How to Use Social Media to Increase Brand Awareness?

By: Rafa Ticzon

Social media marketing

03 Sep 2021

How social media increase brand awareness? - Verz Design

There has been an increasing number of companies making use of the different social media platforms to advertise their business. This proves to be a good thing as social media is a great platform for brands to maintain customer relationships, all while generating new leads. And while there are some other means to promote your business, social media can sometimes come out as the more viable option. Having said that, let us explore why social media should be part of your Brand Awareness campaign.

What is Brand Awareness?

Before we get into the topic at hand, we must first understand what Brand Awareness is. Brand Awareness represents how familiar your target audience is with your brand. A popular example would be the athletic brand Nike and their iconic tagline: “Just Do It”. Nike has made sure time and time again to incorporate this into their content. After consistent and tactical marketing strategies, this tagline has become a familiar phrase and, in turn, increased brand recall for Nike. 

Why is Brand Awareness Important?

Brand Awareness is essentially the very first step in your business’ marketing funnel. It is a crucial foundation that will help broaden your reach and gain more customers. Hooking the attention of your customers is much more than just getting them to avail your products or services. 

It is about building connections. When you are able to build a story around your brand, you help it become more tangible for your audience. It is important to use social media not just to sell but to share a compelling story that others can relate to.

Your brand story can showcase your company’s strengths and unique selling points through authentic content that encapsulates your goals and values. People love it when they get some insights into who you are and empathize with stories they associate themselves with. Your brand story plays a huge role in your overall brand.

Including Social Media in Your Brand Awareness Campaign

Whether your business is just about to set up its social media accounts or is already using ads on a different platform like Google, the following benefits may serve as the selling point to convince you to invest in these platforms. 

With that, here are five reasons why you should include social media in your Brand Awareness campaign:

1. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Optimize social media profiles to increase brand awareness

It is essential that your audience recognizes your brand as soon as they land on your profile. In addition, you need to be able to hook your audience immediately. These indicators don’t even have to be long or extravagant. They can be simple and concise to get the message across fast and efficiently. 

Using clear and distinct pictures along with short and catchy phrases is a creative way to execute this. Last but not the least, remember to include a link to your other social media profiles.

2. Post Engaging Content with Crafty Headlines

Post engaging content with crafty headlines

If your content is not engaging enough, your target audience will simply scroll past them. With increased competition, the best way to stand out is to encourage consumers to interact with your posts. Being consistent with your content, including customer testimonials, or having eye-catching graphics are some ways to do this.

Aside from your visuals, it is also important to create engaging captions. Don’t stick to the same CTA’s and hashtags. Remember that captions are another way for your brand to bring their message across to your audience.

3. Invest in Ads and Track your Performance 

Invest in Ads and track your performance to increase brand awareness

Investing in Facebook and Instagram advertisements can help you reach out to audiences who are not currently following your business page yet. Ads can help you target specific audiences who may be interested in your business depending on their demographics, behaviours and interests.

Once you have solidified who your target audience is, you can then move into setting the right budget for your campaign. While platforms like Facebook can help you forecast your reach with a specified budget, consulting an expert would also be helpful to get insights to optimize your campaign with minimal costs. 

After which, track your campaign performance accordingly to make sure that you are reaching your marketing goals and objectives. If a specific ad is not garnering the results you want, it would be wise to find out the root cause and identify next steps for optimization. Additionally, if an ad is doing well and you believe that it can do better with a broadened reach, you can invest more money on the ad to increase the results.

The best strategy is to combine paid ads with a consistent content management strategy. This ensures that you reach out to new audiences and keep them engaged with your content. Keep in mind that certain strategies will work for certain industries and some will not. What’s important is testing out your ads and finding out what works for your business.

4. Collaborate with Related Brands

Collaborate with related brands to increase brand awareness using social media

Building strong relationships with related brands is a good way, not only to increase traffic but prove how credible you are. However, it is important to remember that these should not be your direct competitors. Focus on brands that complement your products or services instead. 

Recently, Verz Design had a collaboration with Advocado, the leading Cloud CRM SaaS for retailers in Southeast Asia, to help B2C businesses grow their customer base. Through this partnership, we have created an all in one solid package that combines our e-commerce & digital services expertise with Advocado’s effective cloud CRM. 

Teaming up together not only helped emphasize the importance of investing in a good website and software for business’ growth, but also helped highlight the competency each company offers. 

At the end of the day, understanding what your customer needs should be your first priority to determine the companies you can work with. 

5. Increase Your Website Traffic

Increase your website traffic

While social media does not directly boost your search engine rankings for your website, it is still a viable tool. This is because social media helps in other beneficial ways:

  • Increases your visibility – You can use social media as a tool to push out more of your content, directing more people to your website
  • Social sharing and User Generated Content (UGC) – People who think that your content is valuable will share it. This will expand your reach and credibility.
  • Generates more sales – The more people you reach, the more opportunity your customers have to visit your website and be a paying customer

By making sure your business continues to stay visible and relevant outside of your main platform, the more they are likely to pay your website a visit, helping you garner more sales. It is possible that some customers don’t even know you have a website. 

With that, being active on other, more popular, platforms can direct traffic accordingly. Of course, it is also important to maintain a good interface to ensure that your customer’s experience is positive enough that they not only go straight to your website next time, but that they recommend it to their friends and family. 

Utilize Social Media for Your Brand Awareness Campaigns with Verz Design!

Utilizing social media for your brand awareness campaigns proves to be more and more essential in today’s digital age. While pushing out engaging content is key, helping your audience get a better understanding of who you are and what your business stands for is just as important. Help your business leave a great impression by investing in your social media accounts to increase your Brand Awareness with Verz Design! Call us at 6841 1680 or email us at [email protected] for a free consultation today!

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