B2B Lead Generation: 5 Strategies to Generate Sales Leads

By: Rafa Ticzon


01 Jul 2022

B2B Lead Generation strategies to Generate Sales Leads - Verz Design

Lead generation pushes your business forward by generating extra revenue. However, for some businesses, especially startups, this can be a challenging feat. With that, understanding the process of lead generation can help your business achieve success. In this article, we will be discussing the importance of B2B lead generation strategies, and how you can attain this.

What is a Lead in Marketing?

Before we establish anything, it is vital to first understand what a lead is. A lead is any person that shows any form of interest in a company’s product or service. Leads differ from site visitors by one big factor. They provide their personal information to the company they’re interested in. This then converts them into prospects that lead generation thrives on. With that, one of the main B2B lead generation strategies is contacting prospects. This is in hopes that they proceed with their purchase or avail of more than they originally have.

What is Lead Generation?

Now that we understand what a lead is, we must now look into lead generation. Lead generation is the act of attracting your target audience who have shown interest in your product or service and converting them into paying customers. This is achieved by guiding them through the buyer’s journey to the end of the sales funnel (aka close a deal). Some B2B lead generation strategies are job applications, blog posts, coupons, live events, and online content. With that, lead generation quite simply is the process that generates potential revenue opportunities. Have a look at the image below as a summary of how the lead generation process works.

B2B lead generation strategies funnel diagram

The Importance of Lead Generation in Digital Marketing

As with any business, yours needs revenue to survive. Lead generation is essential in helping an individual complete their customer journey. This is very important, especially with new or startup businesses, as garnering trust and a huge following will help you achieve this goal and stand out from your competition.

When a visitor on your website shows interest in the product or service you offer, they will not always proceed with the purchase. While most do, some will need that extra push to check out. However, this must be done with caution so as not to make them feel forced to do so. This is where the different B2B lead generation strategies come in.

Trying to convince your prospects via lead generation ensures your brand is exactly what they are looking for. With that, the resources you use to rake in these individuals will turn out to be good investments and bring in sales as ROI. Lead generation can also help with building brand awareness as you are bringing more attention from different sources, which can then lead to brand loyalty.

Lastly, lead generation can also help with collecting valuable marketing information. By getting in touch with these visitors, you will get a better understanding of what your customers need, want, and prefer, which can help you in tailoring your product to better suit them.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation

It is now established that lead generation is needed by your business to thrive, as revenue is of utmost importance. But how can one successfully generate leads to achieve this? Here are five B2B lead generation strategies.

1. Build Engaging Landing Pages

Build Engaging Landing Pages

Building engaging landing pages is one tip that can help with your lead generation. A landing page is the first thing that the customer sees when they visit your website. This can make or break a sales conversion. This is because an effective landing page can help convince potential customers to purchase your product or service. It highly depends on factors like how pleasing it is on the eyes, and how simple it is to navigate. In addition, keeping content short and simple is also vital as to not drive away potential customers. Lastly, it is also vital to maintain multiple landing pages, targeting different consumer population segments.

When creating an engaging landing page, it is important to remember to avoid overcrowding pages and optimize them for mobile use. However, this can be quite challenging and may require some extra assistance, specifically from a professional web design company.

2. Content Marketing

Content Marketing

The idea of enticing website visitors with eye-catching and high-quality content is not foreign to online businesses. Posting engaging content can encourage customers to interact with your posts. This, in turn, increases traffic to your website.

This is even one of the common B2B lead generation strategies. Specifically done by providing content in exchange for personal information. The content can range from a free trial, a document, or a product. These will prompt your customer to provide their personal information in exchange for gaining access.

3. Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Investing in influencer marketing is another way to improve your online business’ lead generation. An influencer is a person with a large social media following who can drive more people onto your website. This can be done by hiring them to endorse or promote products and services. As with their name, it helps influence their followers to check your business out. Not only will this help provide the information you need for lead generation, but this also helps get your product out there. With the help of an influencer, you will be able to share your brand’s story and purpose with more people. This also helps promote trust for your brand. Influencers will only openly and willingly vouch for your product if they really trust your brand. This, then, fosters the image that you are a reputable company. Lastly, influencers can also help introduce new ways to reach your target audience.

4. A/B Testing for Our Customer Journey

A/B Testing for Our Customer Journey

Another common strategy used for lead generation is A/B testing. This is necessary to be able to create a reliable conversion rate for your business, with the customer’s want as a variable. Since this is designed to receive feedback, the results of the test will determine whether or not your lead generation methods are working. With that, you will then be able to edit or tailor your strategies and campaigns to what your customers actually like. This will help you increase your conversion rate faster.

Performing several tests will help you provide the best version to your visitors, and help promote your company’s competency. This then helps you stand out from your competitors. Tests provide your customers with the best user experience, all while generating leads and remaining competitive.

5. Leverage SEO with Keyword Research

Leverage SEO with Keyword Research

Lastly, the importance of SEO optimization is very high when it comes to lead generation. By understanding your customers’ exact needs and wants, you will be able to identify the necessary keywords and phrases they will type into search engines. SEO can help attract free targeted traffic to your website and other platforms, putting you ahead of the competition. Better optimized content, done by utilizing keywords that internet users/customers search, puts you first in search engine sites. This ensures you appear on the top of search engines and provides the exact answers your customers are searching for.

B2B Lead Generation Strategies

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