in developing a competitive digital business. This is because the needs and demands of today’s digital consumers continue to change. Adding content and powerful ecommerce capabilities to your website is vital in making your store stand out from the competition. But today, every step of the customer experience, from the initial click, through the delivery of the goods and beyond, must be simple to use and comfortable for the customer, or else they will go somewhere else. What’s more, many proprietary or ecommerce-only solutions don’t offer the same amount of customization and integration. Due to that, WordPress stands out in the ecommerce space for its ability to tap into every aspect of the larger consumer experience.

6. WordPress community can help in troubleshooting

WordPress community can help in troubleshooting

The WordPress community is incredibly huge, hence, new WordPress plugins for business websites, themes, and extensions that can enhance the website are always being released. Additionally, the broad community can immediately identify and solve common WordPress problems and security weaknesses. For WordPress, there are also expert groups where both newcomers and seasoned users can get assistance with problems or inquiries.

7. Flexible and has customisable plug-ins

Flexible and has customisable plug-ins

WordPress powers a huge variety of websites with different objectives, despite its origins in blogging and related online publication. It is used to manage small enterprises, operate intricate websites for major international corporations, and build personal blogs. These websites may host social networks, groups, and podcasts as well as full-service eCommerce storefronts, portfolios, and other content. The core package along with a few free and paid plugins are enough to equip your website with powerful features. This platform is also adjustable to a company’s changing demands because of its many themes and simple access to source files.

8. Has a built-in blog

WordPress has a built-in blog

Blogging has proven to be crucial nowadays in capturing the attention of users and boosting the chances of successful sales. This is only one of the reasons why blogging is important for business. WordPress has several features that make posting material simple because it is a content management system. One of these allows customers to add a blog to their website without having to start one from scratch. You can also make use of any device to access this platform. As a result, websites make use of blogs that have nothing to do with blogging to post updates or announcements.

9. Allows you to run an ecommerce store

WordPress allows you to run an eCommerce store

The business of opening an online store is quite competitive. Simple design tools are insufficient to distinguish oneself from similar ecommerce sites. Nowadays, dynamic content is more and more common, and you can get this capability from several themes and plugins. Your site will be more entertaining to use if you employ WordPress functionality to diversify your material with animations and drawings, moveable and parallax design. The option to generate countless content management and distinctive design settings is provided by developers. You have the power to use any structure to make meaningful catalogues for ecommerce. There are many possibilities, including adding an infinite number of categories, pages, and items, controlling, and deleting cards. Few CMS platforms can give you as much freedom as WordPress.

10. Constantly improving

Constantly improving

The internet is always changing and expanding. This is why website content management systems must adapt and upgrade their platforms to stay up. WordPress is always on top of this and updates its platform to keep up with technical changes and best practices. The best aspect is that the updates are automated, rapid, and take only one click. This is advantageous for guaranteeing website owners that their organisation is using a fully updated content management system.

Unlock Infinite Possibilities for Your Ecommerce with the Power of WordPress

The platform has numerous advantages. WordPress is the ideal all-in-one platform for nearly any website, from its simplicity of use and simple design to its scalability and performance. The bottom line here is that it has proven to be an effective CMS platform for hosting your website. It is not only safe and adaptable, but its user-friendly layout and features make it a great choice for any business owner interested in having their own website. This is exactly why Verz Design, an SEO agency and renowned web developer in Singapore, trusts WordPress so much. We ensure that we maximise the use of its various functionalities. With WordPress hosting almost a quarter of all current websites, it’s time to discover for yourself why WordPress works.

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