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Custom Websites Terms & Conditions

These are the abridgedCustom Website Terms and Conditions of VERZ, which may be updated from time to time by notification in writing. Where a Quotation is executed by VERZand the Client, the Quotation together with these Conditions (together “the Agreement”) will constitute a contract between the parties. Where there is any manifest inconsistency between the provisions of these Conditions and the Quotation, the provisions of the Quotation will apply. The terms and conditions of the Agreement shall apply as between the parties in respect of the matters described in the Quotation to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions (including any terms and conditions that the Client purports to apply). Each Agreement entered into between the parties constitutes a separate distinct contract.

1. Acceptance of Terms


Please read these Terms and Conditions before (“Signing up”)on the Quotation. By (“Signing up”) you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the supply of allServices offered by VERZ DESIGN PTE LTD and/ or its associates, related parties, successors and assigns (collectively referred toas“VERZ”) to any persons (hereinafter referred to as “Client”, “you” or “your”) shall be governed by the Terms and Conditions setherein.

2.Ambiguity and Managing Conflict


In terms of Custom Programming (or Software Development), each party understands that it is impossible to describe in full the functional requirement of each module. As such, each party has participated fully in the review and the final contract represents best understanding of the Client’s requirements.


The contract is construed in a commercially reasonable manner, and the working hours and fees quoted for each module represent the complexity in terms of functional requirement to be delivered. If there are any particular module or functional requirement, which is of high importance to the client, this would have been highlighted and details will be included in this contract.


In view of conflicts (in terms of functional requirement of each module) arising after endorsement of this contract, the onus on VERZ is to either provide a separate contract with details of agreed functional requirements or deliver a reasonable and industry acceptable standard for the module in conflict.


The Client acknowledges that all changes or addition of project requirements will result in revisions to the timeline and cost of the project.

3.Code Ownership


Should it be deemed necessary by the Client, the codes can be handed over at an additional cost for use once all previous invoices are fully settled, on the sole condition that the codes are utilized only for use for further development of the project.


The code will not be re-sold or duplicated for other projects.

4.Payment Terms


Detailed information regarding our payment terms can be found in the quotation that we will provide to all our clients.

One of our core values lies in maintaining the highest level of integrity with our employees and clients. You can rest assure that VERZ will continue to support your project until it has been completed, even when full payment has been made. We value your trust in us.

5.Copyrights and Trademarks

VERZ operates under a paradigm of mutual trust and accountability.


VERZ only uses valid and originalmaterial in all design works. The Client may request for the originals of visual elements used as proof of validity.


The Client guarantees that they have rightful permission to use all text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks and other artworks sent to VERZ for the purpose of inclusion in web pages or other collaterals. The Client agrees to indemnify VERZ from any claim or suit arising from these elements supplied by the Client.


Ownership of assembled works will be transferred to the Client upon full payment of fees. Verz retains the right to showcase these elements in part, or in full as part of its portfolio.

6.Work Schedule and Completion Date

The VERZ system emphasizes efficiency through clear communication.


VERZ will work expediently towards completing project and specifications within a reasonable timeline. However, at its option, VERZ may extend the due date by a period not exceeding 21 days by submitting written notice to the Client.


In the event thatthe Client has a specific deadline to meet, this deadline will be written into the quotation specifications and additional loading fees will apply.


Any delay or non-performance of the quotation specifications beyond the reasonable control of the performing party shall not constitute a breach in contract, provided the delayed party has taken reasonable measures to notify the other party in writing.


A successful completion of website requires cooperation from the Client, as we require information, contents and approval at various stages of the development work. During any stage, if we are unable to get response or support from the Client, we will send out a Weekly Reminder. The project will be put permanently on hold once we have sent out 3 reminders, and VERZ will have the right to re-allocate resources when the Client is ready to restart the project. VERZ also reserves the right to send out any invoices for work completed, but put permanently on hold due to the Client’s non-support.

7.Changes in Project Specifications


Should the Client desire to amend specifications after both parties have accepted the quotation, the Client is required to submit a written request detailing the desired changes.


VERZ will review and submit a written response to the request within 5 working days.


The Client acknowledges that all changes from the quotation terms, including but not limited to additions and alterations to layout, design, text and content will result in revisions to the timeline and cost of the project.

8.User Acceptance Testing


Upon completion of programming, VERZ will provide the Client with a demo site URL for the client to carry out User Acceptance Testing before the final upload of website to the Client’s domain


VERZ is not liable for any failure or delay resulting from physical impediments, national or industry-wide changes to business policies beyond the control of VERZ.

9.Limited Liability


In no event shall VERZ be held responsible for any damages, including but not limited to loss of revenue or profit in any way arising out of services performed by VERZ.


VERZ is not liable for any failure or delay resulting from physical impediments, national or industry-wide changes to business policies beyond the control of VERZ.

11.Termination of Agreement

Notice of cancellation from the Client is required to be delivered in writing.


There is a minimum cancellation feeequivalent to 20%of the total contract price should the Client opt to cancel the project after signing of contract. This takes into consideration the resources set aside by VERZ as well as Administrative Work done, including Website Questionnaire and Invoice.


10.2 VERZ reserves the right to bill pro rata for work completed through the date of cancellation:

  • $600 daily for design work.
  • $600 daily for technical work.
  • $600 daily for other services, including but not limited to copywriting and marketing.