Why is a Digital Branding Guide Useful for Your Business?

By: Nicole Serrano


08 Mar 2018


What is a Digital Branding Guide?

Style book, styling guide, branding guide, brand bible – terms may vary but basically, a branding guide is a comprehensive set of standards that enlist how a brand is properly represented in different applications. It’s a reference tool that ensures consistency in all platforms. The main difference between a brand guide and a digital brand guide is that the latter can be accessed online.

This introduces the brand essence, mission and vision, target audience, and the visual components – logo, colour scheme, typography, applications, including the rationale, rules and regulations, and trademark guidelines.

Instead of the old school practice where a branding guide is printed and kept in the shelves, a digital branding guide can be accessed anywhere, anytime for features and presentation purposes. It will also be easier to follow a digital branding guide for web development purposes.


Before we go in any further, check out our very own Digital Branding Guide so that you have an idea of what to expect. 


What Are The Benefits?

Let’s get to know the benefits of getting a Digital Branding Guide for your brand.

A cloud-hosted digital branding guide is available anytime, anywhere so if there are instances when you need to access it urgently or make any changes, it’s available online. A brand evolves through time, especially now that we live in the digital age. Books and PDF documents will most likely have outdated information and tendencies are, even if the company has released an updated branding guide, some of those who have the previous ones might not receive the memo and still rely on what they have in their shelves.

With that being said, a digital branding guide must accommodate these changes to reflect all applications across different platforms. This allows for continual review and usage for any purposes and can also be retrieved on any device.


Everything from print, digital, videos, audios and more, can be placed in a digital branding guide. You can showcase traditional creatives, as well as innovative animations and so on. Since this is allocated in a digital space, the room for creativity is present and limitless.


There will be a hosting fee but costs are incomparable to printing individual books and PDFs each time changes are made. Best of all, digital branding guides are eco-friendly!


Since it’s on an online platform, updates are instant whenever any changes are made. Everyone who has access will receive prompt updates whether this is regarding the design or the guidelines. There is transparency now that everyone is on the same page.


Just because it’s available online doesn’t mean that anyone can access this document; it’s not open to the public unless you want to set it up that way. You can still control who sees this and who can get a hold of your files. It will be password-protected, where only individuals given permission will have a username and password that they can use for log-in purposes.


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