70 Sans Serif Fonts to Give Your Logo Designs a Unique and Modern Touch

By: Rafa Ticzon


05 Feb 2024

Laptop on top of table showing texts on screen, Alchemy Melancholy, in sans serif font

Everyone knows that a logo is the face of any business. Because it’s the first thing that consumers see, it plays a significant role in how they perceive the brand. However, with so many businesses out there, how does one make their brand reign superior above the rest? A well-designed logo has different elements that make it stand out. From the design to the kind of font used, logos should be memorable and impactful, incorporating branding into the design process. Thus, we compiled the best and unique sans serif fonts for logo designs, which are modern and fitting for today’s culture.

When it comes to finding the right font that best reflects your brand, you have a lot of great choices. From Helvetica, Times New Roman, Georgia, and Bebas Neue, these fonts all give a unique look and feel that may suit your style. In this article, we will highlight subtle differences in each font that can significantly impact branding, and create unique logos that stand the test of time.


  1. What is a sans serif font?
  2. Serif vs. sans serif
  3. 70 Best sans serif fonts
  4. Create Eye-catching Designs for Your Business Today with the best Sans Serif Fonts!

What is a sans serif font?

Serif fonts are identifiable by their distinctive lines or strokes, such as the distinguishable feet on the uppercase “A” and “B” in the text, which become even more noticeable when compared to sans serif examples.

Serif vs. sans serif

The two types of typefaces, serif and sans serif fonts, differ primarily by the presence or absence of serifs within the letters. Serif fonts have decorative lines or tapers added to the stem of a letter, creating small horizontal and vertical planes within a word. Sans serif fonts, on the other hand, do not have tails, making them simple, clean lines. Common serif fonts include Times New Roman, Garamond, Baskerville, Georgia, and Courier New, while popular and best sans serif fonts on black include Arial, Helvetica, Proxima Nova, Futura, and Calibri.

70 Best sans serif fonts

Sans serif fonts are known for their clean, modern, and minimalist look. Additionally, it also conveys a sense of freshness and innovation which may appeal to specific audiences or purposes. Sans serif fonts give a professional look and feel, making it best for documents, as it makes the text look crisp, clear, and simple. Sans Serif is also ideal for digital publications like websites, blogs, or presentations.

1. 7 Days

Connek, in 7 Days sans serif font

7 Days’ style can be identified as high-tech and modern, ideal for brands in the technology industry. As seen in the image, the letters ‘N’ in ‘CONNEK’ are linked to each other, to create a subtle hint of branding that correlates with the word itself.

2. Brandon Grotesque

Brandon Grotesque sans serif font

Hannes von Döhren designed Brandon Grotesque. It is a typeface that looks heavily influenced by geometric forms. With its clean-cut style, designers mostly recommend it for corporate brands. Users can make minimal modifications such as using a chevron (inverted V) icon instead of the letter A.

3. Azedo

Azedo sans serif font

Pedro Azedo personally designed this font. Its notable features include the horizontal lines, curved and pushed downwards. Its unique appeal makes it ideal for kid-friendly and creative brands.

4. Axis

Axis sans serif font

Axis is distinguishable for its simple and uniform design, ideal for magazines and even sports brands. Most designers claims that the geometry of the urban environment inspired the font’s design. The stem that holds the ‘R’ was removed, with a diagonal white space left, making it more unique and patterned with the letter ‘F’.

5. Aqua Grotesque

Aqua Grotesque sans serif font

Laura Pol designed Aqua, a 1940s-inspired crisp-looking font designed by Laura Pol. One of its most significant features is the wider spaces between the letters. It has an exclusive and dapper charm that is standard in some fashion and lifestyle brands.

6. Modeka

Modeka sans serif font

Modeka is a modern geometric-style font with distinct thin stems and edges, giving it a clean and futuristic vibe. This font is complementary to technology brands with minimalist branding.

7. Shkoder 1989

Shkoder 1989 sans serif font

Designers consider Shkoder 1989 influenced by the technology and sports culture in the 90’s era. A sample of a fun way to customise this is with the letter ‘X’ modified to subtly resemble the double helix.

8. Grafika Type.1 Regular

Grafika Type.1 Regular sans serif font

Grafika Type.1 Regular is a minimalist and versatile sans-serif font that is suitable for different types of industries. Because of its simplicity, even minimal modifications can make the branding more creative.

