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Verz Design is one of Singapore’s finest custom web developers with over a decade of experience in custom web development. Our experienced team of custom web developers in Singapore work closely with you to develop your unique website, delivering both quality and excellence.

Why Create a Custom Website?

When your needs go beyond the constraints of classic content management systems, go custom. Benefits of a custom website:

Our Custom Web Development Process


Once you’ve officially signed with Verz, we can’t wait to know all about your business! The path to success is one we’ll need your help navigating, which is why this stage allows you to tell us more so that we can craft the best website for you. When you are done with the questionnaire, wait for us to give you a ring. We will arrange an interview and drop by your office for a chat.


You, as our valued client, are an integral part of the web development process, so help us establish the groundwork as we provide you the resources to create. We will analyze the survey and address any further queries that either party may have at the kick-off. Discover information on the specific workflow as well as the essential components of your personalized website, including the domain, hosting, SSL certification, emails, product details, payment options, and other necessary elements.


Tell us exactly what you have in mind. We create your website exactly how you envision it, down to the last minute detail. We will ask further questions to better understand and advise you on the functions you seek. You will receive instructions on the materials you need to gather for the project's succeeding phases, such as your corporate logo, sample product information, images, and the like.


As it helps designers to create and express a visual strategy for the user interface and user experience of a website, wireframing is a crucial step in the web development process. Making use of wireframes is a good technique to guarantee that the final website satisfies each client's website specifications. Wireframes also help spot potential usability problems before the website is actually developed, thus avoiding costly errors and ensuring that the finished website fulfills your expectations.


Before we create the walls, we imagine space. Based on the approved wireframes, our designers will get down to create a mock-up presentation of the homepage. From the two homepage mock-up designs that our designers have offered, we will ask for your approval on the one you most prefer. But just like furnished rooms, we shall provide detailed care to your website’s inner pages as well.


We'll then convert the accepted designs and wireframes into HTML. This will give you a better understanding of how to use the website and how it will look on desktop and mobile devices. The criteria specified in your signed Business Requirements Document (BRD) and HTML Slicing will be the basis for the programming that follows. Your approval will launch the programming phase after you are satisfied with the HTML (Desktop + Responsive Web Version).


Now that the skeletal structure of your website has been confirmed, we will begin programming based on the requirements listed in your signed Business Requirements Document (BRD) and HTML Slicing. We'll kick-start the programming phase upon approval. Before you test your website out, there will be a QA check done by Quality Assurance Testers, to ensure that everything is up to standard.


Onto the most exciting part: trying out your new website! The UAT testing time window will commence, where you’re free to get familiar and walk around your site-to-be before it goes live. We only ask that you consolidate all your notes and revert via email. We will undergo up to 2 rounds of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to fix all the bugs and smoothen the crinkles. We’ll also walk you through how to manage your own website and teach you how to access the backend system of your custom web application through training.


Moving in is always tough, so take a back seat while we help you upload your contents. Since every custom project has its own customized requirements, you’ll have to provide us with all the necessary details and we will get it done as soon as possible. After months of preparation, learning and editing, it’s now time to let the world know about your new website! But don’t worry, Verz has got your back long after your website is complete. Our team is a call away from sorting out any issues that occur!

Our Custom Web Development Expertise


PHP is the most popular programming language and hence there is no dearth of developers who can see your project through to completion and be available when it’s time to make changes.


Yii uses an OOP framework and takes advantage of PHP’s more advanced features. This includes the latest static binding, SPL classes and interfaces and anonymous functions.


Laravel is an open-source framework that allows you to build large and complex web applications easily.


Node.JS is written in JavaScript. Being an open-source framework with fast runtime, it is best suited for rapid application development and operations.


ASP.NET is a reliable framework that can help your business create a highly scalable backend for mobile, web desktop and IoT solutions.

Frontend Development Solutions

Integrate with your backend seamlessly with our frontend development solutions, using either
the AngularJS or ReactJS Framework.


Using the flexible AngularJS framework, our web development professionals create a robust front-end solution that is integrated with the latest features and tools.


Our team of web development experts use ReactJs’ framework to create a front end application that is user-friendly, aesthetic and run smoothly on all platforms.


Node.JS is written in JavaScript. Being an open-source framework with fast runtime, it is best suited for rapid application development and operations.

