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Copywriting Terms & Conditions

These are the abridged Copywriting Terms and Conditions of VERZ, which may be updated from time to time by notification in writing. Where a Quotation is executed by VERZ and the Client, the Quotation together with these Conditions (together “the Agreement”) will constitute a contract between the parties. Where there is any manifest inconsistency between the provisions of these Conditions and the Quotation, the provisions of the Quotation will apply. The terms and conditions of the Agreement shall apply as between the parties in respect of the matters described in the Quotation to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions (including any terms and conditions that the Client purports to apply). Each Agreement entered into between the parties constitutes a separate distinct contract.

1. Acceptance of Terms


Please read these Terms and Conditions before (“Signing up”) on the Quotation. By (“Signing up”) you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the supply of all Services offered by VERZ DESIGN PTE LTD and/ or its associates, related parties, successors and assigns (collectively referred to as “VERZ”) to any persons (hereinafter referred to as “Client”, “you” or “your”) shall be governed by the Terms and Conditions set

2.Creative Writing


Our Standard Copywriting services do not cover creative writing or extensive content research beyond the scope stated.


Content created will be based on the information provided by the Clients, and VERZ’S Copywriters will develop the content according to the project’s requirements.

3.Payment Terms


Detailed information regarding our payment terms can be found in the quotation that we will provide to all our clients.

One of our core values lies in maintaining the highest level of integrity with our employees and clients. You can rest assure that VERZ will continue to support your project until it has been completed, even when full payment has been made. We value your trust in us.

4.Working Process


Our working process is detailed in our Process Guide PDF that is sent to all our clients.


Upon confirmation of the IDEAS document and sitemap, any further changes to the sitemap or addition of pages will be chargeable at $200 per page.

5.Additional Work and Revisions

As writing is a creative process and subject to the Clients’ preference, VERZ understands that there may be multiple drafts and revisions required. VERZ caters for an adequate amount of revisions based on the signed quotation and project requirements.


Any Additional Copywriting performed that is not in the original scope as agreed upon in the initial quotation will be charged at $200 per page.


Any additional revisions or drafts are chargeable at $300 per revision.

6.Work Schedule


In the event that the Client has a specific deadline to meet, this deadline will be written into the quotation specifications and additional loading fees will apply.


Full payment of Copywriting charges will be invoiced when Final Copy is approved.


A successful completion of website requires cooperation from the Client, as we require information, contents and approval at various stages of the development. During any stage, if we are unable to get a response or support from the Client, we will send out a Weekly Reminder. The project will be put permanently on hold once we have sent out 3 reminders, and VERZ will have the right to re-allocate resources when the Client is ready to restart the project. VERZ also reserves the right to send out any invoices for work completed but put permanently on hold due to the Client’s non-support.

7.Limited Liability


In no event shall VERZ be held responsible for any damages, including but not limited to loss of revenue or profit in any way arising out of services performed by VERZ.


VERZ is not liable for any failure or delay resulting from physical impediments, national or industry-wide changes to business policies beyond the control of VERZ.

8.Termination of Agreement


If the Client chooses to terminate the assignment after the Final Copy is presented, the Client is still subject to full payment of the Copywriting fees.