Receive up to 50% funding
with the PSG Digital Marketing Grant for SMEs in Singapore

Generate leads and drive higher conversion rates on your website
with 50% funding support under the new PSG Digital Marketing Grant!

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    Enjoy additional funding support with SkillsFuture Enterprise Credits (SFEC)

    Eligible employers may make use of the SFEC, which allows them to receive a one-off $10,000 credit to cover up to 90% of the expenses!

    Unsure of whether you qualify for the PSG Digital Marketing Grant in Singapore?

    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.
    eCommerce web design services - Verz Design company

    What is PSG for Digital Marketing?

    Formerly used for SMEs in Singapore to adopt IT solutions and equipment, the
    PSG grant has since expanded its eligibility to include digital marketing solutions.

    Companies can now make use of this grant to enjoy 50% funding support to execute digital marketing campaigns and attract more web traffic.

    Businesses can make use of the PSG grant to receive additional funding support for strategic digital marketing campaigns that help establish an online presence, increase brand awareness, attract online traffic and generate conversions.

    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.

    Our PSG Digital Marketing Solutions include:

    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.
    Search Engine
    Optimisation (SEO)
    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.
    Search Engine
    Marketing (SEM)
    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.
    Social Media Marketing
    and Advertising
    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.
    Content Marketing
    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.
    Digital Marketing
    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.
    Campaign Planning
    and Execution
    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.
    Monitoring and
    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.
    Training and Support

    Our Digital Marketing Solutions Under
    the PSG Digital Marketing Grant in Singapore

    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.
    Leads Gen Package

    Showcase your business across a wide array of platforms, to increase your lead generation.

    What you can expect:

    • >200% Increase in Return of Ad Spend
    • Landing Page/GDN/
      Social Media Ad Designs
    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.
    Visibility Booster Package

    Increase visibility and achieve top-of-mind awareness for your potential clients.

    What you can expect:

    • >30% of Targeted keywords on page 1 of Google
    • >200% Increase in Return of Ad Spend
    • SEO Optimized Blog Articles
    • Social Media Ad Designs
    • Report and Training
    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.
    Search Engine Master Package

    Take control of the world wide web and promote your business in a strategic manner.

    What you can expect:

    • >200% Increase in Return of Ad Spend
    • >30% of Targeted keywords on page 1 of Google
    • Report and Training
    • Landing Page/GDN Designs
    • Report and Training
    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.
    Social Media Pro Package

    Social media is a powerful tool for your business. Let us help you harness it to its full potential.

    What you can expect:

    • >30% Increase in Social Media Reach
    • >200% Increase in Return of Ad Spend
    • Social Media Branding
    • Social Media Content Planning and Ad Designs
    • Report and Training
    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.
    Organic Traction Package
    (SEO&Content Marketing)

    Having robust content helps establish your credibility as a key opinion leader, and when optimised, helps to extend visibility.

    What you can expect:

    • >30% of Targeted keywords on page 1 of Google
    • SEO Optimized Blog Articles
    • Skyscraper Article
    • Premium Article
    • Handover Training

    Unsure of which digital marketing package best suits your business?

    Get in touch with our consultants.

    eCommerce web design services - Verz Design company

    Why Choose Verz Design for your PSG Digital Marketing Solutions in Singapore

    Verz Design offers a full suite of digital marketing solutions for companies under the PSG grant in Singapore.

    We help you get the traffic you deserve by formulating the best digital marketing strategies for your brand and then executing them impeccably. Grow your business today, and choose Verz for your digital marketing.

    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.
    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.

    One-Stop Web
    Solution Provider

    As a web development company inherently, we are well versed in all things web-related and know the best digital marketing strategies to optimize your website to get better results.

    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.

    Experienced Teams

    From digital marketing specialists to copywriters to designers and developers, our fully in-house team is well versed in the digital world and stay up to date with the latest trends.

    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.

    Over 4,000
    Satisfied Clients

    We have served over 4000 clients across a multitude of industries in more than a decade, and our 4.7 star rating on Google speaks volumes of our customer-oriented culture.

    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.

    PSG Vendor

    As a pre-approved eCommerce PSG vendor since 2019, our services have continuously met IMDA’s standards of productivity and innovation.

    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.


    Our tried-and-tested digital marketing strategies have rocketed our clients into the digital world, allowing their sites to receive more traffic, generate more leads and increase number of conversions.

    Our Proven Results

    View our customer success stories below and see how you can benefit from our digital
    marketing solutions when you engage Verz Design.

    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.

    Achieved 100% Keywords Ranking on Google Ist Page and 465% Increase in Purchases


    Foptics is an eCommerce store that aims to drive business and improve brand recognition within the competitive online retail landscape.

    • Full suite SEO Campaign on Google Search
    • SEM Campaign on Google Search
    • Adjust campaigns for product focusing
    • Seasonal changes to ads
    • Daily monitoring of ads
    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.

    Increase Paid Traffic by 1401% and Achieved 96,400 by Impressions


    Wearnes, a car leasing company in Singapore, wanted to gain higher website discoverability, fast search traffic and more quality leads.

    Wearnes, a car leasing company in Singapore, wanted to gain higher website discoverability, fast search traffic and more quality leads

    • SEM Campaign on Google Search and Display
    • Well-targeted PPC campaigns
    • Onpage and offpage SEO
    eCommerce web design services - Verz Design company
    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.