Custom eCommerce Website Development

Many of your favourite websites such as PropertyGuru and sgCarMart started from bare bones—and so can you. If you are looking for an online presence or an eCommerce website design with customisable needs, you’ve come to the right place. At Verz Design we specialise in three distinct types of Custom eCommerce:

  • B2B ecommerce

    If you’re looking to make an impression with an intuitive, user-friendly website, you deserve a bespoke solution that fully serves your business model.

    With a Custom B2B Ecommerce Web Application, you’ll be able to integrate directly with your sales pipeline and identify the decision-making points in the process. You’ll also have the ability to create widgets or modules that are designed to make the business process simpler and more efficient.

  • B2C ecommerce

    With Custom Web Applications, you can tailor your B2C platform to suit the needs of your industry. You will benefit from multiple lead generation sources and greater flexibility in their user experience by providing customised booking modules or seasonal promotions.

    By enhancing and personalising their user experience in line with your marketing strategy, you increase the chances of converting first-time customers into repeat business by being more memorable and leaving a lasting impression.

  • Marketplace

    A marketplace differs from a traditional B2B or B2C eCommerce platform as a marketplace allows for multiple retailers and buyers to share a single portal. This creates a secure ecosystem that facilitates transactions and encourages commercial activities. Buyers can search for listings across multiple sellers in order to find their desired products or services. Sound familiar? It’s just like Shopee or Lazada!

    Marketplaces give you the opportunity to own an ecosystem that connects buyers with sellers. If you see yourself providing multiple services or reaching out to different groups, marketplaces are adept in bridging buyers and sellers as one-stop centres.

Why Choose Verz Design for your
Custom Web Development

Experienced In-house team

At Verz Design, we take charge of your entire custom web development from start to finish and ensure quality at every milestone.

Mobile Responsive Designs

Never worry again if your website will look as good as the desktop version on mobile. Our websites are designed to not only function but engage users on any device.

Specialised Features and Applications

Whether your industry requires a customised solution, or you want a huge ‘wow’ factor on your site, Verz Design delivers.

Dedicated Business Analyst

When you come onboard with Verz Design, we’ll assign you a Business Analyst who will consult with you on your requirements and devise the best strategy for you.

Our Recent Work

Verzdesign Pte Ltd.

What we did:

  • Corporate Informational Website
  • Responsive Web Design
  • User Flow Mapping & Consultation
  • Multi-Languages Feature
  • 2FA Authentication

Description of the Project

The website of the Wong Partnership law firm provides corporate information and is available in English by default, with an additional option for users to switch to Chinese. The front-end of the website offers a simple way for users to change the language setting. To access the website's back-end and manage the content, users need to set up 2FA with SMS OTP for login authentication.

Verzdesign Pte Ltd.

What we did:

  • Corporate Informational Website
  • Responsive Web Design & Development
  • User Flow Mapping & Consultation
  • Custom WordPress Platform
  • CMS Training

Description of the Project

NETS Asian Payment Network also known as APN is a corporate platform where the members of APN can view the APN forum news releases, events, task force, finance information and upload their data files to store in the platform database

Verzdesign Pte Ltd.

What we did:

  • Responsive Web Design & Development
  • User Flow Mapping & Consultation
  • Custom eCommerce Shop
  • Reward Points System
  • API Integration

Description of the Project

Humdingers is a website that showcases a collection of the most desirable vintage items available worldwide. In addition, it offers various services for users to buy or sell items through the app. Users can browse a selection of items in the marketplace and earn reward points for future purchases with Humdingers after completing a purchase.

Verzdesign Pte Ltd.

What we did:

  • Responsive Web Design & Development
  • User Flow Mapping & Consultation
  • Communication & Transaction Platform
  • Custom CMS Programming

Description of the Project

Marine Gateway serves as a portal that connects the Clients with Vendors to allow both to conduct transactions on their own and serve as an enquiry tool. It provides ease of access for the Clients to select a country, port, write messages and send enquiry to the Vendor.

Verzdesign Pte Ltd.

What we did:

  • Responsive Web Design & Development
  • User Flow Mapping & Consultation
  • Data Syncing from ERP System via SFTP
  • Easyship Integration
  • Custom CMS Programming

Description of the Project

ShopShimadzu is an online e-commerce platform that enables direct customers and distributors to purchase hardware products from Shimadzu and track their delivery status. The platform is seamlessly integrated with Easyship to provide real-time shipping and delivery updates. Additionally, the platform's inventory data and Shimadzu product information are daily-schedule synchronized from their ERP via SFTP.