9. Reckoner

Reckoner sans serif font

Designed by Alex Dale, Reckoner is a unique typeface that drew inspiration from existing industrial types of fonts. Glyphs are tall and give off an edgy vibe, that makes the typeface suitable for masculine brands. Designers can strategically use some of the special lowercase characters to make the logo more interesting, such as the letter ‘R’ in Taurus.

10. Quantify – Bold

Quantify - Bold sans serif font

Quantify Bold is an interesting type of font where its key features are the diagonal white space cuts that can be found in the bottom part of each glyph with closed counters. This font seems to be ideal for companies in the IT solutions industry.

11. Quicksand

Quicksand sans serif font

Quicksand is a unique type of font inspired by the 1920s and 30s sans serif typefaces. It has a playful yet elegant feel to it that goes well with playful and imaginative brands.

12. Minimalust

Minimalust sans serif font

Minimalust is a hand-drawn inspired font with smooth edges and rounded corners. Its vintage and wanderlust feel to it makes it suitable for travel-related and recreational brands, either for logos or material graphic designs.

13. Dense – Regular

Dense - Regular sans serif font

Dense is another geometric-inspired type of font that suits minimalist brands in different industries. Its simplicity makes it flexible to minimal tweaks such as the one done with the letter ‘R’ in Scorpio, fabricating it to resemble the tail of a scorpion.

14. Akrobat

Akrobat sans serif font

Plamen Motev designed Akrobat, a sans serif font, iconic for its neo-grotesque attributes and condensed ratio. Its narrow and uniformed proportions make this font fitting for creative yet corporate brands such as those in the real estate industry.

15. Break Fill

Break Fill sans serif font

Designed by Rajesh Rajput, Break Fill is the filled-up version of Break – the first released font by the designer. It has a very fresh, slick and stylish appeal that would look good in travel and fashion brands.

16. Arkhip Regular

Arkhip Regular sans serif font

Arkhip, with a unique style of font, many users claim that it has a Russian soul. Its appearance resembles the Russian alphabet, with a futuristic vibe that will surely standout when used in logos, posters, or headlines. The said font has an edgy touch that would look good in sports or water-related brands.

17. Bavro

Bavro sans serif font

Bavro, by Marcelo Reis Melo, is a clean-looking and friendly font that looks minimalist, with a creative aesthetic. It has a playful appeal that would best suit fun and quirky brands.

18. Inkferno

Inkferno sans serif font

Tio Putra designed Inkferno, a semi slab serif font with distinct features on the tip of the strokes on each glyph. With the word ‘Kalyptra’, the letter ‘K’ was edited to have this negative white space in between the two strokes that are about to connect, and ‘Y’ has this mirror effect that parallels with the first letter. Subtle edits like these can strengthen the identity of the brand.

19. Melbourne

Melbourne sans serif font

Melbourne is a modern type of sans serif font that has a strong and straightforward approach. It looks clean and condensed with sharp edges, making it suitable for office or corporate brands. Its simplicity gives it creative freedom to do minimal tweaks such as the ‘X’ in the word helix, to resemble a double helix.

20. Gasalt

Gasalt sans serif font

Remi Lagast designed Gasalt, a font, presumably inspired from video games. The font seemed created using circular shapes and has this smooth yet sharp edges. Based on its origin story, this typeface suits high-tech and web development companies. Designers can edit it minimally to make it look fresh and unique.

21. Aquawax

Aquawax sans serif font

Aquawax, a modern type of sans serif font designed by Francesco Canovaro, has a good balance between its sharp edges and soft angles. Said to have this smooth, liquid connections, Aquawax seems fitting for brands in water-related and technology industry.

22. Aspergit

Aspergit sans serif font

Aspergit, a sans serif font with a retro feel and balanced by the thinness of each stroke. Designers can tweak it to suit different types of beauty and lifestyle brands.

23. Intro Cond

Intro Cond sans serif font

The Intro font has 50 different styles and weight; Intro Cond in light weight has this airy and light consistency that makes for excellent legibility. The glyph ‘K’ is the only letter that has this unique wave in one of its strokes, so it’s best to optimize this for brands with the said letter. It’s best to use this for brands with a minimalist style.

