Why do you need an SSL Certificate for your eCommerce Website?

By: Clement Español

eCommerce Web Security

27 Apr 2021

Why do you need an SSL Certificate for your eCommerce Website? - Verz Design

The eCommerce train is at full steam, with more and more business owners pivoting to online selling. You’re already on the right track if you have your online sales channels, be it social media pages or e-stores. In today’s ever-changing internet landscape, have you secured an SSL certificate for your eCommerce website?

5 Reasons You Should Get an SSL Certificate for Your eCommerce Website

1. Protect Information

SSL certificate protects your information

Website owners swear by the effectiveness of SSL certificates. SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer”, and these certificates make sure that data entered by users on your website stays private and secure. You get to protect your online customers from identity theft or fraud.

A website can show it has an SSL certificate if its web address shows the “https” and a padlock icon. This signals online users to steer clear of sites that lack such features. In this age of online payments, storage, and hacking, security is key.

2. SSL for Social Proof

SSL for social proof

You can see how the security offered by SSLs helps build social proof for your brand. Social proof happens when online users become new customers because they see how others purchase from your store in a safe and secure way. The trust you instil in your customers becomes a form of marketing for your eCommerce business, thanks to securing it with SSLs.

3. Financial Cushioning

Financial cushioning

SSL certificate providers can shoulder costs that you would otherwise have to pay in case of fraudulent transactions on your website. Normally, the customer files for a chargeback claim to have the transaction reverted and the stolen money returned to their card.

Before having to pay out of pocket, you can first check the warranty limit of your SSL certificate to see if the transaction value falls under it. If so, the SSL provider will have to step in and cover the costs.

4. Search Engine Advantages

Search engine advantages

Lastly, websites with SSL certificates tend to get recognised better by Google and other search engines. Search engines prioritise positive user experiences, meaning it would suggest trustworthy websites first in search results. If search engines detect your online store’s SSL, it would prioritise you over less secure websites.

5. Not Having an SSL Certificate is Risky

Not having an SSL certificate is risky

While many websites have been doing just fine without investing in SSL certificates, risks still exist. As an online store owner, you cannot stay complacent in the face of rapidly developing technology. Newer forms of cyberattacks might compromise your site, so it’s better to stay safe with SSLs.

Think about how a large part of the public already familiarised themselves with how to cheque for secure websites. People might miss the “https” indicator, but the padlock icon is easy to spot. If your online store lacks it because you skipped on SSLs, potential customers might go to your competitor stores that have such certificates. Losing sales goes against the goal of every business. 

Our Final Thoughts

In sum, the benefits far outweigh the costs of getting your website secured via SSLs. By using these certificates, your online business improves customer trust, search engine ranking, business finances, and most importantly, the security of user information. Now you know why SSL certificates are important

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