Our Team

We all get by with a little help from our friends.

There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’, and as much as it is cliché, it is also true. The members of Verz Design are as close-knit as a family could be, and taking care of you like you are one of us is just what we do.

  • Selfie King
    Glenn Cross
    Senior Project Manager

    Always ready for a selfie with his signature smile and his jolly personality, Glenn has shown great resilience when faced with pressure. As a photographer, his keen sense of awareness means that he pays great attention to detail in every aspect of his role.

  • The Cricketer
    Rupash Jadon
    Senior Project Manager

    Rupash is a skilled management and strategist professional who loves watching Bollywood movies and India’s cricket matches. No matter what time it is, he can always be counted on to display his usual charming smile to brighten anyone’s day.

  • Film Analyst
    Balaji Raja
    Project Manager

    “Failure is not an option.” That is Balaji’s life motto. He is persistent in all that he does, whether it is for the office or for his home. With a burgeoning interest in discussing films from modern pieces to culture-centric works, he can be found aggressively defending his favourite films with a vengeance.

  • The Loyalist
    Darpan Patel
    Project Manager

    Having been with us since 2011, Darpan’s 13-year expertise in web design and programming makes him the go-to guru for issues related to Magento, WordPress, CMS made Simple, PHP and HTML5.

  • Heroic Horologist
    Kanishka Sharma
    Senior Business Analyst

    A talented strategist with impressive project management skills, Kanishka can often be found buried behind a book. Detail-oriented by nature, he is especially passionate about mechanical watches and the finer details that go into making them tick. On weekends you can find him keeping fit either at the basketball court or the football field.

    Lance Lin

    Wielding a curious mind and a jovial spirit, Lance devotes himself to his beliefs and manifesto. He speaks his mind and keeps it on the edge with a mix of outdoor sports and indoor gaming hobbies. Fast on the uptake and a natural jester, his laughter often precedes him.

  • The Sneakerhead
    Kenneth Foo

    A strong contender for best dressed at the Verz Office, Kenneth is adept in both IT and Operations. He enjoys quality time with friends relaxing over board games or café hopping. Opinionated when it comes to the latest gadgetry, Kenneth is also a worthy consult when it comes to current shoe trends.

  • Multi-linguist
    Mon Wai Phue
    Business Analyst

    An ever resourceful and dedicated IT Professional, Mon Wai is fluent in many languages including Java, C# and HTML. A passionate and dedicated business analyst, she is always ready to offer sound advice. She spends her weekends practising yoga or on strenuous hikes while honing her expert photography skills.

  • Clever Calligrapher
    Liu Jie
    Business Analyst

    A strong believer in life-long learning, Liu Jie constantly seeks to unleash her full potential by taking the initiative to step out of her comfort zone to explore her interests. She is a minimalist who believes less is more and spends her free time honing her calligraphy skills.

  • Mr Verz 2017
    Eric Shen
    Senior Project Manager

    Often touted as the most charming gentleman at Verz, Eric’s friendly disposition guarantees a highly infectious welcome when you meet him for the first time.

  • Sun-kissed Babe
    Kristina Bolante
    Creative Lead

    Master of the aesthetic art and purveyor of beach life, Tina sometimes substitutes pizza for bread, and vice versa. Throw a stone on the map, and if it lands on any patch of sand, she’s probably been there already.

  • The Multi-Talented Artist
    UX Strategist

    Nick is a charismatic creative, discovering his talents at an early age. With a multidisciplinary background in design, he refines his photography expertise for leisure, and stays abreast with the latest tech news and trends.

    Mona Zhu
    Project Lead

    Ever the optimist, Mona thrives on challenges that allow her to apply both her creativity and logical thinking in a balanced manner. A sporty gal, she also enjoys rock climbing, hiking and practising yoga during weekends. For creative inspiration, she enjoys reading up on the latest technology products.

  • Talented Techie
    Tanvi Patel
    Business Analyst

    Always looking for new ways to improve her productivity, Tanvi finds great joy in exploring new tech. She prides herself in her ability to adapt to meet demands and challenges head-on. She brings the same dedication to choreographing Bollywood dance moves inspired by her deep love of Hindi cinematography.