24. Advent

Advent sans serif font

Andrea Kalpakidis designed Advent, a modern and edgy type of font with a futuristic and elegant feel to it. With its distinct look, designers can use this typeface in different beauty and lifestyle brands. Option to play with the uppercase I as number 1 stands there.

25. Seagle

Seagle sans serif font

Seagle, a geometric style, retro-inspired typeface that has a strong and straightforward approach. It has no closed counters, where there is always a space in between the strokes that are supposed to end. Due to its masculine appeal, this font would look good in heavy-duty manufacturing brands.

26. Rosarina

Rosarina sans serif font

Rosarino is a sans serif typeface designed by Mariano Diez, with a minimalist and classy touch to it. It has a light consistency to it due to its thin strokes and soft round edges, making it suitable for feminine brands. A few tweaks such as the one made in ‘E’ can make it look edgy and futuristic.

27. Steiner Light

Steiner Light sans serif font

Steiner Light has a sleek and clean-cut look with smooth edges. Due to its circular features and liquid strokes. It has this feminine appeal that would probably look good in brands with women as their target audience.

28. Walkway

Walkway sans serif font

Walkway is a quirky and contemporary font with distinct thin strokes that makes for a clean and concise design. Its style seems befitting for clothing brands for both men and women.

29. Dekar

Dekar sans serif font

Dekar is a minimal and clean type of font with a modern edge. It has this elegant simplicity that makes it versatile for some creative and corporate brands. One of its most distinct features are the upper strokes in glyphs such as in letter ‘W’.

30. Qanelas Soft DEMO

Qanelas Soft DEMO sans serif font

Qanelas,a modern typeface with geometric touch-ups, considered as the friendlier and softer version of the original Qanelas font family. Designers can adjust minimal tweaks to fit both corporate and creative brands.

31. Helvetica now

Helvetica now sans serif font

Helvetica Now Text is designed for text sizes 9-point to 14-point, while Helvetica Now Display is for larger sizes. The font format currently consists of three separate groupings, but will eventually be available as a continuous spectrum due to the new OpenType variable font format. Helvetica Now includes several returning characters, such as the waterfall capital “R” with an alternate straight-legged version, a single-story lowercase “a,” rounded punctuation and jots, a beardless capital “G,” a lowercase “u” without a trailing serif, a cruciform lowercase “t,” and a straight-descender lowercase “y.” These alternates can dramatically change the tone of the typeface, providing designers with new Helvetica expressions.

32. Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova sans serif font

Proxima Nova is a geometric sans serif typeface with 48 fonts, the most popular commercially paid typeface on the web. It comes in eight weights and three widths. The typeface was initially called Zanzibar, and its lowercase letters are similar to the current version. Mark Simonson, the art director of Business Ethics magazines, used Gill Sans but wanted a more modern, plain, and geometric typeface. After discovering no such typeface, he started designing his own version of the Zanzibar sketch, which he named Proxima Nova. Proxima Nova is available in eight weights and three widths, and can be found on Adobe Creative Cloud.

33. Futura

Futura sans serif font

The Futura typeface is a highly geometric design, based on simple shapes like circles, triangles, and rectangles, with clean, precise proportions, and is symmetrical, unlike organic script or handwriting.

34. Public Sans

Public Sans sans serif font

The United States Web Design System developed Public Sans, a neutral typeface inspired by Libre Franklin. Designers can use it for interfaces, text, and headings, with minimal visual characteristics. Public Sans was upgraded to a variable font in May 2022 and is slightly narrower, making the text block easier and more comfortable to read.

35. Jam Grotesque

Jam Grotesque sans serif font

João Symington designed the sans serif font family Jam Grotesque and published by JAM Type. A typeface inspired by Helvetica and Neue Haas Unica has fourteen styles. It best suited for various business and branding purposes, including clothing, logos, and skateboards. Its aesthetic appeal is perfect in print and online, making it a versatile choice for various applications.

36. VVDS Fifties

VVDS Fifties sans serif font

Fifties is a modern font that combines classic geometric and humanistic grotesque styles. It aims to bring back the Modernism aesthetics of the XX century into today’s world. Fifties offers 60 styles, including Italic (Slanted), where designers can use them for various typographic purposes such as theatre posters, party flyers, vintage t-shirts, modern web services, movie titles, magazine headers, and infographics. They can also use this font in various formats, such as theatre posters, party flyers, vintage t-shirts, modern web services, movie titles, magazine headers, and infographics. Users can use the completed styles or a Variable Font to customize their font. Fifties is versatile and suitable for various purposes, including theatre posters, party flyers, vintage t-shirts, modern web services, movie titles, magazine headers, and infographics.

