5 Things that Affect a Web Design Project Timeline

By: J.C. Yee

Web Design

05 Feb 2021

5 things that affect a web design project timeline

Suppose you’re planning to set up a website or landing page in time for the holidays or a particular date. In that case, you’re probably looking to engage a web design agency with the capacity to deliver despite a tight schedule. Professional web development companies are no stranger to strict deadlines. But as a client, you should also be privy to the limitations that short timelines have, as well as the elements that affect a web design project timeline.

1. Failed Design Expectations

Failed design expectations

Companies with a specific web design project timeline will often have a reference website they want to achieve. Some would use a competitor website as a reference, while some would choose a random image from the agency’s portfolio. Both approaches are good for both parties since the client is clear about their vision, and the designer won’t have to guess the look and feel they need to achieve.

However, bear in mind that when a client chooses a good website from the service provider’s portfolio, you choose from one of the company’s best works. And this won’t exactly reflect what you’ll get from them. Always take other agencies’ portfolios with a grain of salt, because what are the chances that their best designer will design your site?

At Verz, we provide our clients with 2 Homepage Designs to choose which design suits their taste better. This allows for some level of competition between our designers, which eventually spurs better results.

2. Slow response time

Slow response times

Picture this: you want your website or landing page to be up and running within a month or two. The designs are good, the design agency provides efficient results, but the problem comes with the feedback or client response that takes weeks to be relayed. 

Sure, being in the professional world, all of us are occupied with some more urgent matters. However, say you also happen to have an urgent project with a web design company. In that case, it might be useful to have a dedicated person who can communicate with the web design agency.

Now, this is not to say that clients would get all the blame for slow response times. Web design service providers also have the responsibility to follow-up on the client to ensure they won’t miss any project notification. 

As a preemptive measure, see if both parties can agree that the web design agency will provide updates, say every two days, so that the client can look for their email in that frequency.

3. Not giving consolidated feedback

Not giving consolidated feedback

Revisions are inevitable in any creative project. However, you can avoid that by combining all your comments in one communication piece for faster results. People hate going over the same thing repeatedly, especially if it’s just one little thing that could’ve been solved sooner.

So, try to consolidate your feedback. Don’t give four minor feedback or revisions across one week if you can provide all those 4 in a day. You can do so by taking your time and being keen on the design from top to bottom. 

Commit some patience and attention to detail while reviewing the output, and then give all your remarks in one go. By doing so, both parties will be able to save four days, which could allow your website to launch faster. 

4. Unrealistic timeline expectations

Unrealistic timeline expectations

Some business owners have the wrong impression that websites are easy to create, especially if professionals do them. While some ads can make this claim, web design agencies often take a significant amount of time to make a great website.

Ever seen the meme of a horse drawing, where the first half was exceptionally sketched as if it was done by an artist, while the second half looked like a kindergarten drew it? 

Anyone in the creative industry will say that you can’t rush creativity. Unrealistic web design project timeline expectations will just lead to delays and disappointments. If miscommunications happen in the middle of the project, these could cause the project to be on hold.

Avoid this from happening by discussing the target date that you want with your account manager or salesperson. As we’ve said, web design is a creative and collaborative process. Without the client’s hands-on support, we won’t complete a project on the desired date. 

5. Poor communication

Poor communication

Poor communication is the sum of all things mentioned above. Mishaps in the project timeline could always be avoided if there had been good communication in the first place. So, if you’re planning to engage a web design and development company, always look for a web design sales consultant who can give you clear and expert advice about your project. A good consultant will clear all doubts you may have so that you can launch your website in no time.

Engage a professional web development agency for guaranteed efficiency

As a recognised web design and development agency in Singapore and over 3,000 projects completed, we know more than enough to meet our clients’ tight deadlines. We do it by having effective teamwork which allows projects to be smooth from start to finish. These include our salespeople, project managers, designers, copywriters, developers and QA testers.

Got a unique project in mind? No one can help better than us. Talk to us at 6841 1680 or email us at [email protected] for a free consultation.

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