Why is Blogging Important for your Business?

By: John Yee

Copywriting SEO

18 Jul 2018

As we always say, “Content is not king, it’s the kingdom.” Blogging has become a leading choice for marketers in 2018 because content marketing has gained significant popularity among businesses as an effective widespread marketing tool.


Businesses with blogs gain a decisive 126% more lead growth than businesses without blogs

If you are running a small to medium-size enterprise (SME), chances are you’ve already asked whether blogging is needed in your business – the answer is a resounding yes! Blogging is the perfect way to feed constant information to those looking for it in order to attract qualified traffic. We are confident about this because we adopt the best blogging practices ourselves, and it has boosted our web visibility as well as market in a lot of ways.

Let’s narrow down on the important points that make a blog an important part of your company as well as your web development.


What can Blogging do for Your Business?

1. It’s an opportunity to establish authority in the industry

Even if your business is at its early stages of growth, blogging persists to be one of the best ways to establish your company’s expertise in the industry. Your blog has the potential to be a platform for valuable content that could result in your website becoming the go-to resource for industry-related information. In addition, blogging on a consistent basis enables your company to breed authority, reputation, trust, as well as familiarity from your target market.

When you are building credibility, it is highly important to post topics that resonate with your market. If you are in B2C, for instance, you can write about your products. If you are in B2B, then writing about lucid and insightful topics about your services and current trends in the industry is highly recommended. Writing your blog articles in a way that markets your brand’s expertise allows your readers to benefit from the relevant information you convey. If you’re running an online business, be sure to aid your eCommerce development with regular blog updates.


2. It complements your social media presence

Social Media Marketing becomes even more important for companies now that people are always on social networking sites. While maintaining an active social media presence is a good digital touchpoint strategy, sharing blog articles to a large audience still requires unique and high-quality content. At least 94% of users prioritise the importance and value of information before they share it to others. By directing those links onto your blog page, your website stands to gain that much more exposure from a rapidly increasing pool of prospective leads.

Every blog post you create is intended to be shared on a variety of social media channels. For many companies, the beauty in social media lies in the potential amount of people who can see your blog, discover your brand, and possibly generate leads. With this, blogging is a special opportunity for your company to expand your audience because of its capacity to increase your website engagement.

Studies by Social Media Examiner show that up to 81% of marketers want to increase their use of original written content. This is because companies, including search engine giant Google, know that users want original, useful, and engaging contents for a memorable online experience. Cut your risk of losing potential customers by having original blog posts featured on your social media pages.


3. It enhances your website’s SEO

In 2011, Google rolled out their “freshness algorithm” that favours websites with fresh content in the search engine results pages. Since then, many businesses that wanted to improve their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and website traffic would turn to establishing a blog page on their websites. In this digital age, blogging is the most organic and genuine way to constantly provide fresh content.

Nowadays, all major search engines are on the lookout for fresh and relevant content. Your blog page is the most effective platform for you to use popular keywords or key phrases that enhance your website’s Google ranking. It helps people to find you online. With blogging as a content marketing tactic, you will have the most straightforward and inexpensive approach in offering search engines and users the content they want.

As your website improves its SEO performance, you start to naturally generate inbound links while other websites cite your content in their own articles. Inbound links are not only great for SEO, but also significant in creating traffic back to your site.


4. It improves customer relationship

“Carefully crafted website content (e.g., a homepage or about page) can’t hold a candle to a blog post when it comes to showing the personal side of your business,” writes Jayson DeMers on Forbes.

It’s true. Companies that blog get over 1.5 times more website visitors. Establishing your company’s blog is one of the most effective ways to develop and improve customer relationship because of how it can infuse character into your brand. Blogging enables your brand to pique audience interest while touching on industry-related concerns and occasionally share updates about latest corporate information. Customers value helpful information and they always remember the brand that gives them this.

Customer relationship is the most common link between the points mentioned above. As it is a vital element in branding, it’s critical to take the necessary steps to deepen your connection with your customers. A blog undoubtedly taps into a greater outreach by leveraging the Internet’s potential. It showcases your company in organic ways with real-time and valuable information that drives more interest and engagement than ordinary marketing collaterals.


Our Final Thoughts

Due to its effectiveness in improving search ranking, leads, and brand awareness, plenty of companies have also already declared blogging as a critical aspect of their business. Gone are the days when people would only think of a blog as a pastime because any blogger can take advantage of its many rippling and sustainable benefits.

As a successful SME ourselves, Verz Design stands as a testament to why a blog is important for a brand. However, you have to keep in mind that while having a blog is a good start, updating it frequently is what would make it most effective. All you need are research, a dedicated team of writers, and a capable web development agency which can help you host your blog on your company website.


Interested in setting up a blog on your website? Call us at 6841 1680 or send us an email at [email protected] for a free consultation!

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