37. Audiowide

Audiowide sans serif font

Audiowide is a sans serif, technology-styled typeface designed by Brian J. Bonislawsky for Astigmatic (AOETI). This font is the main font of Microsoft Word and is closely related to Raleway Font and Work Sans font. Its unique soft corners and tubular forms provide a high-quality look to any design and text design. It can be used for logos, posters, banners, brochure layouts, templates, app designs, business cards, invitation cards, emblems, signs, and more.

Audiowide is also great for headlines, titles, quotes, store/hotel names, PowerPoint presentations, articles, content, and resumes. It is also known for its pairing functions, allowing for beautiful designs when used with Lato, Coolvetica Font, Open Sans Font, or Raleway font. Overall, Audiowide is a versatile typeface that can be used in various applications.

38. Laro Soft

Laro Soft sans serif font

Laro Soft is one of the modern sans-serif fonts which is versatile and best for various tasks, including logos, labels, advertising, packaging, branding, book covers, magazines, cosmetics, banners, posters, headings, and descriptions. nine weights, including thin, black, and Italic styles. Its stylish and modern appearance makes it suitable for various design projects.

39. Open Sans

Open Sans sans serif font

Steve Matteson and Google designed Open Sans, a modern sans-serif typeface , aimed at legibility across print, web, and mobile interfaces. It is incredibly readable in small sizes and works well when printed in large letters. As a free font, users widely use it in new websites and offline content. Open Sans is a well-known and modern font that is incredibly readable and works great when printed, making documents look amazing when printed.

40. Olarwe

Olarwe sans serif font

Olarwe is a modern, elegant sans serif tagline font with nine thickness levels, suitable for use with san serif and modern script or as a representative header and brand. It is suitable for business use, such as business cards, name tags, and uniforms. Olarwe is one of the Sans Serif fonts that is best for embossing as letter nameplates or using cutting stickers in offices. It also looks great for book covers or magazine articles. The font is multilingual, making it easy to work with in any country and language. It comes with Ligatures and alternative stylistics to enhance your designs. The font is available in a screenshot for easy access.

41. Vilane

Vilane sans serif font

Vilane is a Sans Serif Font Family that offers various options to captivate, engage, and inspire audiences and clients. These fonts are suitable for various content needs, such as social media branding, fashion designs, printed quotes, packaging, and text overlays on background images. They also come with Multilingual Support to reach a global audience. Vilane is a beautiful, statement font that can inspire audiences, clients, or guests. The font family is perfect for various content projects, including social media branding, fashion designs, printed quotes, packaging, and text overlays on background images.

42. Code Next

Code Next sans serif font

Code Next, a sans serif font family designed by Svetoslav Simov, Stan Partalev, and Mirela Belova, is now a stand-alone type family with 22 styles. Originally published by Fontfabric in 2011, they designed it to complement memorable pieces with a balance between stylization and simplification. The new Code Next is a type family with 22 styles, a strong constructive aesthetic, and simplified forms. It matches best with modern design in print, web, and display visualization. Users prepared it for multi-script projects with Extended Latin, Extended Cyrillic, and Greek. Code Next offers 2 variable fonts, over 1280 glyphs, and extensive OpenType features set, including small caps, standard and discretionary ligatures, contextual and stylistic alternates, stylistic sets, case-sensitive forms, and more. The font family has evolved significantly since its inception in 2011 and is now ready for multi-script projects.

43. Monaco

Monaco sans serif font

Monaco Font is a minimalist, elegant sans serif font that is perfect for branding projects, luxury, fashion, and stylish statements. Its thin, elegant style makes it ideal for headlines, logotypes, display usage, logos, promotional content, and marketing graphics. Monaco Font is versatile, thin, and playful, making it suitable for any product name, poster, or design. It has 200 above glyphs, extensive Latin script support, and upper and lowercase sans serif characters. Monaco’s powerful, unique, and social character line with a premium finish gives a new impression while maintaining a modern and minimal touch. Monaco Font is ideal for designs with a traditional, antique feel while still being sleek and minimalist. Its versatility and playful design make it an ideal choice for any project.

