7 Qualities of a Good Web Design Sales Consultant

By: John Cyril Yee & Henry Ng

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25 Mar 2019

7 Qualities of a Good Web Design Sales Consultant


Sales consultants are the bridge between a company and its customers. Their job is to promote and sell their business’ services while creating good professional relationships with their clients.

A great sales consultant can make generating and closing sales look easy for the average people. What a normal person does not know, however, is that it takes time and effort to come up with ideas that would make salespeople do their job more effectively.

That said, how a sales consultant is able to take care of a customer from the start of a project can say a lot about how their company handles their clients.

So if you’re planning to engage a web design agency for your business, consider the points below to know if the sales consultant you’ll be discussing with will be helpful for your project.


7 Behaviours of a Good Web Design Sales Consultant

1. They listen and understand well your requirements

They listen and understand well your requirements

In the web design industry, presenting a company’s extensive portfolio and services to a client is not enough to convince them, even more so does it make them a good salesperson. Rather, it is more on how they, as a representative of their agency, are able to listen and understand their clients’ needs.

Consultants should know that closing sales is more than just showcasing their agency’s portfolio. After all, what they have done in the past won’t matter if their present solutions don’t match your current needs. For this reason, the sales consultant must know how to work their way through your requirements and provide the right answers to your problems.


2. They make things simple for you

They make things simple for you

It’s no longer a surprise for people to be unfamiliar with a lot of web design and development jargons. Words like domain registration, hosting, content management system, SEO, and other technical practices can be easily seen as intimidating during a sales meeting. As such, they should be able to explain terminologies in simple terms for you to understand their company’s expertise and processes.

Complex details are inevitable when it comes to web development. It will be highly beneficial for you if the sales consultant can help you understand every step of the project you are about to engage in. You must feel that they are not only there to sell their services, but are there to help you achieve what you want for your own business.

A web design sales consultant who is humble in their expertise allows you to be comfortable all throughout a project’s phase. At Verz, humility is just one of our business values, meaning:

  • We are down to earth with regards to our practice
  • We appreciate simple questions and we willingly explain details to our clients
  • We care for our clients by offering the best in the industry


3. They research and recommend

They research and recommend

Businesses engage a professional web design and development company knowing they have the capable knowledge and expertise on what is best for them. They have a certain level of expectation and trust in terms of getting the right advice from whichever agency they tap.

A sales consultant can meet such a level of expectation by researching and recommending relevant trends and information beneficial for the client. At times, they even cite real-world issues and examples that could support their recommendation for you to feel that you really are in good hands.

For example, if a client is planning to ignore security features on their website, then they can cite and explain the mass data breach that happened in Singapore in 2018 for them to be convinced on how cybersecurity is important for both small and multinational businesses.

Even if a client already seems to have a concrete idea of what they want for their website, sales consultants, as frontrunners of a web development company’s integrity, must always do the right thing for you. In this instance, doing the right thing is recommending what is best for a client’s business.

Here at Verz, we show our sense of integrity through:

  • Comprehensive quotations, explaining every detail for our client
  • Professional and honest recommendations

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4. They do not overpromise

They do not overpromise

It is undeniably tempting for sales consultants to impress a client by giving unrealistic promises such as unlimited revisions or delivering a project within a month. Overpromising and under-delivering is a negative testament to a web design agency’s reputation as they are forced to disappoint a client right from the initial phase of a project’s timeline.

A web sales consultant must recognise accountability to their clients and to themselves in every project they take. This means that they should be responsible for all work-related actions. Aside from that, they must be aware of every project detail for customers to be privy to realistic lead times and expectations.

When it comes to accountability, Verz Design:

  • Gives our clients estimated dates of completion for all deliverables
  • Provides our clients weekly emails to keep them updated
  • Is upfront when it comes to technology limitations and project timelines
  • Never overpromises just to secure a sale


5. They seek experts’ advice

They seeks experts' advice

Truth be told: salespeople in the web design industry are not fully knowledgeable about the technicalities in developing a website. There will be times when a client will ask technical questions on eCommerce or Custom Programming. As such, the sales consultant must be able to work with an expert in their team to give the client the reliable information they need.

A good sales consultant knows the value of teamwork. They leverage the knowledge of other people to deliver not the work of one individual, but the work of a team.

For us here at Verz, teamwork means:

  • Our clients only need to have one contact person who will work with everyone in our team
  • Our sales consultants always consult an expert within our team


6. They are clear with deliverables

They are clear with deliverables

Often, businesses are not aware of what to expect in a web design project because they seldom update their website for years. They may be unaware of some essential website packages, features, or add-ons. That is why sales consultants provide them with a clear-cut quotation for them to know the results you are about to give.

Given that the quotation should also contain every detail of the project, every complex information in it is clarified for the customers’ sake as well. In doing so, they are ensuring a certain level of client confidence as they free them from any questions before a project kicks off.

Making certain that both parties are clear about expectations can say something about how a company is keen on details and is committed to quality service. In a sense, it also represents how the agency is dedicated to making their clients satisfied and assured with every project milestone.


7. They treat you like a partner

They treat you like a partner

Web design and development services are more than just creating excellent websites. It’s also about tending to businesses’ online development and treating them as partners in reaching success.

Great consultants show that they care for a client’s website like how they would their own. They know that building a nice website just marks the start and not the end of the partnership. Hence, the continuous journey of bringing in customers through proven practices such as SEO, SEM, or even social media marketing.

By treating clients as partners, sales consultants are helping them understand that web excellence requires commitment and consistency for their business to achieve a return on investment in the digital landscape.

Here at Verz, we treat our customers as partners by going beyond delivering project requirements. We apply the best practices and advise on opportunities that will help our clients meet their long-term goals.


Start your journey to web excellence by talking to one of our sales consultants today. Reach us at 6841 1680 or email us at [email protected]!

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