Revolutionize Your Retail Business with Shopify POS Go: The Ultimate Guide

By: Rafa Ticzon


13 Jun 2023

Revolutionize Your Retail Business with Shopify POS Go - verz design

With huge crowds returning to malls for their dose of retail therapy, offering a seamless retail experience that matches the convenience and ease of online shopping is more important than ever.

Shopify revolutionised e-commerce by bringing together customer data, designing online storefronts, managing inventory, simplifying promotions, and enabling global selling. However, Shopify’s capabilities extend beyond e-commerce and can streamline operations across all touchpoints, including retail outlets and online storefronts.

Barcode scanners, card readers, cash registers, and receipt printers, which are connected to a phone or tablet with POS software, have become essential components of a traditional cashier counter. Shopify POS Go simplifies the software and hardware requirements into a single hand-held device that doesn’t even need to remain at the counter. Although it has been exclusively utilized in the United States, Shopify POS Go will soon be introduced in Singapore.

Here’s all you need to know about the robust mobile POS device and the POS subscription plans that will help staff and customers alike.


  1. What is Shopify POS Go?
  2. Why get the Shopify POS Go?
  3. Do I need a Shopify POS Pro plan to use the Shopify POS Go device?
  4. How much is Shopify POS Go Device?
  5. Unlock A Seamless Retail Experience with Shopify POS Go

What is Shopify POS Go?

Shopify POS Go is a mobile POS device that fully integrates all Shopify POS software to accept payments, scan products, fulfil in-store pickups, track inventory and so much more. With 80 hours of power with every charge, you can fully enjoy the mobility of the device for on-the-floor sales with wireless connectivity.

All you need is to ensure that Shopify Payments is activated as your store’s payment provider and that you have a WPA2 Wi-Fi network.

Why get the Shopify POS Go?

Shopify POS and the POS Go device bring together advanced software and compact hardware, allowing you to manage operations better and boost sales.

Mobility in Retail Stores

Mobility in Retail Stores - Shopify POS go - verz design

As a mobile device, staff are no longer tied to the counter to close a sale. Meet your customers wherever they are in the store, answer their questions, share with them about available alternatives, and collect payment immediately by scanning the product tag. For periods with heavy sales, you can meet your customers while they are still waiting in line so you do not have to lose them to long queues.

Efficiency in Inventory Management

efficiency in inventory management - Shopify POS go - verz design

The Shopify POS Go device integrates seamlessly with your Shopify Store and can track inventory across all touchpoints, – including other retail outlets and warehouses. By making full use of the system, you can reap the benefits of Shopify POS by ensuring that you re-order stock to meet demand and clear excess stock through sales.

Clarity in Customer Service

clarity in customer service - Shopify POS go - verz design

Counter staff, empowered to answer stock check and availability queries, serve customers better by staying at the cashier. Shopify POS Go enables seamless access to product availability and comprehensive customer purchase history across multiple retail outlets. Equipped with barcode scanning, staff can easily access detailed product information to promptly respond to queries.

Accommodates Different Shopping Behaviours

accommodates different shopping behaviours - Shopify POS go - verz design

The customer journey is not always straightforward. Some customers like to browse and shop online. Others like to browse online, narrow down what catches their eye and visit the store to make a purchase. Others still might try on clothes or shoes online and then make the purchase online when they are ready. Shopify POS Go enables staff to meet users throughout their journey, facilitating convenient purchases.

For example, Customers can purchase an item in-store and have it delivered to their home when it’s not available in-store. Staff can assist customers in adding items to their cart using the POS Go device. This enables them to log in and complete their purchase when they’re prepared. This makes it more convenient for customers and thus better for business as checking out is made simple.

Reward Staff Rightly

reward staff rightly - Shopify POS go - verz design

Integrating online and offline interactions in businesses with commission-based rewards for sales associates facilitates staff recognition for their contributions to closing sales. Customers make an online purchase based on an email from a sales associate regarding their in-store interests through POS Go. Then staff can receive a credit to stay motivated.

Do I need a Shopify POS Pro plan to use the Shopify POS Go device?

The Shopify POS Go device can be used with either a Shopify POS Lite or a Shopify POS Pro subscription. The POS lite subscription is included with any Shopify Plan, without any extra charges. This allows the use of multiple POS Go devices per location. As a refresher, the features of the POS lite subscription include setting custom discounts on carts or individual items, accepting cash payments even when offline, sending customers an email of the items they browsed in-store, creating inventories for various online sales channels, warehouses and retail outlets, creating customer profiles, and so much more.

Subscribe to the Shopify POS Pro account for an extra $89 per month per location. Maximize Shopify POS Go’s capabilities and features to boost your brand’s productivity and sales. Some of the added features that the POS Pro subscription brings include

Sales Attribution

sales attribution - Shopify POS pro subscription - Verz design

This feature recognises which staff member helped a customer make the purchase to empower your business to reward them. Gain insights into top-performing outlets and sales associates, with support for up to 1,000 locations.

Retail Store Analytics

retail store Analytics - Shopify POS pro subscription - Verz design

In-app analytics can give your staff clarity on which items are selling fast and which need an extra push. Review the Daily Sales report and compare it to sales within the week and across weeks. Information reported includes top products, top staff by net sales, net payments by type and more.

Unlimited Staff Accounts & Customised Permissions

Unlimited Staff Accounts & Customised Permissions - Shopify POS pro

Toggle with the permission settings so you can assign custom staff roles and allow them the corresponding permissions. Each staff member, with unlimited staff accounts, can receive proper sales attributions on the POS Go device. This requests manager approvals for discount applications and tax modifications.

Click & Collect

Click & Collect - Shopify POS pro subscription - Verz design

Shopify POS Pro allows customers to order online, pick up in-store, and bypass delivery fees and wait times. The portable Shopify POS Go device lets you assist customers at the pick-up area directly. This avoids the need for them to wait in line for counter staff.

Manage Deliveries From In-Store Orders

Manage Deliveries From In-Store Orders - Shopify POS pro subscription - Verz design

The POS Pro subscription facilitates delivering items to customers. They’re ready to be shipped, even if you don’t have them in stock at the in-store location. With the POS Go device, staff can scan the barcode on the tag to see which outlets or warehouses have stock, add the customer details, add to cart and ship it out.

Combine Lite and Pro versions for a cost-effective and flexible sales management solution, offering the best of both worlds. For example, you can use the POS Lite for your temporary pop-up store if you do not need the advanced features that the Pro subscription offers and do not want to pay for another location on the subscription. At the same time, your permanent retail outlets can continue to use the Pro version for more in-depth analytics and plans for business development.

How much is Shopify POS Go Device?

The all-in-one Shopify POS Go is currently available in the USA only and is priced at US$399. The price for the Singapore launch has yet to be disclosed.

Unlock A Seamless Retail Experience with Shopify POS Go

Retail outlets are central to your brand experience. Touchpoints where products come to life, customers interact, and staff’s attentiveness surpasses chatbots. In the age of instant online shopping, excellent customer service surpasses mere smiling assistance. Provide customers with needed information and desired convenience, eliminating the need to wait in line.

Shopify POS Go simplifies the entire customer journey for both customers and staff, utilizing technology’s immense capabilities. Customers experience the same immediacy as online shopping by removing pain points such as queuing, staff checking stock in the back room, and the frustration of not finding desired items. Staff are empowered to serve more customers, and be recognized for their work. So they avoid the hassle of charging and connecting multiple hardware for a single transaction.

Enhance your Shopify POS Lite or Pro subscription with Shopify POS Go for an unparalleled retail experience.

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