44. Spacia

Spacia sans serif font

The designer created Spacia, a minimalist sans serif font designed for use in various projects, including headlines, big text, branding, logotypes, and display usage. It is a versatile choice for logo/logotype design, branding, marketing graphics, banners, posters, signage, corporate identities, and editorial design. The designer handcrafted it with powerful OpenType features, offering extended language support for Western and Central European sets. Spacia’s versatility and professionalism make it an ideal choice for a wide range of creative projects.

45. Bequest

Bequest sans serif font

Bequest is a trendy serif font with thick lettering and PUA-encoded access to all glyphs and swashes. It is perfect for various projects, including games, sporting events, branding, banners, posters, movie titles, food and beverage, technology, quotes, clothing, and logos. The modern display family font comes with a complimentary font family for titles, subtitles, and sentence text, making it an ideal choice for titles, subtitles, and sentence text. Start using Bequest for your amazing projects.

46. Inter Sans

Inter Sans sans serif font

Rasmus Andersson created a variable sans serif typeface known for its readability and versatility, Inter. Its tall x-height allows for easy differentiation between upper and lowercase letters and creates space between lines of text, even at squint-inducing sizes. Inter comes in various weights, from thin to black, with 7 stops in between. It is a variable font, allowing for limitless customization of its various axes, providing opportunities for designers in print and web. Inter is also international, featuring Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek alphabets, making it suitable for a wide range of languages and uses. This makes Inter a versatile choice for designers in both print and web design.

47. Innovate

Innovate sans serif font

NicolassFonts designed a bold sans serif font family known for its distinctive design called Innovate Sans Serif Font. It is ideal for graphic design and display, including logotypes, t-shirts, packaging, brand identity, books, magazines, newspapers, posters, billboards, and advertising. This demo version has limited features and is only suitable for personal use. Innovate P Rounded is a modern, versatile sans-serif typeface based on the Innovate font family, suited for various graphic design and display purposes.

48. Extatica

Extatica sans serif font

Extatica is a geometric display sans-serif typeface with narrow capitals, available in 8 weights and italics. It features stylistic alternates and OpenType features and includes all European Latin-based languages and major Cyrillic script-based languages. Despite being a display font family, Extatica is also suitable for small text sizes, making it ideal for stylized captions and subhead paragraphs

49. Visby

Visby sans serif font

Visby is a typeface inspired by the moodiness of a cold Arctic night and the warmth of a fire. It offers wide language support, including Latin and Cyrillic scripts, and features like the International Phonetic Alphabet. Visby CF, one of Connary Fagen’s earliest typefaces, has been updated over the years to maintain its freshness and add new features. The font’s design aims for an airy, geometric look with personality, with elements like the short tail on lowercase g and the friendly “overbite” of lowercase e. It is suitable for casual and fun-themed designs, with friendly and charismatic in lowercase and sophisticated and authoritative in uppercase. Version 4 includes redrawn letterforms, punctuation, bolder weight, revised kerning, improved language support, and improved handling in the Figma design app.

50. Gilmer Sans

Gilmer Sans sans serif font

Gilmer is a fresh, geometric sans-serif font family, inspired by iconic 20th-century neo-grotesk typefaces like Futura and Avant Garde. It features strong capitals and a smooth, open lowercase, making it suitable for various applications. The font family’s geometric, near-monoline construction offers classic durability, tempered by softened edges and vibrant shapes. Piotr Łapa designed Gilmer. Designers can use it in magazines, posters, branding, and websites. The font family’s large x-height value, geometrical letterforms, sharp edges, and small stroke contrast make it a versatile choice for various media.

51. Nexa

Nexa sans serif font

The Nexa font family, developed by Bulgarian type designer Svetoslav Simov in 2012, is also one of the modern sans serif fonts which best suited for various graphic design types including digital, web, print, hard surfaces, fabrics, posters, logos, and branding. The family consists of 16 fonts, with eight uprights and eight italics. The designer characterized it with legibility and a modern geometric design. It is suitable for headlines and texts in the web, print, motion graphics, t-shirts, posters, and logos. The modern and friendly look of the Nexa font family aligns with current trends in typography and graphic design. It is suitable for various graphic design items, including posters and logos.

