The Branding Approach Towards Logo Design

By: Nicole Serrano


16 Jan 2018


What Exactly is a Logo?

A logo is a graphic element or icon that visually depicts your brand. It’s a distinctive element of representation that quickly identifies your company, providing viewers instant brand recognition when they see this icon in different products and marketing collaterals. In short, the number one requirement for a logo is to be memorable.

Your logo is the face of your company which will mark the first impression on your viewers. More than having a good design, it should exude professionalism and portray the goals and values of your brand. The power of a logo to elicit an emotional response can have a resounding effect on the way potential customers view a product and can even affect their subconscious minds and shopping habits.


Your logo is one vital part of your entire company branding. It is the first thing to see that gives your audience a glimpse of what your brand represents. It is not merely about creating a beautiful logo design, but creating one that invokes emotions that resonate with viewers – and this is what branding is all about. More than being an identifier for your brand, it should be able to draw out a sense of familiarity with your viewers and speak to their subconscious minds. Similarly, for your web portal development, you should try to create the intended impact with the appropriate logo design.

A logo is composed of different elements that each contribute to its overall look and appeal, and as to how it communicates its meaning to a viewer. These elements include the colors used, font type, shapes, and lines. We might think that these are just parts of a design, but they represent so much more, that each detail needs to be well thought-of and strategized to achieve the results you want to incorporate into your logo.


This is not a guessing game of what looks good in the design when it comes to picking the right colors for your logo, but to consider the different meanings and representation of each color in the color wheel.

Different colors are associated with different feelings, as each one can affect the mood of a person and their buying choices. Studies say that 87.4 % of consumers cite color as their primary reason for buying a product. When it comes to branding, the power of color can affect how the audience feels for a brand. Choose the right ones that mostly represent what your company stands for and the kind of impression you want to leave on them when they look at your logo.




Love, Energy, Passion, Excitement, Boldness



Fun, Friendly, Affordable, Reliable, Happy



Playful, Cheerful, Optimism, Hope



Earth, Peace, Natural, Caring, Harmonizing



Calm, Security, Warmth, Trustworthy, Responsible



Wealth, Creativity, Imagination, Royalty, Romance



Seduction, Mystery, Sophisticated, Authority, Elegant



Fun, Multi-Channel, Playful, Internet, Child-Like


Choosing the right font is critical than you think and has a huge impact on the overall logo design. It undeniably takes on a monumental role in creating a strong brand identity and a memorable first impression.

Well-chosen fonts can highlight the effectiveness of your brand, while the wrong one won’t make your logo memorable and may undermine trust. You need to consider the target audience you want to approach, and the kind of emotions you want to invoke from your readers, that can influence their subconscious minds.


SERIF – has tail at the end of the stroke
Authority, Respect, Tradition, Comfort
Times New Roman, Bodoni, Georgia, Garamond, Baskerville


SANS SERIF – no tails or flourishes
Clean, Modern, Bold, Universal
Century Gothic, Helvetica, Verdana, Calibri, Avenir


SLAB SERIF – thick, block-like serifs
Solid, Bold, Strong, Trendy, Contemporary
Clarendon, Rockwell, Courier, Museo, Copse


SCRIPT – cursive and looks hand-written with a pen/calligraphy
Elegance, Creativity, Feminine, Luxury, Stylish
Lobster, Lucida, Zapfino, Edwardian, Bickham Script


MODERN – characterized by a vertical axis, high contrast between thick and thin strokes and flat serifs
Exclusive, Fashionable, Stylish, Progressive, Intelligent
Eurostyle, Politica, Inifinity, Matchbook, Majoram



Same with the other elements of design, the subconscious mind responds different ways to different shapes, lines, and edges. All imply different meanings and has a unique role in brand psychology. Each visual clue can provoke a psychological reaction from customers, so it’s a necessity to understand their meanings because shapes has the power to make or break a design.



Using circles project positivity, unity, friendship and love. It invokes a positive and emotional response, compared to other shapes. Rings are best used to imply the messages along the lines of marriage and stability. Curves are associated with creativity, femininity, and rhythm.



Squares suggest stability, balance, and practicality. These straight lines and precise logo shape project professionalism, strength, and trust.



Triangular shapes are associated with power, religion, position, science, and law. Out of all shapes, the triangle is the most masculine.



Our subconscious minds suggest community and sees horizontal lines as calming, tranquil and trustworthy.



Vertical lines impart masculinity, aggressiveness, and strength. It has a powerful foundation to it that can draw the eyes downwards quickly.

One must keep in mind that logos need to work across all branding platforms from print to digital marketing. It should be flexible and can be reproduced in many ways. This is the foundation of your brand identity and the first thing they see in marketing collaterals and social media platforms, so it should be memorable and effective.

It takes a lot of creativity, strategic thinking, and a professional designer to craft that perfect logo that exudes your brand identity. Wondering where to get web design in Singapore that comes with great logo designs? Want to know more about what Verz Design can do for you?


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