SMEs are eligible for up to 50% Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) support for the adoption of e-Commerce, a Pre-Approved Solution under the IMDA SMEs Go Digital programme

  • Build your shopify & shopify plus eCommerce website with Verz Design, the only PSG pre-approved Shopify partner and web developer Agency in Singapore
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Mayer - Verz Design Shopify Client
Grand Straits - Verz Design Shopify Client
Godrej - Verz Design Shopify Client
Epitex - Verz Design Shopify Client
Gryphon - Verz Design Shopify Client
Hario Asia - Verz Design Shopify Client
Novela - Verz Design Shopify Client
Hup Kiong - Verz Design Shopify Client
Lady M - Verz Design Shopify Client
Crystal Tomato - Verz Design Shopify Client
Grey Hammer - Verz Design Shopify Client
Mayer - Verz Design Shopify Client
PB Baguette Tote Bag - Verz Design Shopify Client
Pilot - Verz Design Shopify Client
Polar Vending - Verz Design Shopify Client

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Why Choose Verz to build your site with attractive Shopify Pricing

Shopify is a globally-renowned eCommerce solution that can offer you a range of features that will make designing your online store convenient, engaging, and reliable.

Visual Aesthetics

Visual Aesthetics

  • Wide variety of professional templates that are readily available
  • Bare minimum themes are given but allow for enrichment and improvement depending on the developers' taste


  • Easy to set-up and utilize
  • Intuitive, user-friendly, and simple to navigate
  • Provides over 1500 apps for customer care and inventory management
  • Allows the connection of your website to Facebook, Amazon, Pinterest, and Buzzfeed
Fast-loading Speed

Fast-loading Speed

  • Optimised hardware and software
  • Globally-hosted and reliable infrastructure leading to faster loading speed

Search Engine Optimization

  • SEO-friendly
  • Improved options to design landing pages for campaigns
  • Supports SEO parameters like meta and custom title tags, among others


  • Maintains a secure network - 99.9% Up!
  • Regularly-monitored and tested networks
  • Strong access control measures
  • Well-maintained information security policy
  • Vulnerability management program
  • Guaranteed protection of cardholder data
  • Certified PCI DSS-compliant
Customer support

Constant Support

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Experts are available for consultation and assistance via email, phone call or live chat

Verz Specialized In:

  • Shopify eCommerce Strategy
  • Automation with Shopify Flow
  • Shopify eCommerce Digital Marketing & Media Buy Strategy
  • Shopify Conversion Optimization
  • Custom System Integration with ERP / CRM / POS / PaymentGateway / EPL / PIM / WMS/ OMS / MarketPlace
  • Shopify marketing promotion
  • Shopify eCommerce UIUX Design
  • Shopify Store Audit and Optimization Strategy
  • Cross-Border eCommerce Business Expansion
  • Shopify Performance Optimization
  • Store Migration from Magento / wooCommerce / OpenCart / Wix / Prestashop and many other platforms
Shopify eCommerce digital marketing
Verz Design Google Reviews

Our Google Reviews speak for us

Hear from some of our 4000 satisfied clients why we are the best Shopify plus eCommerce developer in Singapore!

This is the most genuine and authentic web company I have come across. They operate with ethics and utmost trustworthiness. I started my first business back in 2009 and approached Verz Design for all my marketing and web services. Verz has not failed me and I have the confidence my friendship and collaboration with Verz will not end. Many more years to come. I recommend Verz Design as the one and only responsible, ethical and trustworthy company to any one who wants to build a website for their companies! :)

Yeo Poh Tiang, Beatrice
YEO & Associates

Eric and Aseem have been great throughout the process of creating our new website. There were some issues along the way, but they maintained a high level of professionalism and solved the problems swiftly. Having experienced how responsive and patient they are, I believe that at Verz, they genuinely care for their clients. I would recommend their services.

Matthew P

Thanks to the professional service and execution from the team at Verz Design, we were able to create four attractive and functional websites of our desire. We are most pleased with the services assisted by the Project Manager, Glenn, for his continual attentiveness to details. His spontaneity towards each and every project with us has been admirable and inspirational. We cherish the good collaborative relationship with Verz and hope to explore more opportunities to come.

Alyssa Tan
EM Real Estate

I had a great experience working with Kenneth, Aldrich and Feng Hou from Verz Design. They were very responsive, and offered constructive feedback and opinion in our engagements. They also offered their knowledge in their area of expertise and shared their valuable insights in order for us to achieve the aim of our project.

Looking forward to the continuous partnership and to the final outcome of the project.

Isabella Aw

I have been working with Verz for a couple of years now. Their communication, quality of work, and completion time is exceptional. We are currently working on an app construction and have more work for them after that. We are so Happy to have found Verz Design!!

Lots of Plants

Verz Design did a great job revamping our company website. Their design was perfect and everything was done in a timely manner. Glenn and team were helpful, sincere, professional and went above and beyond from beginning to end. I definitely recommend their services.

