User Experience Design Services – Why is UX Design Important?

By: John Cyril Yee

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29 Apr 2019

User Experience Design Services: Why is UX Design Important?


What is User Experience?

In the technology industry, User Experience (UX) simply refers to what a person feels when they are interacting with your digital product. It is the end product of User Experience Design (UXD), which is the process of improving user satisfaction by making your product intuitive, accessible, and overall enjoyable to use.

Businesses put great emphasis on the UX of their digital products such as websites and mobile apps for them to achieve their desired results from their consumers. They tap on capable UX Designers who will deal with the understanding of user pain points, experience mapping, wireframes, prototyping, and user testing in order to provide a memorable interaction between their product and the customer.  

Indeed, your website or mobile app must have an attractive user interface (UI) for the consumer, but it is in how they fulfil a user’s needs that your customers will remember them and your brand the most. Without good user experience, your product or business will suffer from low conversion rates, high bounce rates, and poor consumer rapport.

A city might be nice and beautiful to look at, but if its people find it difficult to go anywhere, they will still choose not to stay.


What Makes a Great User Experience?

What Makes a Great User Experience?

In the UX Design scene, the details that create friction between products and users are the barriers that cause users to leave and never use your website or app again. These details can be one of many things such as slow site speed, inconsistent visual cues, confusing buttons, or an incoherent sense of user navigation.

That said, the key to creating a great user experience for your product is to design it with the user’s journey in mind. It must be intuitive and seamless for the user to have an enjoyable experience. To achieve this, the web or app designer must develop deep, practical knowledge of the target audience’s behaviour and their goals.

As a start, the product must answer the following questions:

  • Who is the target user?
  • What does the target user want?
  • Is the product easy to use for the user to achieve their goal?

These points form part of what we call Human Centred Design, an approach that builds empathy to understand the user’s perspective, behaviour, likes, dislikes, among plenty of other things. By creating a convenient and satisfying product, your business also generates meaningful experiences for your target market.

Great User Experience Design, combined with attractive interface design, can work wonders in improving people’s perception of your brand. We talk about them here.


Top Benefits of UX Design for Your Website or App

1. Lowers bounce rate

Lowers Bounce Rate

As mentioned earlier, part of the UX Design process is identifying the people who are going to use your product.

Determining your product’s target market will allow you to create a medium that works consistently with its purpose. With this in mind, User Experience Design makes it possible to reduce the chances of people bouncing off your website, app, or software.

Once you get to work around proper UXD, you provide your audience with the feeling that they are being looked after as your product is designed exactly how they are supposed to use it.

Improving touchpoints is critical in reducing consumer bounce rate. In this case study, we talk about how we were able to alleviate user pain points in Singtel’s Visual Menu.


2. Longer user engagement time

Longer User Engagement Time

UXD is a key player in keeping users encouraged to interact with your product. This is due to how UX Designers are able to create user personas that serve as a profile of how a target market would behave when browsing your website or mobile app. By utilising these user personas, you create user experiences that fit audiences and keep them engaged.

In addition, UX Design is also able to further personalise user experience in a way that an eCommerce website, for example, would recommend similar products that the user previously viewed. Features like this will allow your customer to continue looking through your website for more relevant things they could buy.


3. Drives conversions

Drives Conversions

A coherent user flow combined with a well-designed interface result in happy visitors who would eventually convert into satisfied customers. Otherwise, frustrated and confused users will just leave your website without making a conversion.

Tapping a UI and UX Design expert can make you highly intuitive from the start to the end of a user’s buying journey. Modifications in the design can be as simple as positioning your contact form well, improving readability, and enhancing other visual cues. But combined together, these details contribute to fuss-free user experience. 

You can always think of UX Design as a win-win scenario: for the user, they get to enjoy an attractive and user-friendly product; for the business, they get to welcome visitors who quickly convert into satisfied customers.


4. Increases sales

Increases Sales

A study from the University of Surrey showed that 75% of people give an immediate opinion about a website based on its overall interface. By undergoing the UX Design process, you get to craft a user-friendly interface that makes your visitors feel confident in buying the product they want. Such case is more evident in online shops, as people would always prefer a frictionless eCommerce web design that lets them accomplish their goals easily.

Generating sales from a well-designed digital product is also more effective in the long term. This is because results are more organic and provide a better return on investment compared to the number of sales that stem from advertising.

In general, effective UX Design alongside good UI Design provide plenty of benefits that are essential in keeping your brand on top of the competition.


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How Verz Works: UX Design for Your Website

How Verz Works: UX Design for Your Website

As a leading web design and development agency in Singapore, Verz Design thrives on implementing good user experiences in our web design and even mobile app design services for our clients. We believe that the art of good UX revolves around:

  • Being meaningful, with each design element having a specific purpose and nothing less.
  • Being intuitive, wherein users naturally know where to go and what to click.
  • Being enjoyable, creating pleasant interactions to make users feel excited.

And in order to achieve the above-mentioned points, we conduct the best-known industry practices, such as:

  • Heuristic Analysis. We quickly identify and solve crucial problems as we evaluate the usability of your product in the early stages of the design.
  • Empathy. We put ourselves in the shoes of our users and design something from their perspective.
  • Human Centred Design. We develop wireframes and prototypes to create an effective and tailored digital experience.

Here at Verz, we believe that long-lasting brand impressions are made possible through good user experience. And your mobile app or website, whichever product you have, is a vital digital touchpoint that can always make or break your relationship with your prospects.


Advance your brand in the competition by tapping our UX Design services. Just give us a ring at 6841 1680 or shoot us an email at [email protected] for a free consultation!

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