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By: Nicole Serrano

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13 Mar 2019

Gotafflair Inc. Web Design Services in Manila


Gotafflair is our subsidiary web development agency branch in Manila that provides end-to-end web solutions. Due to the growing demand for professional web design services, we’ve decided to launch this branch to cater to a wider range of clients.

Similar to Verz Design, Gotafflair is an agency comprised of an in-house team of well-seasoned and creative professionals that are in it for the long haul. This branch specialises in WordPress websites, so we’ve created an all-in package that covers the essential requirements in a professional and mobile responsive website.


Gotafflair’s Mission

Gotafflair's Mission

Gotafflair was incorporated with the goal of extending our quality services to a wider range of market. This is a stepping stone for Verz to explore beyond our comfort zone. Our mission is not just to engage the Manila market, but to go international.

The Philippines is known for its renowned talents and lower costs. As such, overseas clients are always searching for web design services in Manila, with the hopes of engaging cost-effective, quality services.

We intend to serve this market by providing them with uncompromised web design solutions at competitive prices. Leveraging on our 10 years of expertise, talented and professionally-trained team as well as our passion to continuously strive for excellence, Gotafflair truly represents awesome works.


Why Gotafflair?

Local in-house team of creative professionals

Local in-house team of creative professionals

In Manila, we are all locals with the expertise and experience that are up to par with Singapore’s quality standards. We have an office with local employees that are directly working with our clients. This includes our sales/account manager, web and graphic designers, copywriters and technical support. As such, working with an in-house team ensures that all your requirements are carefully handled in one roof. This also allows us to immerse ourselves in every project that we handle to come up with exceptional results for your business.


New generation of young entrepreneurs

New generation of young entrepreneurs

Gotafflair is one unique formula whereby our staff is trained to be entrepreneurs. We encourage everyone to participate, refer friends and inculcate an entrepreneurship way of thinking. By sharing the success of Gotafflair with them, we believe that this can inspire our employees to work efficiently with a positive mindset.


Renowned for awesome designs

Renowned for awesome designs

Manila is known for their remarkable talents. As such, we take pride in our awesome designs crafted by our in-house creatives team. In every website, we assign two Manila web designers to create one homepage mock-up each so that the clients can distinguish and enjoy the variety in design styles.


Cost savings leverage due to existing pool of talented staff

Cost-savings leverage due to existing pool of talented staff

For Gotafflair, we are leveraging on the same set of resources of Verz Design. With these being shared and without the need to hire new manpower, we are not burdened by high expenses. That said, customers can expect the same quality of works at competitive prices.


We are going international

We are going international

As mentioned earlier, our long-term plan is to break boundaries and go out of our comfort zone as we target a wider market. We want to extend our quality web design services to more clients as we aim for greater heights.

We want to ensure that we are providing the same quality of solutions in Gotafflair. For this reason, we have started offering some of the following services below:


Gotafflair Services

WordPress Websites


We specialise in WordPress-powered websites as they are cost-effective, intuitive and flexible in terms of designs and other add-on features. While we customise according to our clients’ requirements, we’ve also rolled out an all-in package that covers the essentials on a professional website. This includes 2 customised home page designs, copyediting services, exclusive access to 2 stock photo banks, customised Thank You page, anti-hack features, On-Page SEO and Google Analytics.


Logo & Corporate Identity

Logo and corporate identity

A logo is the face of your brand that will serve as your first corporate identity. Since this will be seen in your brochures, business cards, and other marketing collaterals, we’ll create a professional, distinctive, and meaningful logo design that conveys your brand message and leaves a memorable impact; a branding symbol that is uniquely yours.


Digital Media Graphic Designs

Digital Media Graphic Designs

Graphic designs can work wonders in targeting an audience in this digital age. With the use of visual elements, the brand message is easily and more effectively carried out to the right people.

We offer graphic design solutions that can support your digital marketing strategies, whether it’s for your social media, website, online newsletter or even EDMs. This is the visual communication and creative expression of your ideas and concepts in order to stand out from the competition.




Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the marketing discipline that aims to grow the visibility of your website through organic means in search engine results. On the other hand, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is paid internet marketing.


Web Design Services are now offered in Manila!

With over 3000 projects under our belt since 2009, we are leveraging on this expertise to extend our services to a wider market. By having a website for your business, you are opening up your business to a brand new platform of opportunities.


Got a project in mind? Engage our web design services in Manila as we officially launch Gotafflair Inc. You may give us a call at +639175433904 or send us an email at [email protected]

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