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Responsive Web Design

Customers today are increasingly tech-savvy, and besides their desktops or laptops, it’s not uncommon for them to browse sites on their mobile smartphones and tablets as well. This creates an important issue – how can you optimize viewing on all screen sizes, so that viewers can browse your website comfortably regardless of the device they are using?

The answer is to adopt a responsive web design. Simply put, a responsive design is a “one-size-fits-all” website. It offers high clarity and easy readability on all devices, enhancing the user experience for your customers, on any device.

All devices

Why is a responsive web design important?

Besides the benefits that this technology presents to your customers, it also makes the website maintenance and operations processes smoother. It is not necessary to create different websites to cater to different screen sizes. This means that any content updates or maintenance need to be performed only once.

Responsive web design makes a lot of difference to your digital marketing campaign. Since there is just one domain related to your business, all your traffic is diverted to one portal. As a result, you experience higher traffic and since user experience is better, you also enjoy better conversion rate.

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