7 Common WordPress Problems & How to Fix Them

By: Miguel Santico

Web Security

03 Apr 2020

7 Common WordPress Problems and How to Fix Them

With over 60% market share, WordPress is the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) available. It’s relatively easy to use, search-engine friendly, secure and much more. However, there is no such thing as perfect.

There are still various and numerous WordPress problems that website owners and administrators encounter, and these can sometimes leave them shuffling for solutions. At times they can pull through on their own, but at other times they might need some backup.

Freelancers might be of good help, but your best option would be to tap on a professional web development agency as they offer outstanding maintenance and support which are crucial for operational continuity.

Below are 7 common WordPress problems and how having an experienced web agency fixes those problems.


7 common WordPress problems and how we can help

1. Lost or forgotten password

Lost or Forgotten Password

Forgetting or losing passwords isn’t a problem exclusive to admins of WP websites. However, forgetting a password for WordPress is a bit more of a hassle.

On more than one occasion, WP admins have complained about not being able to reset their password easily through WordPress. Those who experienced this reported following the standard procedure to regain access to their website, only for it to result in an error and them having to seek third party fixes.

Though it is such a trivial problem, it is a real issue that calls for efficient and effective solutions, and that is where Verz comes in.

At Verz, our experienced web developers first reset your password for you and then configure the settings in such a way that you don’t have to look for us the next time you need to reset your password. After we set it up, all you’d have to do is enter your user email and a new password will be sent to you.


2. Login portal access

Login Portal Access

The login portal for WordPress is a lot like the front door of a house. The website is the house, the admins are the homeowners and their passwords are their keys.

Most people familiar with WordPress know that when a website is first set up, the default login URL that leads to the login portal is the domain name followed by ‘/wp-admin’. Even more familiar with this fact are hackers who are always looking for details that they can use to their advantage.

With this default URL, hackers may not have the keys (password) to your door (website), but they certainly know where you live and what kind of lock you have installed on your door.

You might not be too worried about it since only you have the key, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

When you avail of our WP maintenance and support services, part of what our website developers do is customize this URL for you. It is essentially moving your front door from the side of the street where everyone can see it, to an isolated private village where only you and those you trust have access to it.


3. WordPress version upgrade

WordPress version upgrade

WordPress has always been proactive in seeking ways that they can improve their platform. They are always coming up with updates that are better than the last, enhancing security, functionality, and every aspect thinkable.

Upgrading to the latest version so that your website runs smoothly at an optimum level is essential for your business’ continuity and success, and we preach this. However, upgrading can lead to bugs or incompatibility issues.

Our maintenance and support services include the guarantee of your website always being the latest version so that it runs at the highest level. Our web development team always checks for bugs, so with us, you’ll no longer have to worry about constantly checking for updates. We make sure that your website is always performing at its best.


4. Removing malware

Removing Malware

According to wordfence, there are over 90,000 attacks on WordPress websites, both big and small, per minute.  Of these attacks, one of the most common types is the installation of malicious software, or malware, which interferes with the normal functioning of a website.

Naturally, website owners and admins take the necessary actions to avoid this virus-like attack completely. They install anti-malware software, malware scanners and more to make sure that their websites are safe. Despite these efforts, it is still common for malware to beat the defences that they put up.

At Verz, we understand this dilemma and provide you with a power pack solution for web security. More than just removing the malware on your website, we thoroughly scan it for any backdoors that grant hackers unwarranted access to your website and upgrade the entire website to safeguard it and prevent malware from returning.


5. Website runs slow

Website Runs Slow

One of the most important elements in a website’s quality is how fast it loads and responds. Absolutely nobody enjoys surfing a website that takes forever to load, but if there are people who hate slow sites more than anyone else, it’s those who own them.

Poor quality hosting, subpar coding and non-optimized photos are just a few examples of reasons why a website could be running slow.

With Verz, these are obstacles you don’t have to deal with. We meticulously investigate your website to find out whether the issue is in the coding, the server or the photos and optimise everything to bring your website speed up to its maximum and make sure that it always operates at that level.

Like speeding up page loading, we also look after common on-site SEO issues to improve website ranking.


6. Updating content

Updating Content

Updating your website’s content can be quite tedious, especially if the changes are plenty and constant. It takes time, which isn’t a commodity that business and website owners have a lot of.

From products and services, news and events, new blog articles and more, content can be heavy. Business and website owners are already busy around the clock, so we’ve got that covered.

Our web copywriting services help you update your content so that what’s on your website is always accurate, and we do so in a seamless fashion.


7. Revamping the website

Revamping Website

As nature dictates, the time for change always comes. Websites are not strangers to this law of nature. They can grow laggy, begin to lose their aesthetic appeal and just deteriorate overall.

When this happens, it’s time for a total revamping. What we do at Verz is not a complete start from scratch since you will still have your original content, but everything else is overhauled.

A new server, fresh designs, a clean slate without malware and more breathe new life into your website and provide it with the necessary tools to perform at its best.


Stay on top of your game with Verz Design

With over 10 years of experience in web development, we are leaders in WordPress construction, maintenance and support in Singapore. As an internationally known and trusted organization, you can count on us for all your WordPress needs.

Reach out to us for a free consultation at 6841 1680 or [email protected]!

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