8 Useful Magento Plugins to Enhance Your eCommerce Website

By: Ruviene Domingo


09 Nov 2020

8 useful Magento plugins to enhance your eCommerce website

Magento is one of the top e-commerce platforms in the world. Many digital business owners depend on it because of its reliability and rich features. What are these rich features and how can you get the most from your Magento eCommerce website?

Consider installing useful Magento plugins or extensions to your website!

Magento plugins have many different categories including content customisation, payments and security, marketing and customer support. This will help to boost your site’s functionality and allow for a more enhanced customer experience. 

Using the right plugins can help you personalise and optimise your e-commerce website. More importantly, it helps to set your website apart from the sea of online competition.

Here are 8 Must-have Magento Plugins for All eCommerce Businesses

1. Abandoned Cart Email

Abandoned cart email

Every abandoned cart is a missed opportunity for a sale. The Abandoned Cart Email extension helps attract potential customers back to your site by sending smart automated reminders. This ensures your products are fresh in their mind until they are ready to make a purchase.

Top Features of Abandoned Cart Email:

  • Choose a ready-made template or create multiple custom templates by adding your business information and other specific variables.
  • Easily set your abandoned cart emails, preview content, send test emails, and archive sent emails.
  • It has an Exit Content Popup; this allows you to offer discounts, grant coupons, etc. through popups. This is an effective solution to reduce abandoned cart rate to the minimum.

2. Magento 2 Pre-Order Plugin

Magento 2 Pre-Order plugin

As a business owner, you always need to be a step ahead when it comes to brand marketing. Creating hype and exclusivity with pre-orders for new, incoming products is a great marketing strategy. 

Furthermore, having a pre-order option for products that are temporarily out of stock is a good way to ensure your existing customers do not switch over to a competitor site to get their items.

Top Features of Pre-Order:

  • Simplify your work by editing text in pre-order cart buttons and notes via mass action.
  • Easily identify items ordered in advance on the order info page. It ensures that store admins are always aware of all current order status.
  • Replace your Add to Cart button with a Pre-Order button, edit notes, other buttons, and messages to be shown on your site.

3. Magento 2 Order Delivery Date

Magento 2 order delivery date

Customers may remember a good shopping experience but they almost always remember a bad one. The Magento 2 Delivery Date plugin is a great way to ensure an outstanding shopping experience because it allows you to offer your customers more options. Let them select their desired delivery date and time right on the checkout page.

Top Features of Order Delivery Date:

  • Customise delivery intervals and easily organise a fully working delivery date and time system. In addition to this, you may exclude specific day/time from your delivery dates based on your availability.
  • It’s typical for customers to change delivery dates after their orders have been placed. This extension also lets your customers adjust their selected delivery dates.
  • Reminds your customers about their upcoming delivery. You only need to specify a particular time before the purchase arrives and choose an email template. It will automatically send the notification to your customer.

4. ReloadSEO


SEO is important for all websites but for eCommerce websites, it plays an even larger role hence it must be managed. ReloadSEO is a useful plugin that helps you do that. It is an intuitive dashboard that allows you to analyse your SEO metrics.

Top Features of ReloadSEO:

  • Firstly it shows you the number of user sessions, sales and the total number of transactions. Secondly,  it shows you which items have performed well and by what percentage. Thirdly, and most importantly, it shows you the pages that have been visited most often as well as the most useful keywords.
  • Uses the data it picks up from Google Analytics to show an accurate overview of your e-commerce store.
  • Monitor your site rankings over time and check how your site has fared against your competitors based on keywords.
  • Optimise the on-page content quickly and effectively.

5. Shop by Brand

Shop by brand

Shop by Brand lets you create dedicated brand pages with logo, description and banners. With this extension, you can introduce new brands on your site as well as encourage additional purchases with the ‘More from this Brand’ block on product pages.

Top Features of Shop by Brand:

  • The Brand Pages feature allows you to manage your products on individual brand pages. You can also determine the display order of your products on a particular brand page.
  • Add different brands to different stores.
  • Assign an unlimited number of products to a brand.
  • Filter the search results in different categories through its filter layered navigation.

6. Magento 2 Social Login Plugin

Magento 2 social login plugin

Magento 2 Social Login is designed to allow your customers to register to login to your store faster and easier. By eliminating the complex registration process, it automatically links your customers’ account to Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms for a hassle-free login process. This is an effective way to enhance your customers’ satisfaction.

Top Features of Social Login:

  • It supports nine widely used social media platforms.
  • Your customers have the option to add any social network account to their existing customer accounts on your site.
  • All social IDs, along with social account emails, are arranged and recorded in a table with an export option.
  • You can select login pages: Default options include login, registration, shopping cart, and check out pages

7. Stripe Payments

Stripe payments

Everyone shops online these days with credit or debit cards to collect points or mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay for a seamless transaction. Therefore including Stripe Payments, a Magento plugin that allows you to accept and process these payment methods is beneficial to your business. As a result, this safe, secure, and trusted plugin will surely make your payment process run a lot smoother.

Top Features of Stripe Payments:

  • Stripe Payments accepts all major credit and debit cards across different countries and hundreds of currencies.
  • Accepts mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, and tons of other local payment methods.
  • Can also be used if you have a multi-store eCommerce business.
  • Uses machine learning to detect and prevent fraudulent payments.  

8. Shipping Suite

Shipping suite

Once customers enjoy their experience on your eCommerce website and check-out, the only thing left is shipping the products to them. By adding a useful all-in-one Magento plugin like Shipping Suite it helps you create a customisable shipping and logistics system for your eCommerce store. You can even include multiple shipping options, set shipping prices based on product specifications, set rules for shipping prices, and many more.

Top Features of Shipping Suite:

  • Lets your customers estimate their shipping in advance on the product page to avoid cart abandonment.
  • Allows you to set shipping rules based on location, products, and different couriers.
  • 100% customisable. Select which shipping providers you’ll use depending on the rates based on location, etc.

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