eCommerce Web Development Beginner Guide for 2023

By: Rafa Ticzon


19 Sep 2022

With the constant technological advancements, almost everything, from day-to-day tasks to simple communication has transitioned to online alternatives. In fact, according to a study on Statista, eCommerce user penetration will increase from 59.0% in 2022 to 67.3% by 2025. As consumers have instantly been able to adapt and grown accustomed to this, businesses have since been on a constant sprint to keep up. However, how does one make sure they don’t get lost in a now oversaturated market? In this article, we will discuss what eCommerce web development is. More importantly, how you can ensure your business stands out among the rest.

What is eCommerce Web Development?

First and foremost, we must understand what an eCommerce website is. In simple terms, it is an electronic platform that allows businesses to sell their products and services through the internet. Therefore, eCommerce web development is designing and developing said eCommerce website to be able to do this. Specifically, it is the process of building the back and frontend of your entire e-platform. All of this includes your product and support pages, shopping cart, and order forms.

That said, an eCommerce web developer’s sole purpose is to produce prototypes of a website. This is to make sure these are fully functional and ready once they go online. Examples include making sure navigation buttons and contact forms are working properly and hyperlinks redirect you to the proper sections.

Why is eCommerce Web Development Important?

Having understood what eCommerce web development is, why is it important? Firstly, effective eCommerce web development gives those who aren’t able to visit your physical store a chance to check you out. In turn, broadening your reach.

With that, web development should help provide easy and efficient user experience for your customers. Making sure it is easy to navigate through pages is essential. Along with helping them find their products and seamlessly checkout.

Additionally, there are other benefits such as leaving a great first impression. While mostly old and loyal customers visit your website, new ones are bound to stumble upon it. Because of this, it is ideal to give visitors a positive experience. Doing this entices them to stay on your site longer and proceed with a purchase.

Improved SEO is another benefit to eCommerce Web Development. Page speed, good content with hyperlinks, and proper coding can determine where you rank on a SERP.

Lastly, eCommerce web development can help you stand out from your competition. A high-quality website can slingshot you above your competitors. Other necessary website updates or revamps can also help and drive leads coming your way in no time.

What is involved in eCommerce Web Development?

There are many elements in exhibiting proper eCommerce web development.

  • Brand name: being that there are countless businesses on the web, you will need a suitable and unique brand name. Having one that reflects your product and values will truly leave a good impression on your visitors.
  • Buying domain: similar to a brand name, a domain is of utmost importance. Not only should it be memorable, but it should match your brand name as much as possible.
  • Hosting: choosing the right web hosting platform can help your customer’s shopping experience. These provide payment processing services, SSL, security initiatives and checkout software.
  • Design: a design with a good balance that is pleasing to the eye and brand-aligned.
  • Develop: a notable team of web developers by your side is key. This not only helps develop a fully functional website but also to achieve your overall vision for your eCommerce website.
  • Launch: once all the aforementioned factors are met, your eCommerce website is ready to go live. Launching is made easy with the assistance of your chosen web development team.
  • Maintain perspective: after launching, it is vital to ensure your website stays within your brand’s values and vision. Knowing when to make proper changes should the need arise is also vital.

Top 5 Factors that Make a Good eCommerce Website

Now, it can be easy to identify the elements involved in eCommerce web development. However, what factors must a business consider to piece everything together and build their website successfully?

1. User Experience

Check user experience for good eCommerce website

Being able to get inside the head of your end user will help you provide a simple and enjoyable shopping experience. Understanding the importance of UX Design is a surefire way of keeping your customers happy and buying your products. Things like clunky navigation buttons or tedious contact forms will deter your customers from checking out. Additionally, it will also leave a bad impression and discourage newcomers to pay you a visit.

2. SEO

Check SEO for good eCommerce website

Users tend to click the first link they see on a search engine results page. Making sure your eCommerce website ranks high, beating your competitors, will prove that your business offers the best solutions. This is because SEO optimization provides a free source of high-converting and organic traffic to your site. Other factors like higher page loading speed, hyperlinks, and proper keywords, are what contribute to successful SEO.

3. Secured Website

Secured website

Nothing is more horrifying than discovering that a customer was exposed to a cyber threat because of your business. Providing extra layers of security not only prevents this, but makes your customers feel safe. Enough to keep them coming back wanting more in the future. Some measures include PCI, which helps collect and store credit card information securely. Ensuring your company protects personal data through an extra foundation of security is vital. Methods like having ISO and SSL certification, and multi-factor authentication are some methods to combat this.

4. Smooth Transaction/ Checkout Process

Smooth Transaction or Checkout Process

The best checkout process provides a clear and seamless flow. From adding the necessary information, inputting your payment details, to reviewing your order. It is also ideal to present all the information prior to checkout. This prevents surprise charges that will drive away potential customers. This information includes forced account creation, limited shipping and payment methods. as well as performance issues.

5. Mobile Friendliness

Check mobile friendliness for good eCommerce website

As being on the go has become the norm, it is also key to consider mobile optimization in eCommerce web development. Whether it’s minor tweaks on your desktop orientation or a complete redesign. It is important to make sure your website is functioning and doesn’t drive away potential customers. Providing a great design while serving fast loading times, including optimized images and videos, contributes to mobile friendliness. Seamless checkout, and a user-friendly interface will also surely go a long way. Furthermore, it’s ideal to think of this during the early stages of your site. This is to avoid tedious, sometimes unnecessary, backtracking and adjustments in the future.

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