10 Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress for your CMS Website

By: Nicole Serrano

Web Design

02 Apr 2018

But first, what is CMS?

In a nutshell, CMS stands for Content Management System and is a software that allows you to publish content on the web. This includes editing, organizing, adding features, and so on where you can manage your content and give access to others in the organization with different permission levels.


Now, let’s talk about WordPress…

WordPress is a Content Management System tool written in PHP that is commonly used to create websites, blogs, portfolios, real estate property listing site, web directories, and more.

It started as a blogging software made by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little back in 2003, where its main clients are those who want to start their very own blogging site. Little did these two know that their business would eventually skyrocket and become bigger and better – benefitting users from all around the globe and serving their web development needs.

Because of its many features and customization tools, we are confident to say that WordPress CMS is the most efficient and flexible platform that can accommodate different types of requirements in building your very own website.

Not yet convinced? Check out these top 10 compelling reasons why WordPress is the best CMS for your website.


The Big Ten

Studies show that WordPress holds the largest CMS market share, where it quantifies to over a quarter of existing websites are powered by WordPress. In other words, WordPress rules the web!

The number continues to grow, becoming the most popular option to use in building websites. Because of this, many users are now more familiar with it, so it’s easier to find professionals who are well-versed in WordPress.


One of the main reasons why WordPress is the most popular CMS in the web is because it’s so easy to use! Unlike other software that can be intimidating, WordPress was built to attract the non-tech savvy business owners. Even when it comes to setting up an online shop, you don’t need an eCommerce developer or knowledge in coding to get started as almost everything is built-in – user management, site stats, RSS feeds, and more.

We’ll handle all the complexities and all you have to do is update or add contents. There are also many video tutorials on YouTube on how to use WordPress and alternatively, it’s easy to meet people with knowledge on it.


It’s essential for your website to be SEO-friendly to be seen in search engine results. Luckily, WordPress already covers most of the bases of SEO responsibilities as it was written using the standard compliance high quality code, making it semantically accurate. Site speed and responsiveness are also requirements for good search engine results and both are also covered by WordPress.


There are thousands of free themes to choose from, suitable for different kinds of websites. Whatever look you want your website to have, there are sure to be plenty of options to choose from.

WordPress is also flexible and can accommodate plugins for additional functions. Plugins are designed to extend functionality in your site with features that are tailored to your specific needs. Some of the most popular plugins include Jetpack for stats and search engine optimization, Akismet to remove spam, Yoast for a more advanced SEO, and the list goes on.


Since majority of the population nowadays are on their smartphones and tablets, it’s a must for your website to be mobile-friendly. Having a responsive design helps a great deal in appearing in search engine results and garnering qualified traffic.

In having a WordPress website, mobile optimisation is already part of the package. Whilst some websites still need special coding to make this happen, everything is straightforward with WordPress whereas this is already part of what you’ll sign up for when you choose WP for your CMS website. In using this platform, you can rest assured that everything will run smoothly and in order. Further customisation can be taken care with mobile website design services by a professional web design agency such as Verz Design.


WordPress is developed with high security standards in mind. Not to worry because all your information is secure and in good hands. There are also regular security updates that are released every now and then to address recent issues. If you still want to take it up a notch, there are safe and available security plugins that you can download to ensure double protection for your website.


We all value our time so it’s always a plus if there are ways to make things more convenient and efficient.

With WordPress, there’s no need to manually publish your content every day because it allows you to schedule these posts on your preferred publishing dates. You can schedule posts per day or at specific times of the day.


WordPress is not all about texts; it also comes with a built-in support that can handle images, audios, and even video contents. Insert any media type in between your content in just a few clicks!

WordPress also supports embed-enabled websites where you can add YouTube videos, Twitter tweets, Soundcloud audios, and more, by simply copy-pasting the URL within your post. Audio and video formats supported by WordPress include M4a, MP4, WebM, OGG, FLV, MP3, and WAV files.


Because WordPress is fast growing and has a massive community that uses this CMS platform, it’s easy to search for answers for when you encounter problems on support forums all over the web. There are questions and answers there that can help users perform basic troubleshooting. There are also a lot of blog articles, guides and dedicated websites run by developers where one can look up for answers to their queries.

WordPress is so popular that you’ll rarely worry for when you encounter any concerns – the answers will most likely be on the web.


Some people think that the only way to customise WordPress is by using themes, but that’s not always the case – this is where Verz Design comes in!

WordPress has a flexible framework that can allow our designers and developers to edit the codes and modify the layouts and applications. We can even customise existing themes because we are well-equipped in the language of programming.

We already have extensive experience in extending WordPress functionality, as well as incorporating a wide range of plugins, to meet our clients’ unique demands.


Due to its popularity and the huge number of users, WordPress is always on the dot when it comes to the improvement of its features. Technology is evolving and so is WordPress as it constantly updates its system with the latest version, whenever there are new concerns and latest trends.

Overall, WordPress has proven itself to be the best CMS platform to host your website. Not only is it secure and flexible, its user-friendly interface and features make it the best option for every business owner to jump on the opportunity of having their own website. Aside from its many functions, there are so many themes and plugins that quite frankly, it’s difficult to pinpoint what you can’t do with WordPress. With over a quarter of existing website successfully hosted in WordPress, it’s time to find out for yourself why WordPress works.


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