A Culture that Sets Us Apart

With a community of colleagues that take care of each other, it’s no wonder our individual talents can shine. Here’s what makes us Verz.

Verzdesign Pte Ltd.

To design and develop quality websites for our clients.

Verzdesign Pte Ltd.

To become the preferred web design agency renowned across the globe.

Verzdesign Pte Ltd.

Company Culture

“If Everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”

After over a decade in the business, our core values have created a distinct and vibrant company culture. We are a thriving community in a harmonious work environment and as we continue to grow together, this culture is here to stay.

Fun Loving

We are a fun-loving bunch of young professionals consisting of both fresh graduates and senior team members. To make us a more cohesive team, we participate in “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” training sessions to align our Verz values and work ethics. Engaging team building activities, monthly company lunches and other exciting bonding activities create a fun and enjoyable environment for all our employees.


Our strong teamwork bolsters productive interdepartmental collaboration allowing operational processes to flow seamlessly. We encourage and empower each team member to take ownership of their work. Should an issue arise in the process, management support is readily available to work alongside the team to resolve it.

We are forward thinking and adapt our company policies to support the needs of the future. An example that clearly illustrates this is how we adapted our policies during COVID-19.

  • Implemented new measures such as allowing half the employees to work from home well before the announcement of the Circuit Breaker.
  • Sought flexible employment strategies to give employees greater peace of mind and would allow staff who needed to return to their countries for personal reasons to continue their employment with us.


We are a results-oriented company. Promotions are awarded based on merit and achievement. Key Performance Indicators guide and focus our efforts as we strive to attain them with planning and flexibility when faced with new situations.


Being proactive is one of the key values we enforce at the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” training and is an essential part of our company culture. We encourage all team members to use their initiative to make a positive difference to the team and our clients.


Stemming from our core value, Integrity, we mean what we say. Our quotations are comprehensive and detailed because we list all deliverables for our clients’ benefit. Similarly, we uphold our promises to our staff and hold ourselves accountable. When we make a commitment, rest assured we will fulfil it to the best of our abilities.


People are our most important asset. We cultivate a culture of appreciation that runs throughout the organisation between individual team members, Team Leaders, Project Managers and Directors. Appreciation Letters signed by Management, Certificates of Achievement, Anniversary Gifts and Employee of the Year awards are given to deserving employees and serve as a form of recognition and acknowledgement of a job well done as well as encouragement for others to excel.

The Culture Of Learning

The Digital World is constantly evolving so how do we prepare for the unpredictable? Steve Jobs said it best, Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish. To be dynamic and agile when facing future challenges, we strongly advocate continuous self-improvement through hands on learning. We provide the necessary tools and resources such as our own corporate Udemy account for all employees to learn new skills relevant to their job.