How to Improve Brand Awareness for Your eCommerce Website?

By: Rafa Ticzon

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01 Aug 2022

When it comes to brand campaigns, selling isn’t always the top priority. Some marketing strategies are developed for another purpose: raising brand awareness. Establishing effective brand awareness is even deemed more critical than the former. However, while this is the case, building brand awareness is oftentimes quite a challenge. This is especially true for newly established businesses. With that, we will be covering how to raise brand awareness for your newly launched eCommerce website.

What is Brand Awareness and Why is it Important?

Brand awareness is the familiarity your target audience has with your brand. It is one of the necessary first steps in establishing your marketing strategy. Furthermore, it is what can make or break garnering sales. However, while it’s essential to do so, building brand awareness is also about building connections. When you can build your brand’s story, you help your business become more relatable. In addition, one must be active on social media, produce interesting and informative content, and engage with customers to successfully create brand awareness.

7 Ways to Enhance Your eCommerce Website Brand Awareness

Now that we understand what brand awareness is and its importance, how can we successfully implement it in your business? Here are seven ways to raise brand awareness for your newly launched eCommerce website.

1. Leverage User-Generated Content

Leverage user-generated content

User-generated content (UGC or consumer-generated content) is brand-specific content consumers create and publish on different platforms, like social media. These can be in the form of an image, video, or product/service review. UGC can come from customers, whether new or long-time loyalists and even from employees. This helps raise brand awareness for your eCommerce web development because these posts bank on authenticity. Unlike planned and curated content, these come from people who are genuine and are 100% satisfied with your brand. This, in turn, helps more people empathize with your brand and entices more individuals to look into the products/services you offer.

2. Use Social Media Platforms

Use social media platforms to improve brand awareness for eCommerce website

Establishing your brand on social media is one of the most essential steps in eCommerce web development. Not only is it affordable, but it helps spread the word about your business more intimately, and at a faster rate. Social media is the perfect avenue to express yourselves to help your viewers get to know your brand’s personality, all while building credibility.

Having a social media strategy wherein you establish all factors like your schedule, target audience, type of content, and promotion plan (if applicable) will help promote your business, garner sales, and increase social media brand awareness.

3. Implement an Influencer Marketing Strategy

Implement influencer marketing strategy to improve brand awareness for eCommerce website

Having an influencer as part of your brand awareness strategy will do wonders for your business. Because of their large social media following, they can efficiently drive more people onto your website and help them emphasise with your brand better. Because these big social media personalities put their name and reputation on the line for your business, their followers will know that their stamp of approval is worth everything. This, in turn, helps build your brand awareness as it promotes credibility and trust. With that, influencers, as the name goes, endorse your brand to influence their followers to avail of your products or services.

4. Viral Marketing

Use viral marketing strategy to improve brand awareness for eCommerce website

Viral marketing is a form of promotion that relies on generating a huge amount of engagement from your audience. Once a marketing stunt is largely shared by the public bigger than its intended audience, it is considered “viral.” These help with raising brand awareness for your eCommerce web development because it rakes in a huge following without having to do much work. This is because, while viral campaigns require a lot of planning, they are organic, and spread mainly by your viewers.

The timeliness of your content is one factor that helps it become viral. This plays around recent and popular topics which can easily be tied to your brand. Another possible approach is to post bold content. However, this needs extra planning and care as posting controversial content can sometimes do more harm than good, so tread carefully.

5. Invest in Targeted Ads

Invest in targeted Ads

Building your social media presence is a great way to get started on your eCommerce web development. However, this can only get you so far. By investing in targeted advertisements, you will increase your business’ reach, thus increasing your brand awareness. Platforms, like Facebook where you can boost Facebook posts, offer hassle-free advertisements that help cost-effectively broaden your reach.

Before investing your money, however, it is essential to develop a strong advertising strategy. Consider several factors like who you are trying to reach and the message you want to send across, as well as the timeline of your ad. Who you want to reach also depends on the platform you use. Instagram mostly targets younger audiences, with entertaining content, while Facebook is more on a mature audience with informational content. Once you have your plan established, you can post to your heart’s desire.

6. Make Sure Your Website is Search Engine Optimized

Make sure your website is search engine optimized

While it may seem like a no-brainer, fully optimizing your eCommerce website is vital. This is not only the key to reaching a wider audience, but it also helps with successfully building brand awareness. Because people these days are always in search of the fastest answers, they tend to click on the first links they see on search engines. So it goes without saying that making sure your website is on top of that list is of utmost importance. You are bound to reach the top of search engines by making sure your content contains popular keywords or phrases, internal links, and talks about relevant topics. It is also important not to forget to optimize your website for mobile devices as well.

7. Hold a Contest or Giveaway

Hold a contest or giveaway to improve brand awareness for eCommerce website

Everyone loves free stuff. Whether it’s free to access to an event, a free subscription to an app, or free products, almost no one will object. One way to raise brand awareness for your website is to host giveaways. Luckily, doing so is easier now than ever because of social media, allowing you to grow your eCommerce business on Instagram or other platforms.

You can simply take nice pictures of your products, or create enticing graphic art and post it on your platforms. Develop a certain set of rules that require a page to follow, share, and even tag friends to easily get your name around faster.

Providing free access or products will not only entice more people to join, but it will help leave a good impression and reel more people in. This increases your chances in sales as well because even though they don’t win your giveaway, you already piqued their interest.

Build Your Brand Awareness for Your eCommerce Website with Verz Today!!

Brand awareness is a powerful tool that is one of the most impactful key elements of one’s business. Once you’ve successfully established a proper brand awareness strategy, you will not only garner a lot of revenue but build a community of loyal customers. Get started on raising brand awareness with Verz Design and establish eCommerce web development in Singapore like no other. Contact us at 6841 1680 or email us at [email protected] for a free consultation today!

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