  • Sports Specialist
    Alan Oh
    Business Analyst

    A talented sportsman, Alan is equally skilled in both Tennis and Soccer. A man of many interests, he also loves to up his code game by devoting Saturday mornings to his two loves,

    Coding and Gaming. When he is not pursuing one of his varied hobbies, Alan loves going on hikes and scuba diving adventures!

  • Aural Artist
    Tricia Teo
    UX Designer

    Adept at wielding the keyboard and pen, Tricia is both pro gamer and master doodler. She also has an acute fascination with sound engineering,

    and she’ll help you hear the world exactly it’s meant to be.

  • Artistic Adventurer
    Elly Noor
    Project Lead

    With a diverse background in the Arts, Elly sees everyone as a work of art. She thrives on her ability to put people at ease and her excellent survival skills.

    Her spirit of adventure and goal orientated nature also come in handy!

  • Cereal Snacker
    Yenni Loo
    UX Designer

    Yenni enjoys snacking while sketching on her iPad. To keep her belly at bay, she particularly enjoys bouldering, windsurfing, and other thrilling outdoor activities. When the sun is simply too hot to handle, Yenni binges on Netflix and hangs out with her pups. 

  • Social Butterfly
    Nigel Goh
    Project Lead

    An optimist at heart, Nigel brings positivity wherever he goes. He fills his free time with music, art and gaming. Always up for new and exciting life experiences, he enjoys listening to others speak their mind and voice their ideas. His life motto is, “if you think good and do good, good things will come your way.”

    Nikunj Patel
    Web Programmer

    An avid Maths enthusiast, Nikunj professes that programming is his ideal job as it enables him to combine his profession with his interest. Aside from flexing his intellectual muscles, you can also find Nikunj engaging in plenty of sports including biking, working out and rooting for his favourite cricketer, AB de Villiers.

    Gail Samson
    SEO Coordinator

    A father to two beautiful daughters, Gail finds deep fulfilment in volunteering for the Bible translation ministry and supporting cause-oriented groups.  A foodie at heart, he took up running so that he can indulge in trying out different cuisines.

We all get by with a little help from our friends.

There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’, and as much as it is cliché, it is also true. The members of Verz Design are as close-knit as a family could be, and taking care of you like you are one of us is just what we do.

  • Belle of the Ball
    Sharon Teo
    Sales Manager

    Always dressed to the nines, Sharon takes extra care in managing her accounts, believing in the value of a personal touch. As a competitive runner and a basketball player, her perseverance and team dynamics are strong principles in her work ethics.

    Ann Ibanez
    Sales Consultant

    Bubbly and cheerful, Ann is the girl with big dreams! When she is not busy achieving her work goals, she loves to travel the world, meet new people and experience different cultures. A champion of social causes, she firmly believes in giving back to the community.

    Jiahui Sun

    An ultra-trail runner who loves travelling and running all over the world, Jiahui relishes meeting people and experiencing different cultures. Among her varied interests are also reading and watching movies. Ever the adventurer, her personal motto is, “Life is a journey − keep looking, keep exploring, keep going”.

  • Bubbly Baker
    Jia Yu
    Sales Consultant

    Always optimistic and determined, Jia Yu strives to be the best version of herself. She cherishes the journey as much as the result and believes that one can learn more from failure than success. Her many interests include reading and baking. She is also a dog-lover.

  • Peace Advocate
    Katrina Tan
    Digital Marketing Specialist

    The resident yogi in Katrina believes in living a healthy and wholesome life. Alongside her highly active imagination, she is always curious and is always thinking of ways to save the human race.

  • Avid Gamer
    Ethan Liew
    Sales Consultant

    A collaborator at heart, Ethan strives to provide value to everyone he meets. In his free time, you can catch him engrossed in a book to quell his insatiable curiosity.

  • Quirky Queen
    Nicole Adrienne Serrano
    Sales Consultant

    Underneath Nicole’s tough exterior is actually a sweet girl with an effervescent personality that finds joy within book pages, the buzz of caffeine in her veins, and feeding her wanderlust. With exceptional people skills and words as her medium, this Copywriter turned Sales Consultant certainly knows how to win people over with her bold charm and her taste for all things unique

If you are shopping around for someone who treats you like family, and takes care of your needs while increasing your business’ bottom-line, schedule a chit-chat with us today and we are more than happy to hear about your project!

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