52. Lato

Lato sans serif font

Lukazs Dziedzic created a san serif typeface, Lato in 2010 Summer. It comes in 18 styles and weights, with over 3000 glyphs per style. Lato is known for its round edges and approachable warmth, making it one of the most popular Google fonts. Users widely used it on websites to deliver information directly, such as for the Polish Jewish magazine Chidusz. The typeface’s use of Polish makes it stand out, as designers used it to make the magazine appear approachable, aiming to introduce the Polish Jewish community to non-Jewish audiences.

53. Roboto

Roboto sans serif font

Google for Android developed Roboto, an open-source sans-serif font, featuring a mechanical skeleton and geometric forms. Its open curves allow letters to settle into their natural width, unlike some grotesks that distort their letterforms. Roboto was designed in-house by Christian Robertson, who previously released an expanded Ubuntu-Title font through Betatype. It belongs to the neo-grotesque genre of sans-serif typefaces and includes Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, and Black weights with matching oblique styles. Roboto was officially made available for free download on January 12, 2012, on the Android Design website.

54. Oswald

Oswald sans serif font

Vernon Adams created a typeface, Oswald, a revision of the classic ‘Alternate Gothic’ sans serif style. It was initially re-drawn and reformed to fit digital screens. Designers commonly used Oswald in font pairings like Open Sans, Roboto, Lato, Montserrat, and Raleway, aiming to better fit the pixel grid of standard digital screens.

55. Orbitron

Orbitron sans serif font

Orbitron is a geometric sans-serif typeface designed for display purposes, featuring four weights (light, medium, bold, and black), stylistic alternatives, small caps, and numerous alternate glyphs. Inspired by post-apocalyptic moments, Orbitron is ideal for branding tech companies, as its square shape evokes strength and power. It has minimal stroke contrast and is suitable for logos, as the square shape communicates futuristic, techy strength. Orbitron has four weights and no italic styles, and its negative spaces come in closed or open forms. Its rectangular closed counters and large open counters make it suitable for logos and marketing graphics. However, the square shape is not suitable for body copy, as it jumps out at paragraphs. Overall, Orbitron is a versatile and effective font for promoting tech brands.

56. Signika

Signika sans serif font

Signika variable font is a sans-serif with a gentle character designed for wayfinding, signage, and other media requiring clarity of information. Its low contrast and tall x-height enhance readability of texts in small sizes and distances from the reader. It is one of the sans serif fonts that is the best choice for these applications.

57. Articulat

Articulat sans serif font

Articulat® CF is a modern, bold, clean, and clear geometric sans serif font designed from scratch. It features 10 styles and is available for non-profit and educational use. The latest version, version 3, includes numerous improvements, including improved rhythm and balance, bug fixes, and kerning touchups, making it a strong and well-spoken choice.

58. Jost

Jost sans serif font

Jost, inspired by Futura, was designed for the digital era, retaining its geometric qualities and adding elements like contrast in thick and thin strokes for better usability. The design aims to maintain the attitude of Futura, which was designed for functionality in its day. Jost deviates from Paul Renner’s exact designs, favouring larger x-height and balanced capital forms. It also includes features that would not have been possible in the era of Futura, featuring a more functional and appealing design.

59. Stellar

Stellar sans serif font

Mathieu Desjardins designed Stellar, a condensed sans serif type for creating modern, clean designs, logos, headlines, banners, and templates. It comes in four weights and is designed to give purpose to ideas, whether they are galactic or atomic. The type is slightly condensed to give it legibility and personality. It is suitable for creating creative templates and stationary, and is best suited for modern designs, logos, headlines, banners, and templates. The font family is designed to give purpose to ideas, whether they are galactic or atomic.

60. Garet

Garet sans serif font

Garet is a modern geometric sans serif font that is versatile and legible, suitable for various projects such as corporate branding, advertising, and editorial design. It features high x-height, clean, and soft letterforms with a smooth masculine tone. Its distinctive oval shapes are derived from the optically perfect circle and have closed counters to emphasize its form. The Garet type family consists of 11 weights and their corresponding Italics, forming 22 fonts. These fonts are combined into one variable font, allowing for unlimited expression without predefined weights. The typeface includes Extended Latin and Cyrillic, covering over 200 languages. Garet also offers several alternative stylistic sets to change the overall appearance of a paragraph. The type family is enriched with OpenType features for advanced typographic layout, including standard and discretionary ligatures, tabular and small figures, fractions, language localizations, and case sensitive punctuation.

