5 Amazing Benefits of Shopify Plus for Your Business

By: Vienna D’Cruz


30 Nov 2021

Unforeseen factors affect businesses. When the world went into lockdown, companies and store owners alike had to rapidly go digital, catapulting eCommerce to new heights. To succeed as a business leader, you have to prepare for factors like this to ensure your operations online stay afloat. With the multitude of eCommerce platforms today, which one best serves your needs?

Consider Shopify Plus

You might have heard of Shopify as an eCommerce platform. Shopify Plus is the platform’s answer to rapidly-growing businesses. It aims to provide enterprise solutions that they can customise according to how much time, money, and development they can allot. Shopify Advanced is another premium version of the eCommerce platform.

Shopify Advanced is more geared towards smaller enterprises, offering them features appropriate to their size. Plus on the other hand, serves bigger brands or those scaling fast. As of this writing, more than 7k merchants trust Shopify Plus with their business. Many of them being startups that have amassed followers and sales through the Plus platform. Here are some of the key benefits that could make Shopify Plus the best option for your business.

Shopify Plus Benefits: What You Get with Shopify Plus

1. More Immediate Deployment

The time it takes to deploy an online store for availability on the internet depends on the platform you are using. The sooner it is done, the better. Because you can then start earning, growing your followers, and checking your ROIs. The chart below shows that Shopify has the shortest time it takes for ecommerce website development compared to other platforms, Magento and Salesforce. 

Based on the figure above, we can say that a business using either of the latter two would have taken twice the time it takes for Shopify Plus to deploy a store. During this time, their competitors who are using Shopify Plus would have gotten a chunk of followers and sales already. You can see how opting for the most efficient deployment time of an eCommerce platform is worth the money.

2. Tried & Tested Reliability

It is easy to claim a platform has reliable service, but Shopify Plus has figures to back it up. For starters, its server uptime is recorded at 99.98%. This means the chance of your website crashing and becoming unavailable is less than one percent. 

Plus also has unlimited bandwidth and transactions. This enables it to accommodate volumes of add-to-carts, purchases, and other transactions by online shoppers in your store. It’s no wonder the platform currently records 10k checkouts per minute.

3. Always-On Tech Support

Tech support is a must-have for online transactions, especially for an eCommerce store handling several customers at once. Shopify Plus has a dedicated team of consultants, launch engineers, and merchant success experts. 

These people are trained to resolve various concerns of your online store. Because of this, you can rely on Shopify Plus tech support to know and address common issues that might happen across your operations. The support team runs 24/7 so they can be reached regardless of which timezone you are in. This is a must-have given how many see remote work as the future. 

4. A Wealth of Store Features

Shopify Plus has a wealth of store features that merchants use to efficiently run their eCommerce business. It can let you automate tasks using easy-to-use templates that can be accessed across your apps. By setting up these workflows, you can let Plus shoulder the manual processes for you while you attend to urgent or non-business matters.

Other benefits of Shopify Plus include allowing merchants to schedule sales campaigns, content changes and product releases. This will let you save time, maximize revenue or do quick front-end customisations to your store. Another valuable feature is how it lets merchants monitor real-time performance. This allows you to know what to improve through your customers’ behaviour.

5. Clear & Straightforward Migration

Migrating an existing online store to a new platform from an old one can become bothersome without expert help. Shopify Plus has migration experts and systems in place to help new client merchants transfer their catalog to the platform. And complete with historical business data. This means you can transfer to Plus without worrying about losing orders placed on your store’s old eCommerce platform. Other providers like BigCommerce lack this feature, which makes Shopify Plus even more valuable as the prime choice.

If you use Shopify Plus, your platform fee gets calculated in two ways: it is either $2k for stores with combined revenue of $800k a month or it is 0.25% of the revenue for stores earning over $800k a month. Shopify understands the restraints and demands of a business in hypergrowth, which explains this cost-effective pricing.

A Premium Worth The Price

eCommerce businesses choose Shopify Plus for these 5 benefits when they stop planning for tomorrow and start planning way ahead. Finding the right eCommerce platform to support your long term business growth is essential. It helps you keep your loyal customer base happy while you continue to attract a stream of new customers. All by providing the best online shopping experience possible. 

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