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Most people skip an ad and continue about their day, but a memorable ambassador will make them stay. We are looking for vibrant, passionate and people-oriented individuals to represent our company. Does your strength lie in content creation, speaking in front of a camera, and having the most fun meeting new people?

You could be the next Verz Ambassador!


what’s in it for you?

Absolute Swag

Get an honorary badge. Establish your credibility through our name - we have more than 12 years of experience with over 4000+ clients to date.

Step into the SME Industry

Our business is built on helping SME business owners bring their brand to audiences. Expand your avenues for income and be a part of helping these owners through your influence and skills.

Boost Your Digital Presence

Be equipped with a personalised page on our domain (with over 2,000 visits monthly) that links to your relevant social platforms.

Be Rewarded

Refer potential clients to Verz Design and be compensated with a referral fee (upon successful project sign-ups).

Increase Your Potential to Create

In social media, shareability and staying relevant is the new currency. Thus, we provide free training for you to learn Blogging, Hosting, and Digital Marketing to boost your online presence.

what do you
need to do?

Prepare Your Profile

Give us some information through a quick questionnaire so that we can write something about you! Provide photos that showcase your personality and interests too.

Collaborate with Us

The digital space is always changing and always hungry for content! Let’s come together and design a campaign that is viral-worthy. Expect to collaborate with us for two social media posts. After that, we can get together to celebrate milestones and upcoming projects!

Refer Clients

Once you are chosen to represent Verz Design, you should share at least 3 client referrals with us. These refer to clients who are interested in any of our services. You will be compensated if the referral is successful.

does the programme work?

Sign Up

Register your interest in the form below and our team will contact you via email or phone number to get in touch with you (within 3 - 5 working days).

Wait to be Contacted

Once shortlisted, we will reach out and set up a meeting to get to know you! Prepare yourself to be interviewed and we will see whether you are fit to represent us.

Receive Confirmation

If we think you’re the right fit, you will receive a notification to kickstart the onboarding process!

Learn the Ins and Outs

Meet key team members and be trained with our products and services. Additionally, you can also tag along to get free training from our campaign specialists and team members on tips to grow your social media or improve your website statistics.

Post & Share

After you have passed the onboarding process, you can start sharing about us on your platforms or clients - we will also notify you if any of our clients are interested in running an influencer marketing campaign.

Yearly Review

After being a part of the Verz Design family as our ambassador, you will receive a sign-on bonus depending on your performance.

frequently asked questions

  • This is not a requirement for you, but you must be familiar with how social media works and current marketing trends.
  • There’s no requirement on what platform you are involved in. You can have Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc. this will be up to you and your strengths!
  • Yes! Friends are always welcome to join. Contact us to find out more about this project via the inquiry form.
  • Please give us 3 - 5 working days to get back to you. Do give us accurate contact information via the inquiry form so that we can contact you. We look forward to your submission!
  • No. As long as you fulfill the expectations, we do not restrict you from pursuing your other passions or serving your existing clients.
  • You will get a referral fee based on successful project sign-ups.
  • If clients need to promote their business through an influencer, we will refer you. Compensation will be based on an agreement between you and the client.

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