Best Web Design Agency: Why Verz Design is the Best Choice for You

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24 Nov 2020

Best web design agency: why Verz Design is the best choice for you

Are you looking for the best web design agency with an impressive track record and a good reputation? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Nowadays, websites aren’t considered as simple sources of information anymore. With the current advancements in the internet, websites shouldn’t only serve as gateways to a more convenient source of products. It should also serve as the first contact window for potential customers.

Professional web design agencies should be sought for by both budding and established website owners. This also helps improve their business platform and visibility. The web design agencies in your city, or even country, may not offer that trustworthiness and experience you’re looking for. If that’s the case, then an agency that offers their services internationally is the perfect match for you.

5 things to look for when choosing the best web design agency

Your choices for hiring the right web design agency isn’t limited anymore to what the local scene has to offer. But the question is, what are the things that web design companies can offer that would determine their competence?

1. Excellent Google reviews

Excellent google reviews

One of the best ways to find out the quality of a service is to check what their customers have to say about it. Usually, a flood of bad reviews on a Google Review profile is a red flag. 

This indicates that what they’re offering is either subpar, low-quality or not worth the payment. Be that as it may, it’s also important to determine whether the reviews they’re raking in are from actual customers. 

Fake reviews are rampant in today’s competitive market, so always ensure that every review you take to heart is real. Low-scoring customers often provide extra details on why they think a certain service deserves such a rating. 

Check and see if the information they’ve provided coincides with the services they offer. As an added bonus, you may also see how an agency handles and answers disgruntled customers. 

Do they ignore legitimate complaints and concerns or do they offer discounts and compensation to the ones who aren’t satisfied? The way agencies interact with their users is also an important factor to consider before you start engaging with them.

Your web design agency of choice should have excellent ratings, as seen below:

Web Design Singapore | Website Design & Web Development Company

2. Website ranking

Website ranking

Your #1 priority for your online business should be to attract as much attention as you can. More attention leads to more customers which leads to more income. The best way to attract your target market’s attention is to make it to the front page of search engine results. 

However, in order for a website to rank higher, it requires a lot of time, effort and research. An agency whose website ranks high on the search engine results page (SERPs) should be the one you’re aiming for. 

It’s simple: if an agency is successful in getting its website to the top page, then you can bet that they can do the same for yours. Let’s face it, an agency sitting on the 4th or 5th page of SERPs is obviously struggling to be visible. Why would you think they would be able to get your website to the top?

Amidst the paid rankings on Google, Verz Design is #1 in the organic search results, as you can see below:

Web design agency Singapore Verz Design

3. Social media presence

Social media presence

These days, social media is a huge boon for a business to boom. Any web design agency that maintains a respectable following on social media usually knows what they’re doing. 

Find out if an agency takes care of their social media accounts by visiting the accounts themselves. Check if they engage their followers consistently and if they regularly post and share content that are worth reading.

If an agency shares helpful methods to increase website traffic, for example, then chances are they practise these methods. They might also have also already gauged its effectiveness in garnering attention.

Another thing you can do is to directly message their social media accounts. They should be able to answer quickly, effectively and treat your queries and concerns with respect. 

Social media accounts are usually seen as the frontline of a business’ operations. If your interactions with them are desirable, then your engagement with their services may be worth your while.

Take a look at how we get our word out on social media:

Step up your resume initiative post on Verz Design Instagram account

For more information on our best quarterly designs, web design tips and recent website launches, check out our Facebook & LinkedIn social media accounts!

4. Client websitesClient websites

Many consider a website as the face of a company. Visiting a web design agency’s client’s website will yield a lot of answers to some questions you may be having. 

A user-friendly site that’s nice to look at and loads quickly is a good sign. That means that with their help, your website will most definitely end up the same. You can also check out the elements that they’ve incorporated onto their clients’ websites. 

Simple design implementations and elements like favicons and “Thank You” pages might seem unnecessary for website improvement. This couldn’t be more untrue because they do go a long way when providing users with a good user experience.

Additionally, you should also check out if the pages they’ve created have the proper meta descriptions, meta titles and tags. Granted, they might not make a huge difference for your front-end users, but they’ll do wonders for your SEO. 

When choosing the best web design agency for your business, sometimes it’s best to let their portfolios do the talking!

5. In-house practices

In-house practices

Once you’ve done all the above but still harbor doubts, then you should contact them directly. Find out how their practices work when designing and developing a website. 

  • Do they follow an intricate checklist? 
  • Do they have step-by-step structure? 
  • Do they assign their specialists to do other tasks too? 

You can also ask them about how they can help you with website hosting, design, CMS, SEO and maintenance, among other things. It might also help you out in the long run if you know what their team members’ responsibilities are. 