Takrit Tanasnitikul

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Shopify is one of the easiest online platforms to set up. Even without coding knowledge, you can create a user-friendly website with a sleek interface for your eCommerce site.
  • With over 6,000 applications on the Shopify app store, you can enhance your sales strategy and customise your site according to your needs. As your business inevitably grows, Shopify allows you to scale your site by upgrading to the next tier with their secure unlimited hosting. Shopify also simplifies the data entry process to avoid errors and has its own payment gateway.
  • If you have limited technical knowledge and a growing eCommerce business, Shopify is well-positioned to meet your needs fast.
  • Engaging a Shopify agency ensures that your online storefront is robust so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Agencies can take the technical burden of migration off you by leading the transition of products, content, clients and accounts while configuring the various Shopify Apps. Agency’s experience will cut short your trial and error and optimize your online store with conversion.
  • At Verz, we have been in the business of building eCommerce websites since 2010. With over a decade of expertise, we bring targeted recommendations and organised inventory management for your business to flourish. Being a pre-approved PSG vendor, you can also enjoy access to up to 70% of funding to power your site.

We provide 2 Shopify packages - Turquoise and Aquamarine.

Some of the Turquoise features include

  • Secure E-payment
  • Mobile-Optimisation
  • Inventory Management
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Training on how to manage CMS
  • 4 X Free App Installations

Some of the Aquamarine features include

  • Secure E-payment
  • Mobile-Optimisation
  • Inventory Management
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Training on how to manage CMS
  • 2 X Free App Installations

To find out more about our packages and which is best-suited for your business, speak to us!

Shopify is easy to set up if you have limited technical knowledge. However, if your site requires a high level of customisation, Shopify presents a few limitations.

  • Shopify is a SaaS eCommerce platform meaning that you cannot edit the website’s code for a customised interface beyond the templates.
  • Shopify charges a transaction fee for each sale in addition to a third-party transaction fee if you use a different payment gateway.
  • There are some additional recurring cost involved if you plan to use Shopify Apps from the rich Shopify Marketplace to enable advanced features which does not come out of the box.

Check out our blog to understand how Shopify compares to Magento and WooCommerce.

  • Companies can get up to 50% funding from 1 April 2023 for long-term technology investments such as engaging an eCommerce web agency in Singapore.

The PSG eligibility criteria includes having at least 30% local shareholding held by Singaporean(s)/ Singapore PR(s) and that your business is not categorised as a charity, welfare organisation or religious entity.

To expedite the application process, you can prepare the following documents

  • Quotation for developing an eCommerce website from our company,
  • Past 2 Years Financial Statement (if applicable),
  • CorpPass User and Password

Our sales consultants are ready to assist you through the application process and you will be notified if your application is successful through the Business Grant portal.

  • Yes, the PSG can be granted to Sole Proprietors.

We are unable to provide this guarantee. You can check the status of your application through the Business Grant portal.

Once approved, the website will need to be completed with the following documents of proof for the funds to be reimbursed.

  • Project related Invoices
  • Invoice Payment Receipts
  • Verz Quotation
  • Bank Statements
  • Screenshot of eCommerce Website (provided by Verz)
  • eCommerce Website Usage Report (provided by Verz)
  • PSG funding is rewarded on a reimbursement basis. This means that you will have to pay for the project in full and claim for the reimbursement upon project completion. Since your website can take several months to be live, we strongly recommend that businesses manage their cash flow for the payment.
  • If you need your site to be live faster, let us know and we can recommend the best solutions for you.
  • Yes, you can pay a deposit to us after receiving the Letter of Offer from IMDA, and we will start work after that.
  • A Shopify eCommerce website typically takes 2.5 to 3 months to go live, depending on the time taken for design approval and level of customisation.
  • We will be able to advise on the specific timeline of your unique project once we understand your business needs better. Contact us for a consultation today!
  • For additional features that are not included in our pre-approved PSG packages, we will invoice separately to ensure it doesn’t affect the reimbursement of the PSG project. Reach out to us and we will help you with the customisations you need.
  • Special payment term arrangements can be agreed on a case by case basis. However, do take note that the project must be paid in full before the PSG funding can be reimbursed. Feel free to contact our sales consultants should you require further clarification.
  • IMDA and Enterprise Singapore run a thorough evaluation on the credibility, track record, and customer satisfaction of the agency while auditing the proposed solution packages, quotations & service inclusions.
  • This ensures that companies receive the best value-added digital solutions from trustworthy agencies. To find out more about what a web agency like us can do for you, reach out to us!

Shopify does not require additional cost when you decide to migrate your website. However, you might be charged accordingly, depending on your business and existing ecommerce platform.

You can also set up your new website to be user friendly. Create a pleasant online experience for your customers, which is well known to increase sales and user satisfaction.

We can walk you through the migration process from any ecommerce platform. Talk to a Shopify Plus expert

Shopify Plus offers the following:

  • Exclusive 24/7 support
  • Shopify flow: Ecommerce automation platform that enables you to automate tasks and processes within your store
  • Advanced reporting: You can modify default reports and create custom reports using Shopify's filtering and editing features
  • Smooth checkout process: You can customize your checkout pages

Shopify Plus has unique features to take your brand to the next level. They offer bundles, free gifts, additional discounts and free shipping with Shopify Scripts.

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