5 Website Design Tips to Make Your Site Stand Out

By: Clement Español

Web Design

14 Sep 2021

5 Website design tips to make your site stand out - Verz Design

Well-designed websites attract attention and keep interest. This is why people look for website design tips or experts before launching their projects or business online. Designing a website the ideal way can improve its usability, or the quality of a user’s experience while browsing it. For example, business-to-business websites can benefit from a sophisticated, clean design. Sites catering to casual consumers can play with visuals and colors. 

Website Design Tips for Usability

1. Avoid Clutter in Your Homepage 

Avoid clutter in homepage - web design tips

A clutter-free homepage lets users efficiently read about your products or services and know which links to click should they wish to proceed. Shoppers or potential clients that enter a homepage bombarded by graphics or text might get frustrated and close the tab. 

Trim unnecessary paragraphs, graphics and links from the homepage. Then, keep only the content that succinctly explains the products or services you offer. A minimalist design can be the ideal choice for new businesses or those still developing their brand’s visual identity.

2. Organize Elements to Lead Users’ Attention 

Organize elements to lead users’ attention

The attention span of online users, especially those on mobile, are limited. This necessitates making the most of what time you have with users’ attention. It helps to organise the website elements in such a way that lead users toward desirable actions like purchases or subscriptions. 

For example, the call-to-action buttons can be placed at the center of the screen, while your logo can be displayed at the header. Enlarge this logo and your business name to make them more visually prominent. Doing so helps online users notice these first before they move on to smaller elements like text. 

For reference, take a look at what we’ve done for our client:

3. Optimise Content for Readability and Scannability

Optimise content for readability and scannability - website design tips

Another one of the main, website design tips would be to optimise your product descriptions, list of services, and other specific information for readability and scannability. The two latter terms refer to how a person can easily understand the content on a website, which matters given their attention span. 

When you let online users hone in on your key points, you let them evaluate your products or services more efficiently. Elements that improve your website can include the use of contrast, text size, and font types. Use contrasting colors for the website text and its background so users can read more easily. 

The text size must be enough to be recognizable yet not too distracting.  As for font types, choose those that pair well together. Using different fonts can help organise written content for readers.

4. Design your Website for Easy Navigation 

Design your website for easy navigation - website design tips

Having a successful website should have a layout that is easy to navigate and must be intuitive for users. User Experience (UX) designers are able to expertly identify user personas that will determine the best layout for this.

Examples include brand logos that can link back to the homepage so users won’t have to click the go-back button multiple times. Another would be navigation menus that are visible whichever page of the website a user is at. It can let the user access different sections of the website with just a click. 

See the example of a navigation menu below:

Utilize your website footer, which sits at the bottom of each page. Here you can place links to your social media, contact information, addresses, and more.

5. Create a Responsive Website

Create a responsive website

Responsive websites benefit your business because they allow the web page to adapt to the screen size accordingly. This feature makes the browsing experience smoother because of shorter loading time and correct scaling down of website content. 

After all, you wouldn’t want to be on a website with sluggish browsing and text or graphics that are too large. Since a mobile website is smaller, you will have to further trim any content that would otherwise be present on the desktop version. 

Stand Out with a User-Friendly Website!

As the online space grows ever more competitive, your website needs all the help it can get to increase user retention and conversion. After learning tips to achieve this, why not get the best web design agency to strategically implement these for you?

Consult our design experts now to level up your website! With our more than a decade’s worth of expertise, let us help you create and maintain a pleasant browsing experience for your website visitors. Call us at 6841 1680 or email us at [email protected] for a free consultation.

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