Make Great First Impressions with Social Media Marketing for eCommerce

By: Beatrice Aranton

Social media marketing

21 Jul 2022

Make Great First Impressions with Social Media Marketing for eCommerce - Verz Design

Social media now plays a crucial role in many aspects of our life. Take Facebook for example, a platform which now has more than 1 billion users. This highlights the significance of social media in contemporary culture. Through it, we converse with people we know, illustrating how we interact and meet new people. The same goes for online businesses. In terms of first impressions, the concept of engaging new audiences is the most significant component of social media marketing for eCommerce. If you’re using social media to advertise a business or network with new people, it’s important to make the right kind of first impression.

Discover how to maximize the use of social media marketing for eCommerce as a powerful tool in making great first impressions.

How to Set Your eCommerce Social Media Up For Success

There are numerous benefits to using business social media pages. Your business social media account gives you leeway to be as creative and as strategic you can be. All you have to do is follow these steps to attract the attention of your target audience better.

1. Customize your name on your social media profile

Customize your name on your social media profile

When creating our social media profiles, we typically use our own names, and that is okay. However, it is better to use your business name as a display name on your profile if you are affiliated with the firm and intend to promote your brand on social media.

2. Optimize your name and URL of your social media profile

Optimize your name and URL of your social media profile

Your username and URL cannot be changed on many social media sites. It’s different from the name on your profile. Therefore, we advise making a cautious choice and maintaining the user name throughout all social media networks. It is always preferable to use your own name for personal profiles, while the company name works better for corporate profiles.

3. Use an eye-catching profile picture on social media

Use an eye-catching profile picture on social media

Always use your personal photo or the emblem of your business as your profile image. Get a good headshot of yourself if it is a personal account. It is preferable to use the brand logo for a corporate account. But if you are the company’s face, such as a musician, actor, influencer, or speaker, you can also use your photo as the profile picture on the company’s social media accounts.

4. Add your social media profile link

To always ensure that people are aware of you, provide a link to your profile on your social media page’s home page. This social media marketing strategy for eCommerce varies from platform to platform, you should always take advantage of the chances where you can put your profile link. Your website will receive more visitors as a result, which will improve sales.

5. Tell something about yourself through a short bio

Tell something about yourself through a short bio

The success of your social media profile is significantly influenced by the bio you choose. Make the most of the one or two lines that typically make up your bio. Use appropriate keywords that accurately describe you or your company. Always include a call to action button at the conclusion of your bio for readers to know how to get in touch with you.

6. Design a good cover or background image

Design a good cover or background image

Nowadays, you may upload cover or background photographs to your profile on the majority of social media sites. It is a mistake for many people to leave it at default or blank since they don’t think it is important. A personalized background can represent your profile better to your followers, and make it easier for them to understand it right away. Utilize the ability to publish a video as a background on social networking sites like Facebook to increase your profile viewers.

7. Be consistent with posting

Be consistent with posting

Once your profile is finished, it is not a good idea to keep it empty. Make sure to update frequently and remain active. To stay engaged, maintain social connections, include friends and family, respond to comments, and post inquiries. Expecting people to start following you right away is unrealistic since it takes time.

7 Effective Content Marketing Ideas For Your eCommerce Business

1. Educate your audience by sharing advice or solutions

Educate your audience by sharing advice or solutions

Consider the issues you often assist your clients with. Afterward, submit the responses to the questions on social media. A DIY craft brand for instance, can provide numerous instructions on how to do fun arts and crafts activities.

2. Showcase goods or services through images or videos

Showcase goods or services through images or videos

You can advertise what you have to offer on your social media networks even if you don’t sell any tangible goods. Your followers will understand how you can help them if they see photos and videos of your services and products. Share it with a caption that briefly explains what you’re providing or offering on your social media platforms. To encourage your followers to use your services or purchase your product, include a call to action.

3. You can position yourself as an authority by sharing business and industry news

You can position yourself as an authority by sharing business and industry news

Establishing yourself as an industry expert can be done by posting business or industry news to your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn profile. This is particularly true for Twitter, where 71% of users acquire their news via the service. Keep an eye out for news stories that feature your business or your sector. It’s a good idea to subscribe to local and business news outlets to stay current. Additionally, you can frequently check the News tab of a Google search. Post the details on social media and let your following know. Make careful to give credit to the source of the information.

4. Post client testimonials and suggestions

Post client testimonials and suggestions

These can become social media posts whenever one of your customers leaves good reviews on Google, GlassDoor, or other online business directories. Online reviews are the second-most reliable source of information about brands, and people use social media to look up reviews of companies. Showcasing some of your finest ones is a wonderful approach to increase customer confidence.

5. Write about popular holidays that relate to your brand

Write about popular holidays that relate to your brand

Holidays are a perfect time to capitalize on popular hashtags and subjects to increase your online presence. It presents an opportunity for engaging, brand-awareness posts. Naturally, you’ll want to greet your followers a Merry Christmas or happy Vesak day, but there are also various unique holidays you can include in your social media marketing. Utilizing holidays allows you to plan your social media material well in advance, which is one of its many benefits. By planning these postings a few weeks or months in advance, you can save some time.

6. Emphasizing your staff humanizes your brand

Emphasizing your staff humanizes your brand

Making your employees’ profiles visible on your company’s social media pages allows engagement with your followers on a more personal level. You can also ask your staff for ideas for projects in diversity and inclusion to post on LinkedIn.

7. Infographics educates users

You should include infographics in your content strategy because they can boost online traffic by 12 percent. Users can easily absorb knowledge when it is shared in this manner.

How Often Should You Post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn Infographic Image


In choosing the right social media platforms, you should consider where your audience frequently flocks to. If you usually focus on posting on your Facebook page, you should adhere to the “two posts” per day rule. Experts advise posting high-quality material once each week to boost your Facebook post’s click-through rate. This increases your chances of getting twice as many clicks on each post. It’s also one of the quickest ways to get more people to visit your Facebook page.


Even if you can use Twitter as much as you want in a day, promoting your business there and keeping your eye on the prize can help your marketing approach succeed. You will need to post only one to five times a day if the goal of your marketing plan is to increase the number of engagements each post. There is more interaction with tweets when there are fewer of them. However, if your marketing strategy calls for a higher volume of responses, you can choose to send out more tweets each day, which will boost your overall response rate and help you meet your objective.


To grow your eCommerce business on Instagram, it’s important to be consistent in keeping your pages active. This keeps their followers interested throughout the week or month by adhering to a set posting schedule. This goes beyond simply publishing frequently. The most crucial lesson you should learn about Instagram is that you must stick to the established routine. Regularly uploading three photographs to Instagram and deciding to increase or decrease that number after a few weeks will have an impact on your followers.


Posting on LinkedIn may need to be more frequent than on other social networking platforms. LinkedIn itself encourages publishing on the site every business day. If your company wants to expand its LinkedIn audience, post at least three times each week and no more than a couple of times per day.

Stay Active, Connected, and Successful on Social Media with Verz Design

Social media is an important tool in this modern era that lets you connect with your target audience. This highlights the importance that we need to have an effective social media profile so more people can find us easily. As a social media marketing agency in Singapore, Verz Design’s professional team of creatives can strategize ways to increase brand awareness for your eCommerce through social media. We can conjure post ideas that can be adapted to any business and are a great place to start if you want to maximize your online presence.

Get in touch with Verz Design at 6841 1680 or email [email protected] for a free consultation!

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