Why is UX design essential for your eCommerce website?

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28 Oct 2020

Why is UX design essential for your eCommerce website

“People Ignore Design That Ignores People”

The recent pandemic has forced businesses to embrace technology and bring their business online. Simultaneously it has changed the way customers purchase the products they need. Thankfully, setting up an eCommerce website has never been easier. But that’s only the first step of bringing your business online. Almost 70% of online shoppers abandon the checkout process without making a purchase! How do you prevent this from becoming a reality for your eCommerce website?

Hire a Web Design Agency with UX experts!

UX Design is the process of creating products that keep the user’s experience in mind. This is to provide a more meaningful and enjoyable experience for them. It requires a deep understanding of the users’ needs, what they value, their abilities, and their limitations.

Ultimately, UX design helps improve the quality of the user’s interaction with your website.

To illustrate how pivotal UX design is to your web design and development, let’s explore a common problem business owners face.

Situation: Mr B. has an existing eCommerce website. The purpose of the website is to promote and generate online sales. Despite having launched over a year ago, Mr B still finds that he has a low conversion rate.

How your digital web agency looks with UX experts & without UX experts

Digital Web Agency without UX Experts

Mr B. consults the web agency that helped him create his website. After running Google Analytics to find out possible reasons for the low conversion rate, the Digital Specialist makes the following observation. He observes that while the website experiences heavy traffic, users seem to be dropping off during the checkout process. However, the Digital Specialist cannot accurately identify why this problem occurs hence they cannot propose a targeted solution to address it.

Digital Web Agency with UX Experts

UX experts will bring additional insights from the actual users of the website to come up with more accurate solutions.

These additional insights could be:

  • When, Where, How & Why users use the website
  • What are their likes/needs/wants and their pain points?
  • How does their user journey look like?

This approach enables UX experts to understand why users are dropping off during the check out process. Is the check out process overcomplicated? Are there unnecessary steps involved? Are the users being guided through each step? Can they get help if it is needed?

This allows a more targeted approach to solving Mr B’s original problem by making the necessary design changes to the checkout process to make it more user friendly.

Here are 3 Key Reasons Why UX Design is Essential for your eCommerce Website

1. Helps Identify and address potential weaknesses early

UX designers help identify and address potential weaknesses early

UX designers help businesses identify potential weaknesses from the perspective of users. This allows them to address these issues at the initial stage of their website design process. Mr B. would never have had to experience this problem if he had consulted a web design agency with UX experts at the start of his website design and development.

2. Positive Customer Experience is the key to increasing your eCommerce conversion rate

Increase your eCommerce conversion rate with a positive customer experience

Great UX design that results in a positive customer experience is valuable because not only does it help to attract new customers, but it helps retain existing ones. A positive experience when using your website encourages users to return to your site in the future thus increasing their long-term loyalty. A negative customer experience is detrimental to online businesses and Mr B has missed numerous opportunities to increase his sales revenue because of his non-user-friendly checkout process.

3.Effective and proven strategies to generate more sales

Effective and proven strategies to generate more sales

While UX design optimizes the user flow of your website, it also helps you strategize how to get your visitors to add more items to cart to encourage bigger baskets. At what stage should you upsell and where do you place “recommended products” or “products you might like” to maximize upselling potential? UX experts create User Personas that represent your ideal customer and study the observed behavioural patterns of your target audience before proposing the ideal user flow.

This goes above and beyond solving Mr B’s initial problem of a low conversion rate. It would only work once Mr B’s website user flow is optimized because if visitors abandon their cart, it does not matter how big of a basket they have, it is lost. However with UX experts behind the decisions of where website elements go, your website will not only flow smoothly and seamlessly, you will ultimately benefit for more sales.

Make your users’ experience a positive one with Verz!

We have illustrated above how a positive User Experience is one of the most essential elements of your eCommerce website. An established web design and development agency with a dedicated team of in-house UX experts, Verz Design can help you create an unforgettable experience for your users and keep them coming back!

Give us a call at 6841 1680 or drop us an email at [email protected] to schedule a free consultation to find out more!

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