One of the questions you can ask is: Do they have specialists for each and every facet of the web design process or do they use one person for multiple tasks? This, while not a bad practice, isn’t generally recommended due to these two tasks requiring different skill sets.

You should always ensure that the design experts you’re paying to work on your website have specialists working under them.

5 things Verz Design use to provide excellent customer service

Verz Design is an established and leading web design agency. We have provided service to a wide variety of clients from a multitude of industries for over a decade. With over 3,000 active clients, our expertise has helped a lot of business endeavours, both big and small.

We understand that signing up for an international web design agency’s services can be daunting for most business owners. It may also bring about doubts on whether or not the product will be worth the expenses you’ll be spending.

That said, here are a few reasons why Verz Design should be your #1 choice for a web design agency:

1. No language barriers

No language barriers

The dreaded language barrier. To optimise your website’s needs, you’ll need to be able to properly communicate with the people working on it. Incorrect implementation of a design is often caused by misunderstandings during the pre-designing discussions.

Luckily for you, Singapore is Verz Design’s home base, a country well-versed in the English language, both written and spoken. If you’re still in doubt of our ability to produce and design in English, then check out our portfolio!

2. Convenient time zone

Convenient time zone

One of the biggest drawbacks with hiring an international web design agency is the differences in time zones. There’s nothing worse than trying to contact your agency to implement an urgent change only to find out they’ve already clocked out for the day.

Headquartered in Singapore, Verz Design operates at a GMT+8 time zone. This is an optimal time for any possible client from anywhere in the world. In addition to Singapore, we also have offices in Vietnam, India and Philippines. That’s three different time zones in one agency! This allows us to provide you with our services no matter where in the world you’re operating from.

3. Good business ethicsGood business ethics

Singapore is a thriving and global financial hub and is one of Asia’s economic “tigers”. Being headquartered in a country that prides itself on its security and stability, Verz Design practices good business ethics. Singapore is also a state that’s developed, safe and governed by its law.

We keep our 5 core values in mind with every action we take:

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Service-oriented
  • Teamwork
  • Humility

These values are what keeps our agency strong and our customers satisfied with what we have to offer. For a more in-depth explanation of how these can benefit you, take a quick look at our values and ethics.

4. A proven track record in Singapore

A proven track record in Singapore

A proven track record is what attracts prospective clients to our doorstep. Verz Design is a web design agency in Singapore with a proven track record. These clients range from a variety of industries such as automobiles, fashion, healthcare, food & beverage, engineering, professional services and retail.

We cater to both local and international clients. From large corporations to fresh start-ups, Verz Design ensures that we provide only the best and highest quality services available.

Don’t believe us? Google “web design singapore”. After scrolling through the websites that paid for their spot, you’ll see us at the top of the organic results!

5. Highest in value for reasonable prices

Highest in value for reasonable prices

Verz Design is a competitive agency in Singapore. Hence, we offer competitive prices for the highest quality service available. For international clients, we also offer a 10% discount on top of not having to pay for GST.

Let’s get this out of the way: We aren’t the least expensive web design agency in Singapore. There’s a good reason for this. Everyone knows that you get what you paid for and with Verz Design, you’ll surely get the best!

Our web design packages for our international clients

When developing a website, a simple CMS is oftentimes the only thing you need to display contents on different pages. Your website can properly display your inner pages without the hassles of a complicated CMS.

Among the many CMS that Verz utilises, WordPress is without a doubt one of the simplest ones to use. That’s why we offer a variety of WordPress packages for our international clients.

No doubt you’re asking yourself right about now: Why should we avail of Verz Design’s WordPress packages? What can they possibly offer us that’s unique and different from other web design agencies? Well, here are a few reasons:

  • High-quality stock photos from two premium stock banks.
  • Our respectable company size. We can assign two designers to provide different mock-ups. Bonuses are also offered for the designer who gets chosen, giving them the initiative to provide high-quality designs.
  • We are ISO-certified. We follow a step-by-step process to guide our team from the designing phase to actual website launch. This ensures that all aspects of your website design aren’t overlooked.
  • We have in-house copywriters. We are a one-stop service that allows you to avoid looking for content copywriters from another source.
  • We are WordPress specialists. We customise websites according to your preferred look and feel and program it based on approved designs and concepts. This allows your website to look exactly like the way you pictured it.

Your online business is important and Singapore offers the best services when it comes to your needs. Undoubtedly, Verz Design is the best out here.

Verz Design: best web design packages and excellent customer service

As an established web design agency, Verz Design is a pre-approved PSG eCommerce vendor. We aim to provide the best services that suit our clients’ needs. Our more than a decade’s worth of experience has sharpened our methods. Our team’s experience in handling the ins and outs of web design will be a huge benefit to you.

With over 3,000 clients served, you can bet that with us, you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth. What are you waiting for? Give us a ring at 6841 1680 or drop an email at [email protected] for a free consultation!

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