Squidoo Vs HubPages – Which Is Right for You?

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When it comes to spreading free content on a Web 2.0 platform, two of the biggest choices you can go with are Squidoo and HubPages. Both of these sites are easy to use and great for building traffic to your site or sales ads, but there may be one that is better for you than the other. To determine this, you need to understand the core differences between the two sites so you can see where to focus your time. Here is a look at what each one can do for you.

Squidoo has a higher Page Rank than HubPages does, but that mainly only affects you if you somehow get a lens of yours to reach the front page. Both sites offer forums for their users to help them generate ideas and potentially make their content better, but Squidoo’s forum is slightly more used than the one on HubPages. Both sites allow developers to post tags in their writing, but Squidoo limits publishers to 40 tags. With HubPages, there is no limit. With that in mind, Squidoo allows you to have nine links back whereas HubPages will only allow you to have two.

Both sites do offer you a chance to earn money, but they go about that differently. Any revenue your ads generate on Squidoo will be shared between you and the site based on the Page Rank your ads receive. HubPages does not take any money from you. HubPages will pay you 60% of all money your page generates in AdSense, and it will pay you 10% for page views as long as the page is live on the site. With Squidoo, you can earn referral money once the site earns a certain amount of money, but they don’t really tell you how much you are earning until you get paid.

Overall, there is no “winner” in the battle of Squidoo versus HubPages. You may like the simplistic look of HubPages more, or you may like the fact that Squidoo offers more flexibility in creating lenses. Ideally you should explore both and use them to your advantage because they both ca inevitably make you money in the long run. The best marketers in the world know that the only way to really reach out to people is to explore all your options. Now you know where your options lie, so start exploring each one of them today.

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