Driven by success and excellence

Verz Design is the brainchild of three passionate individuals who have a vested interest in the internet business and web development.

Our management team is highly ingrained with the experience of leadership and a bottomless resource of information related to the internet industry. As such, they are astute observers of the digital trends today, and constantly gear the company towards keeping up-to-date with these advances.

With a constant strive towards achieving excellence within the firm and for our clients led by the management team, we continue to move forward in bringing Verz Design to greater heights.

Henry Ng - Managing Director - Verz Design Pte Ltd
Henry Ng
Managing Director

Holding the fort together, what started out as an entrepreneurial idea going against the grain of stringent company ethics slowly became a full-blown project that served the needs of SMEs all over Singapore.

From managing human resource to overseeing the operations in all four offices located across the region, he place a great emphasis on establishing a two-way communication with his staff.

After 7 years working for the system and growing weary of the corporate governance that plagued multi-national companies (MNCs), push came to shove in 2009, leading to the conceptualization of Verz Design.

The Honours Degree graduate from Nanyang Technological University’s Electrical and Electronics Engineering faculty has big dreams for the future of Verz Design.

“I hope Verz Design can be like a partnership in future – much like a law firm where people work hard to become partners in the firm and share in the profit of the business.”

“We are continuously improving our benefits and practices to give our employees the motivation to share in the success of the company, and look forward to expanding overseas.”

Henry is also happily married and a father to two girls, whom he spends his weekends with often.

Hou Feng - Sales Director - Verz Design Pte Ltd
Hou Feng
Sales Director

Driven by his passion to provide quality web-related services and technological systems to start-ups in Singapore, his beliefs in the importance of web development is founded in the need for SMEs and MNCs to focus on generating revenue for their respective businesses, rather than focus on the nitty-gritty of setting up their web infrastructure.

As the Sales Director, Hou is responsible for the entire company’s growth, as well as supporting the sales team in pitching, tendering, bringing in new sales and keeping in touch with existing clients.

Starting out in the Engineering field as a Defect Engineer, Hou was quickly roped in as a partner to take advantage of existing government-funded schemes at the time to provide a key service that many small and medium enterprises were starting to search for at the turn of the decade since the new millennium.

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Materials Science & Engineering from the Nanyang Technological University, and also a MOE Scholar (SM2), Hou officially became registered as a Singapore citizen in 2015.

“My drive in Verz Design is backed by four things: helping the customer to grow; working with a good team of colleagues; achieving company goals via team effort; and ultimately growing Verz Design to become a leader within and beyond our borders.”

Hou is happily married, and likes to remain active by playing sports, such as basketball, badminton and golf.

Sebastian Lee - Non-Executive Director - Verz Design Pte Ltd
Sebastian Lee
Non-Executive Director

With over 14 years of hands-on experience and expertise in a wide variety of roles in the high-tech environment, Sebastian is also highly adept at developing, delivering and executing strategies within a fast-paced corporate environment.

As the Non-Executive Director in Verz Design, he is responsible for Financial Analysis of the company, and votes on important decisions within the Board of Directors.

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Nanyang Technological University, his industry experience includes advanced technology, industrial manufacturing, as well as consumer and management consulting. His global experience gives him great insight into business management, with the added exposure to a variety of markets and cultures.

As the President of Sales (South-East Asian Region) for Micronas, he holds an instrumental role in developing the local base of this regional business, making the regional operations one of the best and fastest performing in the company.

With more than a decade of professional leadership to his name, Sebastian is a genuine asset to Verz Design in all aspects, ranging from technology strategies to customer relationship management.