5 Tips to Write Engaging Blog Articles

By: Cyd Cruz


30 Sep 2020

5 Tips to write engaging blog articles

5 Tips to Write Engaging Blog Articles

Blogging is mandatory for any online business looking to attract more traffic and increase their brand awareness. A cost-effective marketing strategy to develop a stronger online presence, having a well maintained and consistently updated blog opens up another communication channel between business owners and their target market. By publishing useful and engaging blog articles, you remain current and fresh in the minds of current and potential consumers. 

That said, many businesses still struggle with creating blog articles that effectively engage their audience in a productive way. Here are a few insights that will help you write engaging blog articles for your audience.  

1. Know your market

Know your market

The most important thing to consider when writing blog articles is your target audience. 

  • Who will be reading these blog articles? 
  • What will they gain from reading it? 
  • How will it help them decide to try out your products or services?

Ensure that the subject you’re writing about piques the interest of your average reader. A user who visits your tech-inclined website won’t be interested in cooking recipes or political messages. Always keep your readers’ interests at the forefront when choosing a topic to write about.

Be sure to also include a variety of topics to keep your current readers interested as well as to attract new readers to your blog. Your articles should range from easy-to-digest listicles tackling a broader subject matter to in-depth write-ups that might focus on an individual topic or product. Perhaps a comparison piece on the differences between two seemingly similar products? The ball is in your court so get writing! 

2. Hook them with effective headlines

Hook them with effective headlines

Captivating headlines are useful in capturing a reader’s attention. Keep it as short as possible so readers can quickly get an idea of what the article is going to be about and whether it would be useful to them. In business, time means money.

More often than not readers will skim, scan and quickly determine if the content warrants their time and attention so headlines are crucial to hook readers as it is the first thing they’ll see on the page. Implementing attention-grabbing headlines and creating effective blog titles like “X ways to…” and “How-to” headlines can also help you reel in those readers. 

Keep your headlines simple but memorable. You’ve got less than a minute to convince them that you’re their best bet so make it count!

3. Research popular blog article topics

Research popular blog article topics

Let’s face it, it’s not always easy coming up with interesting blog article topics. Sometimes inspiration doesn’t quite hit. It is useful to start a story bank so you always have interesting blog articles to write about. Get started by researching popular subjects that would potentially resonate with your target audience.

It is useful to explore sources like Medium, EzineArticles and other blogs in your industry as well as Google News to find timely topics that reflect current developments. Your business, no matter how niche, will always have possible subjects to catch your readers’ interest. All you have to do is find them!

4. Use attractive and relevant visuals for more engaging blog articles

Use attractive and relevant visuals for more engaging blog articles

The pretense of this point is simple: Good graphic design makes your business look good. Frankly, no one still has the time to read walls of text. Users are naturally attracted to high-quality images, videos, infographics and other visual aids because they are easier to understand. 

Besides conveying an image of professionalism and credibility, better visuals make it easier for users to understand and remember what you have to offer while also setting your business apart from the competition.  

Make sure the graphic design you choose is simple and easy to understand. There’s no point in using graphic design if it’s wordy and as tedious to read as a paragraph of text.

5. Provide a clear and strong Call To Action (CTA)

Provide a clear and strong Call to Action (CTA)

Once all the above have been achieved, you ask yourself this next question: What happens once the reader finishes the article? The goal of every marketing strategy is to convince your target audience to try your products or services for themselves, so write a strong Call To Action (CTA) and make sure it is clear and easy-to-see at strategic points of your page.

Catchy and convincing lines that effectively drive a reader to start shopping or sending enquiries are what makes a CTA compelling. Don’t leave your readers hanging. After they’re done absorbing information from your blog, direct them to the next step on their journey to being a loyal customer!

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