ShopInDot: A Digital Platform for eCommerce Sellers & Buyers

By: Henry Ng

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28 Feb 2022

A Digital Platform for eCommerce Sellers & Buyers - ShopInDot

eCommerce has always been an essential tool in the digital world. With businesses having to close due to the pandemic, they had to adapt to online platforms to thrive. eCommerce has since grown exponentially, despite being long-established before COVID-19. With this knowledge, the ShopInDot digital platform was born. 

This transition resulted in online revenue growth of up to 44% and increased 39% year-over-year in 2021. According to an analysis conducted by GlobalData’s eCommerce, the eCommerce market in Singapore is rising. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) before was 15.4% from 2015, to reach S$8.3bn (US$6.2bn) in 2019. The eCommerce market was estimated to have reached S$9.5bn (US$9.5bn) in 2020. With these statistics, this trend will undoubtedly continue post-pandemic. With that, now is the best time to capitalize on establishing an online platform for your business. 

Verz Design, a Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) Pre-approved Solutions Vendor, recognizes this and founded ShopInDot. ShopInDot also serves as a means for Verz to give back to our esteemed eCommerce clients. It also serves as a direct testament to Verz Design’s customer service and developed websites’ impeccable quality.

What is ShopInDot?

ShopInDot is a digital platform that showcases various products and services. The platform carries multiple brands, serving as a one-stop shop for all your needs. This is comparable to physical stores such as department stores but in a wholly digital setting. Such a platform eliminates the need for online shoppers to visit multiple sites to find the products they want. This allows eCommerce business owners to sell their products to a larger audience efficiently. 

We designed the ShopInDot digital platform to improve the quality of Singapore’s eCommerce scene. While each eCommerce businesses have their separate websites, ShopInDot takes us to a whole different level. Instead of going through different sites to source for different needs, ShopInDot eases the process. We serve as your all-in-one source by offering a wide range of products. These vary from fashion and beauty to home décor, electronics and many more. It helps save consumers a lot of time and effort on their end. As well as helping broaden the reach of the businesses. 

In addition, ‘ShopInDot’ is a play on words. ‘Shop In’ is a result of ‘shopping.’ While ‘Dot’ came from both Singapore’s nickname ‘Little Red Dot’ as well as the period found in a typical website URL. 

A Very Brief History of ShopInDot

Created in 2021, ShopInDot was conceived to combat the new normal brought upon by Covid-19. Due to lockdowns and Covid restrictions, online shopping and eCommerce have become essential in our everyday lives. Thus, the ShopInDot digital platform provides convenience to business owners and consumers alike. To business owners as an opportunity to bounce back, making their stores more accessible to everyone. All while making customers’ lives easier, as they can shop from the comfort of their own homes.

However, what sets ShopInDot apart is the way this platform brings opportunities and success to local businesses here in Singapore. While other multi-store platforms offer access to various stores, they don’t highlight homegrown companies. ShopInDot does precisely this, recognizing the importance of showcasing domestic talent and businesses. Whether you’re an established business or a small one just starting, you are sure to get the spotlight you deserve. With ShopInDot, your business automatically stands out and immediately outshines the outside competition. 

Who is ShopInDot’s Target Audience? 

The ShopInDot digital platform was created with both the business owners and consumers in mind. Specifically for eCommerce businesses that are looking to broaden their digital reach. We also help improve eCommerce sales. Since this platform bridges the two parties, we wanted to provide a variety of products and services. These range from different industries such as electronics, beauty, health, lifestyle, sports, etc.

This benefits business owners as it serves as a portal for all products and services. Apart from having your ecommerce website, you have another means to reach new people and potential partners. ShopInDot is also a free portal that doesn’t charge any fees for businesses to be featured on the site. This is strategically marketed to SMEs who are just starting and are looking to expand their reach. We wanted to help businesses, even the small ones, have an easy transition into the digital world with minimum risk. 

ShopInDot also helps shoppers alike as this platform informs consumers of new and unique brands. ShopInDot provides convenience compared to customers searching one by one for their desired product manually. This leads to numerous tabs opening to get lost or overwhelmed easily. It serves as a one-stop shop where you wouldn’t have to worry about opening several links or having to scour the internet for various sources. 

What to Do to Be Listed?

We made sure our partnership process is smooth and hassle-free. To be listed, simply head on to ShopInDot’s website and get in touch with us via the enquiry form available. Once you have been contacted by someone from our team, you need only to provide the necessary details and the rest is up to us!

Store Partners of ShopInDot:

We recognize that our everyday lives require various items or services. With that, we made sure to provide our customers with the most reputable brands on our platform. Here are some examples:


Electronics are part of everyone’s daily life. We offer products ranging from mobile devices, gadgets, and various tech accessories.


Fashion items vary, but ShopInDot offers them all. Get access to watches, clothing pieces, and luxury items.


There are many necessary items needed for a typical household. Please browse through our partner stores to fit your daily needs.


In ShopInDot, we don’t only offer products. We provide various services to help improve your quality of life with ease.


Technical and equipment are also essentials ShopInDot is proud to offer. We offer an array of products from heavy machinery to packaging supplies.

Showcase Your Products and Services on ShopInDot

While there is still no certainty when the Covid-19 pandemic will end, the need for eCommerce platforms is essential now more than ever and will indeed have long-lasting effects. With that, providing your customers with a convenient way to use your products and services will propel your business towards success. Sign up to collaborate with us via and begin your eCommerce journey today!

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