    Achieved total reach of 429,152 within 4 months, exceeding expectations of 300,000


    SNEF, a national federation of employers, reached out to Verz Desogm to promote their niche programmes for dating businesses.

    • Formulate reach and traffic campaigns
    • Advertising Campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram
    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.

    Achieved 915% Increase in Purchases


    In the competitive Food Delivery Services industry, Langun Sari, a food delivery company specialising in Indonesian food, needed proper budgeting and planning to stand out from their competition.

    • SEO, Google Search & Display ads
    • Seasonal changes to keywords and ad copies
    • Set up seasonal promotion extensions
    • Change in bidding strategy to maximize conversion
    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.

    Achieved 457,000 Total Organic Impressions and 75% Keywords Ranking on Google 1st page in 10 months


    In the oversaturated tech solutions market, our client needed a way to differentiate themselves from the competition while educating consumers on the importance of certain tech services.

    • Onpage and offpage SEO
    • Write SEO-optimised articles
    • Keyword monitoring
    • Periodic reviews

    Want to explore how our PSG Digital Marketing solutions can benefit your business?

    Verzdesign Pte Ltd.

    We've worked with Many Brands Across a
    Diverse Range of Industries

    Verz Design acknowledges that we would not be where we are today if not for the trust and cooperation of our
    valuable clients. These are some of our clients who have worked with us for their digital marketing needs.

    Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say

    Have been working with Verz for more than 5 years and they have been exceptionally consistent, very professional and at their best in problem solving skills.

    Highly recommend their services.

    Margaret Dias
    Jason’s Pet Relocation

    We've engaged Verz for full range digital marketing services for almost 2 years now. Our website is ranked high for core business related keywords, traffic improved tremendously. Media buy on Google & Social Media channels have brought us constant good flow of quality leads. Not mentioning the team is always highly attentive to our requests. Thanks team for the professional service! Will definitely recommend Verz digital marketing service!

    En Xi Liu

    We are pleased to provide this testimonial for Verz Design, led by Managing Director Henry. Claire Wan was our Project Manager. Verz Design has been a pleasure to work with. They are very responsive and can arrange to have a quick update on short notice. The journey has been enriching as timely updates, reports and meetings allow us to know all our marketing moves in detail.

    Hugen Liu
    EL Connect

    Overall, I highly recommend Verz Design for anyone looking for a professional, knowledgeable, and efficient team to help with their digital marketing and branding needs. Their team is top-notch, and I am confident that they will continue to deliver excellent results for their clients. Thank you, Verz Design, for your exceptional services!

    Stylus Yeo
    Advance Safe Consultants

    This is the most genuine and authentic web company I have come across. They operate with ethics and utmost trustworthiness. I started my first business back in 2009 and approached Verz Design for all my marketing and web services. Verz has not failed me and I have the confidence my friendship and collaboration with Verz will not end. Many more years to come. I recommend Verz Design as the one and only responsible, ethical and trustworthy company to any one who wants to build a website for their companies! :)

    Yeo Poh Tiang, Beatrice
    YEO & Associates
    eCommerce web design services - Verz Design company

    Eligibility Criteria for PSG Digital Marketing Grant in Singapore

    In order to be eligible for the PSG Digital Marketing grant in Singapore, you must
    meet the following criteria:

    Am I Eligible for
    the PSG grant?

    • 1

      Be a business entity registered and operating in Singapore

    • 2

      Company’s Group annual sales turnover should not exceed S
      $100M, or have an employment
      size more than 200 employees

    • 3

      Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding

    • 4

      The digital marketing solution
      must be used in Singapore

    eCommerce web design services - Verz Design company

    frequently asked questions

    Verz Design has worked with IMDA for two consecutive years. This means that the work we have done for our clients, have been audited by the IMDA and proven successful.
    We have an experienced in-house team that can provide customised, successful solutions in the digital marketing space, catered for your organisation.

    To be eligible for the PSG Digital Marketing Grant, your company is required to have at least 30% local shareholding. To apply, simply visit the Business Grant portal, or speak to our Sales Consultant who will guide you through the application process.

    For a faster application, you will require:

    • Quotation from our company
    • Financial Statement for the last two years (if applicable)
    • CorpPass User and Password

    As the PSG Digital Marketing Grant is given out by the IMDA, Verz Design is unable to provide this guarantee. However, you will know the outcome of your application once you have made it on the Business Grant portal. Upon approval, please note that the website needs to be completed and the documents stated below must be provided for the grant to be reimbursed.

    • Invoice
    • Receipt for payment
    • Quotation
    • Bank Statement
    • Screenshot of Website (provided by Verz)
    • Usage Report (provided by Verz)

    Your PSG Digital Marketing Grant application will be rejected if the package you submit in your application is different from the one in your quotation. However, while we are unable to provide any additional items, we can make modifications to your package to ensure you only pay for what you need. Be sure to present to IMDA all the modifications you’ve made for quicker approval.

    You are required to make 100% of the payment once the campaign is completed before any reimbursement can take place. As campaigns can run for several months, it is crucial for businesses to ensure that they can manage their cash flow.

    Yes, you can wait for the Letter of Offer from IMDA first. Verz Design will proceed with the work only after the deposit has been paid.

    While we arrange special payment terms on a case-by-case basis, it is important to note that the project has to be paid for fully before you can be reimbursed for your digital marketing solutions. Kindly speak to our Sales Consultant if you require further clarification on payment terms.