Experience Design

User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI) Design Services in Singapore


People ignore design
that ignores people.

– Frank Chimero

Whereas User Interface pertains to the look and feel of your product, User Experience concerns the strategy of how you present information to deliver the best experience between your customer and your product.

Understanding UX and its Importance in the Digital Landscape

Be it a website or mobile application, businesses should keep in mind that it is ultimately the users who will use your product. And while digital collaterals and content might be enticing, confusion and frustrations will still turn them away.

A city might be nice and beautiful to look at, but if people have so much difficulty getting anywhere, they will still choose not to stay.

As such, you have to put User Experience (UX) & User Interface (UI) Design into account to preserve consumer engagement on your website.

In this age where technology can be overwhelming for most people, users will always prefer to engage digital products that are intuitive, easy-to-use, and appealing. With Good UX Design, you have the advantage of thinking from your users’ perspective for a more meaningful experience than what your competitors have to offer.

UX Design must be considered in the early stages of your website development to quickly know how you can solve the needs of your customers. In most digital product development, it is common and easy to neglect UI/UX Design as they have no immediate tangible results (e.g. increased site traffic or conversion rates).

However, this often results in user experience failures, creating friction and frustration with target users, which in turn causes customers to bounce from your website and never returning again.

User Experience (UX) Design with Verz’s Design Philosophy

Creating and measuring good UX can sometimes be broad and difficult to grasp. However, we at Verz like to keep things simple, so we have poured our passion and ideas behind 3 key User Experience (UX) values.
Our art of good User Experience revolves around:

  • Being Meaningful
    Each element of the design must have a purpose. No more, no less.
  • Being Intuitive
    Intuitive designs are invisible. The users naturally know where to go, what to click.
  • Being Enjoyable
    Enjoyable interactions create simple joys, and make users feel excited.


We live and breathe good excellent designs.

It’s our commitment as a leading web development agency in Singapore with thousands of projects and beautiful websites under our belt. With our breadth of expertise, we don’t just build gorgeous User Interfaces, we also create wonderful User Experiences.

Benefits of Good User Experience (UX) Design with Verz

Your website, as your first digital interaction point with your users, can make or break your relationship with your prospects. Even though UX Design is not directly measurable with statistics, good UX is felt through long-lasting impressions initiated by human interaction.

Good UXD brings a positive impact on your business in the digital landscape.


Our User Experience (UX) experts at Verz will help you to:
  • For Your Business
    • Increase Business Profitability
    • Improve Website Traffic
    • Increase Conversion Rates
    • Expert Advice on User Targeting/Conversions
  • For Your Brand
    • Improve Perceived Quality & Brand Trust
    • Builds Customer Confidence
    • Improve Brand Recognition
  • For Your Visitors/Customers
    • Easy to Locate Information
    • Tailored to Suit their Usage
    • Enjoyable Experience
  • For Your Competitive Edge
    • Stand Out From Competition
    • Raise Brand Awareness
    • Transform the Perception of Your Industry through Greater Experiences

How Verz Implements UX Design

We apply a variety of methods, conventional and unconventional, to design User Experience (UX). As the scope of User Experience Design varies from project to project, typically due to the scale and timeframe, we will understand and analyse the needs and objectives of your website project before tailoring the necessary UX design services for you.

To achieve great UX, our User Experience (UX) Design process is built on the following 3 methodologies:

Heuristic Analysis

As web design experts, we use the best-known industry practices and next-generation digital trends to perform a heuristic analysis that will:

  • Quickly identify the right problems to tackle
  • Evaluate usability at the early stages of design

We put ourselves in the shoes of users, bringing life to our research through personas and experience maps

  • Conducting user research through various methods like contextual interviews, fly-on-the-wall observations, self-immersion and more
  • Seeing things from the user’s and businesses’ perspectives
  • Understanding user pains and needs
Human Centred Design / Design Thinking

We gather and analyse data, research to draw insights, and ideate possible solutions to guarantee our success.

  • Development of rapid wireframing and prototypes to ideate, test, and validate possible solutions
  • Dig deep using human insights in the decision-making process to create amazing and tailored web experiences
Other User Experience (UX) Design Services and Deliverables
Brand/Business Research

Understand the nature and requirements of your business

Competitive Analysis

Look at how competitors are doing and research relevant references and best industry practices

Target Group Research

Conduct interviews, surveys, and focus group discussions to build empathy in design

Pain Points Study

Understand user frustrations to locate ailments and their impacts

Affinity Mapping

Analyse links to garner further insight on challenges, opportunities and positive points of the product

User Experience Flow / User Journey Mapping

Identify and streamline flow of interactions for the best overall experience

Card Sorting / IA Planning

Sort and group the core navigation and screens to plan out an optimal path that is intuitive and frictionless

Lo-Fi Wireframe Ideation

Quickly visualise possible solutions through bare-bones layout and sketches before actual design

Rapid Prototyping

Create interactive prototypes that allow the testing of interactions to rapidly test user behaviour and validate ideas

Stakeholder Workshops

Meeting with business owners to fully understand needs from the business end and merging it to work with the user’s needs


We create characters that represent a group of user needs, allowing us to propose solutions that are more tailored to users

Usability Testing

We let users try out the product and document their experiences and feedback to make better solutions

Interested in a UX and usability consultation for your website or application?

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