Our Team

We all get by with a little help from our friends.

There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’, and as much as it is cliché, it is also true. The members of Verz Design are as close-knit as a family could be, and taking care of you like you are one of us is just what we do.

  • Selfie King
    Glenn Cross

    Always ready for a selfie with his signature smile and his jolly personality, Glenn has shown great resilience when faced with pressure. As a photographer, his keen sense of awareness means that he pays great attention to detail in every aspect of his role.

  • Sergeant Tan
    Russell Tan

    Roughly translated into “an army personnel that speaks hokkien”, Russell is a highly personable character that harnesses the ability to manage his responsibilities well, much like an army sergeant, sans the regimentation.

  • Film Analyst
    Balaji Raja
    Project Manager

    “Failure is not an option.” That is Balaji’s life motto. He is persistent in all that he does, whether it is for the office or for his home. With a burgeoning interest in discussing films from modern pieces to culture-centric works, he can be found aggressively defending his favourite films with a vengeance.

  • The Loyalist
    Darpan Patel
    Project Manager

    Having been with us since 2011, Darpan’s 11-year expertise in web design and programming makes him the go-to guru for issues related to Magento, WordPress, CMS made Simple, PHP and HTML5.

  • The Cricketer
    Rupash Jadon
    Project Manager

    Rupash is a skilled management and strategist professional who loves watching Bollywood movies and India’s cricket matches. No matter what time it is, he can always be counted on to display his usual charming smile to brighten anyone’s day.

  • Mr Verz 2017
    Eric Shen
    Project Lead

    Often touted as the most charming gentleman at Verz, Eric’s friendly disposition guarantees a highly infectious welcome when you meet him for the first time.

    Lin Kay Wong
    Project Coordinator

    Ever the artistic player of life, Lin Kay’s avid gaming hobby draws him into a mind-set that defies all odds. Gifted with a boisterous persona, and a surprisingly tender hand for art, his jokes and laughter plough through any obstacles in his way.

  • Mama Cheryl
    Cheryl Ng

    Tissues? Check. Water? Check. Umbrella? Check.
    Always the ever-caring mother of the Verz family, Cheryl’s cheery personality is owed to her very motherly instincts in showing utmost concern for everyone around her, which makes her a gem to have with us!

  • Sun-kissed Babe
    Kristina Bolante
    Senior Designer

    Master of the aesthetic art and purveyor of beach life, Tina sometimes substitutes pizza for bread, and vice versa. Throw a stone on the map, and if it lands on any patch of sand, she’s probably been there already.

  • Freestyle Cook
    Irene Ortiz-Harina
    Senior HR Officer

    Armed with her IT training and forward-looking personality, Irene is experienced in a great variety of fields including Operations, Production and Accounting. Her forays into cooking up a storm are backed by a belief that nothing should be restricted to numbers on a recipe – the results are heavenly!

  • Entertainment Guru
    Srini N.

    Srini is a novel and TV sitcom enthusiast, and he is always on the lookout for new experiences. With six years of professional experience and an edge in handling overseas projects, he is an asset to Verz in his work, and his extensive knowledge of TV programmes.

  • The Multi-Talented Artist
    Project Coordinator

    Nick is a charismatic creative, discovering his talents at an early age. With a multidisciplinary background in design, he refines his photography expertise for leisure, and stays abreast with the latest tech news and trends.

  • Self-Proclaimed Daredevil
    Bernard Chen

    Hailing from a background in adventure and daydreams, Bernard is a fervent go-getter in getting adrenaline rushes. When he is not swashbuckling, the thrill junkie contents with superhero shows, adventure novels and working out to console himself. He also proclaims to be able to hold his liquor.

  • Part-Time Wanderluster
    Irish Joy Constantino

    Irish is a computer science graduate with years of experience in web development. True to her name, she finds joy exploring a smorgasbord of places or simply dining out with friends. Befriend her and you might get to go on worldwide hiking trips and mesmerising metropolitan experiences.

  • IT Connoisseur
    Waseem Muthu Mohamed

    A natural born talent in IT, Waseem studied IT Service Management on a Student Grant scholarship and was President in an Open Source Interest Group. He is the office encyclopedia on electronic gadgets, and rollicking racial anecdotes encountered in his pursuit to master the Chinese culture.

We all get by with a little help from our friends.

There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’, and as much as it is cliché, it is also true. The members of Verz Design are as close-knit as a family could be, and taking care of you like you are one of us is just what we do.

  • Escape Room Wizard
    Will Kou
    Senior Sales Consultant

    His stoic and composed demeanour leaves little wonder to why he can be considered one of Verz’s greatest Escape Room Solvers! His passion for movies and music is a form of catharsis, and a way to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.

  • Belle of the Ball
    Sharon Teo
    Sales Consultant

    Always dressed to the nines, Sharon takes extra care in managing her accounts, believing in the value of a personal touch. As a competitive runner and a basketball player, her perseverance and team dynamics are strong principles in her work ethics.

    Lance Lin
    Sales Consultant

    Wielding a curious mind and a jovial spirit, Lance devotes himself to his beliefs and manifesto. He speaks his mind and keeps it on the edge with a mix of outdoor sports and indoor gaming hobbies. Fast on the uptake and a natural jester, his laughter often precedes him.

    Igen Tan
    Sales Consultant

    Igen has the soul of a compassionate educator, spending his free time imparting packages of wisdom to children and adults. His dashing smile and higher-than-average general knowledge complement his passion in sales and marketing. Of the well-rounded, gentlemanly persuasion, he is a car enthusiast and a taekwondo practitioner

  • Peace Advocate
    Katrina Tan
    Marketing Executive

    The resident yogi in Katrina believes in living a healthy and wholesome life. Alongside her highly active imagination, she is always curious and is always thinking of ways to save the human race.

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