Tips for Writing Strong Call-to-Actions on Your Website

By: Beatrice Aranton

Copywriting Marketing

14 Oct 2019

tips for writing a strong cta on your website


What is a CTA?

A Call-to-Action or CTA is a one-liner text that persuades potential customers to explore your website and see what your business has to offer. These are commonly seen on online advertisements, on marketing campaigns, and on the key pages of your website. Part of what makes up effective marketing strategies is the implementation of a well-written CTA since these act as a sign to the doors that your customers need to look at before entering. If a CTA isn’t welcoming, then the user won’t bother clicking.

“Buy now!” is an example of a CTA. It gives a clear message that clicking that button will bring you to the page where you can make your purchase. However, this CTA won’t work for everyone; it’s of importance to write clear industry-specific liners that your potential customers could respond well to. After all, good CTAs not only get users to look further into your website, they also have the power to make conversions.


Brands that use CTAs in ads increase sales by up to 90%

Research by ContentVerve found that websites with a first-person CTA get a more significant increase in conversions than those with other points of view. This means that using “Get My Free Trial” in your CTA is more effective than saying “Get Your Free Trial”. It’s a basic edit in terms of copywriting, but knowing how to come up with a strong statement takes a few things to keep in mind in order for your CTA to resonate well with your target market.

Below are 5 tips in writing a strong CTA that can get your customers to click without any more second guesses!


5 Tips on Writing Strong Calls-to-Action

1. Know Your Audience

Know your audience

The first step in writing your CTA is to know who you are writing for. Find out who your audience is, understand what they need, and what you can offer them. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, think up a scenario and look at it from their perspective. How would they perceive the situation? From there, you can strategise on how to position your product or services as a solution to those problems. This makes your CTA all the more enticing to your audience as it gives them a reason to follow through.


2. Be Creative

Be creative

Just like how your content should be fresh and original, your CTA should be as equally inviting. This comes with knowing fully well who your audience is and how to best communicate with them.

One example is if you’re clothing brand that goes on sale every season, you can be quick to let your customers snag their purchases by having a single-worded CTA: “Mine.”

Sweet and simple but creative enough to convey the message that as soon as they click that button, they get products at discounted rates. There are CTAs that aren’t so directly delivered and may even stray a bit from the usual, so it’s good to try and think outside the box!


3. Be Clear

Be Clear

After all has been said and done, visitors who have entered your site will come to the question, “What’s in it for me?”

You need to set a clear direction for the user and lay down what course of action they should take. Be informative enough to let them know and gauge whether taking steps forward will lead them closer to their goals. This significantly goes with your value proposition, so don’t mislead your visitors and make it easy for them to take action. Make sure to show all social proof and the benefits your customers will be getting out of this.


4. Make It Stand Out

Make it stand out

There will be cases when some of your visitors won’t have the time to read or skim over everything on your webpage and will just head right away to where the CTA button is to see where that path leads.

Since there are cases when users can’t find your CTAs right off the bat, there are a few things you can do to make sure that your one-liners stand out. You can leave a bit of space surrounding the CTA as well as to enlarge the text so that it can quickly draw users’ eyes over to where the button is. You can add strong visuals such as pictures, colours, and graphics that could go with your CTAs in order to heighten its appeal to your audience. These are extra measures to make sure that your CTA is eye-catching enough to be seen and paid attention to. But be careful not to make it overwhelmingly heavy on visuals, as this can also come off as too strong and might even divert your visitor’s attention.


5. Create Scarcity and Urgency

Create Scarcity and Urgency

Fear of missing out or FOMO is a natural psychological phenomenon that drives people to a certain decision because of their need and the pressure to acquire what his or her peers have. It has become natural for humans to ‘feel FOMO’, almost instinctive and subconsciously mandatory for survival which is why marketers exploit this and applying this in their advertising schemes.

This also applies in writing your CTAs; setting a time limitation comes off stronger to potential customers because it adds a sense of urgency. In addition to that, taking advantage of this psychological case can prompt a user to act at the moment.

“Call now before it’s gone!” is an example of a CTA implying urgency. It conveys the message that customers should grab the opportunity in the limited time that they have to avail of the product. At times like these, it’s good to take advantage of a person’s fear of missing out since it is their need to blend in with everyone and be in on the latest trends that weigh their decision to buy.


Make the Right Call with Verz Design

The more information you provide for your visitors with your CTA, the better it will be for them and for your business as well. Don’t lead them on with false expectations when they click on your ad, and the wrong users can even be dissuaded from clicking by means of a clearly conveyed message.

Verz Design’s team of professional copywriters can help you boost your sales through the form of a well-written CTA that can go a long way! With how competitive the online markets have become, our expertise on knowing the best way to reach your target audience can help give you an edge.


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