61. Hero

Hero sans serif font

The Hero Font Family is a free typeface available at Fontfabric for various graphic design purposes, including web, print, and motion graphics. It features three styles: Hero Regular, Hero Light, and Hero Bold. This handwritten font is eccentric, handwritten, and features high detail and natural forms, with support for ligatures for unique typography.

62. Greycliff

Greycliff sans serif font

Greycliff CF is a versatile, modern sans serif font family used in various applications, including user interfaces, on-screen text, signage, and logotypes. With 9 styles and a geometric, near-monoline construction, it offers classic durability with softened edges and vibrant shapes. Version 2.5 includes support for Greek, Cyrillic, and Vietnamese, improved hinting, and new glyphs, including currency symbols.

63. Amicale

Amicale sans serif font

Alfredo Marco Pradil designed Amicale, a modern sans serif typeface available for free download in the full complete family. It is clean and professional, suitable for fun designs. The font’s style may vary depending on the chosen letters, and some fonts do not accept special characters or were created for one-off actions. Users can check the font’s typography through an image or online before downloading. The full family version is available for more options.

64. Etna

Etna sans serif font

Etna (2020) is a modern typeface inspired by the late nineteenth century Aetna wood type style. It offers a range of six weights and italics, suitable for text and display. With 415 glyphs, cyrillic and latin extended, Etna is custom-made with precision and aesthetics. The flow of the letters is seamless and easy to read, with bold accents.

65. Sarabun

Sarabun sans serif font

Sarabun is an open source multi-script webfont that supports both Latin and Thai scripts. It is known as the “TH Sarabun New” font and is used in the Government Gazette of Thailand newspaper. The font family, designed by Suppakit Chalermlarp | Katatrad Co.,Ltd., includes 32 different styles. The Sarabun font is a modern, clean sans-serif font designed for Thai use and supports multiple scripts like Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic. It is available in four weights (Regular, Medium, Bold, and ExtraBold) and includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and special characters. Open Font License (OFL) distributes this font , making it free to use and modify. For more information about the Sarabun font project, visit Wikipedia’s National Fonts page.

66. Prompt

Prompt sans serif font

Prompt is a loopless Thai and sans Latin typeface designed by Katatrad Team for web and print use. It features 18 different styles and is suitable for magazines, newspapers, and posters. The font family includes two sans-serif fonts, but license information requires research before use. The fluid and steady style of Prompt is excellent, making it suitable for both computer and website use. Its evaluation is excellent, making it a great choice for various applications.

67. Alyssum

Alyssum sans serif font

Alyssum is a delicate sans serif font that suits various styles and moods, from weddings to logos. Its beauty and delicacy blend well with wide-set spacing characters, making it suitable for various types of designs. Alyssum is versatile and can be used in business cards and logos. Its wide-set character spacing adds an extra touch of elegance.

68. Livvic

Livvic sans serif font

Livvic is a custom corporate typeface designed by Jacques Le Bailly for LV=, an insurance company in the UK. It is part of a brand redesign, aiming to capture LV=’s values and uniqueness. Livvic Font is a classic serif typeface with a modern twist, featuring bold and chunky characters with thin strokes and flowy italics. It is delicate and romantic, with clean lines and sharp edges, making it perfect for weddings, logos, quotes, print, signage, and more. The font is available for free for personal and commercial use, and users can search for similar fonts on befonts. The font’s different weights make it a great option for branding and web use.

69. Sprout

Sprout sans serif font

Sprout Font is a green typeface designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and positive thinking. It is a beautiful and delicate Thin Condensed Sans Serif font. It is ideal for crafting wedding designs, invitations, wedding albums, and websites. The elegant modern Sans Serif typeface features a beautiful Display font style with Thin Condensed strokes. Thus, it made this font suitable for versatile and feminine designs such as websites, wedding albums, invitations, logos, and headlines. Sprout Font encourages strong, prolific, and healthy ideas in marketing campaigns.

70. Gayathri

Gayathri sans serif font

Gayathri Regular is a modern Malayalam display typeface suitable for headlines, posters, titles, and captions. It is Unicode compliant and libre licensed, making it the most popular font in India and its project name is Gayathri Regular.

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