A Simple Guide to Remarketing for Businesses

By: John Cyril Yee & Katrina Tan

Advertising Marketing

16 Apr 2019

A simple guide to remarketing for businesses


What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a digital marketing approach that reconnects brands to previous visitors of their website. It is a strategy that revolves around brand awareness as it puts businesses in front of users until they have the full willingness to convert.

It usually work in a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising method that is carried out through Google Display Network, Google AdWords, or Facebook Retargeting. This means that you will only pay every time the user clicks on your ad. However, your ad service provider can still charge you via cost-per-click, cost-per-mille, or cost-per-acquisition, depending on how you want to optimise your campaigns.

It is ideal to perform remarketing for a target market that has a long buying process. If done correctly, your brand will surely be on top of consumers’ mind, converting them from visitors into customers.

This article discusses how remarketing works and its benefits for your business.


How Remarketing Works for Businesses

Before we deep dive into the mechanics of remarketing, you may want to refer to this infographic to guide your understanding of its process flow.

remarketing campaigns

Now here’s a simple analogy: Imagine walking into a bar and browsing through their menu. You don’t find anything on the menu that catches your attention, so you leave the bar. You then walk towards the street to find another bar and while walking, you notice that the street is filled with advertisements about the first bar ­— this is remarketing.

Once a prospect visits your page, the visitor’s cookie ID will be added to the remarketing audience list. Cookies serve as the site’s memory and will activate your targeted ads once your prospect leaves your website without converting.

In essence, remarketing ads serve as a reminder to your prospects. They put your brand back on top of their mind and allow them to rekindle their interest in buying your product.

Bear in mind that only 2% of consumers will convert the first time they visit a website. This makes remarketing an effective and important tool for your prospect to return to your site and complete a conversion.


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4 Benefits of Remarketing for Your Business

1. It increases traffic and conversions

it increases traffic and conversions

Remarketing ads can always make your prospects visit your site again, thereby driving back qualified traffic to your website. As a result, your website gets an improved conversion rate because of how you are able to put your brand in front of your prospects multiple times. It also leverages on your audience’s initial interest in engaging your brand and reignites that with directed ads that could persuade them in buying from you.


2. Your ads appear relevant to your prospects

Your ads appear relevant to your prospects

A study by HubSpot found that at least 77% of customers do not mind being presented with online advertisements provided that these ads are relevant.

With remarketing, marketers have the capacity to customise your ads depending on which section of your site was visited by your prospect. Aside from that, you also have the ability to deliver ads based on their previous actions. These, in turn, give you better chances of getting sure-fire customers because your ads are interesting, helpful, and appropriate for them.


3. It raises brand perception and awareness

it raises brand perception and awareness

The more often someone sees something, the greater the chance they will remember it in the long term.

When visitors see your brand on multiple platforms like social media, search results pages, or blogs, they will perceive that your brand is huge and has a large following. Remarketing is a fantastic tool for brand recall due to the countless exposures that remind your audience about your products and services.


4. It’s cost-effective

it's cost effective

Remarketing campaigns can go for as low as $0.25 per click despite their enormous potential. It even lets you control the time you will allow for people to click it, with no added cost.

It also lets you save on your advertising budget as you are only spending money on people who are interested in your brand, services or products. This alone already makes remarketing a cost-effective tool in generating sales or conversions, driving traffic, and increasing brand awareness.

Overall, remarketing campaigns are simple, effective, and easy to deploy. Done correctly with a capable web development agency in Singapore, it will surely lead to a much better return on investment for your brand. As a certified Google Partner, Verz Design brings you qualified Google Ads solutions, such as remarketing or pay-per-click campaigns that will surely elevate your business in the long term.


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