5 Expert Landing Page Optimisation Tips 2021

By: Henry Ng

Copywriting eCommerce

13 May 2021

Businesses need to adapt to digital platforms or fall behind their competitors. Many consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable with, and now choose, to use mobile apps, social networks, and websites to browse and buy. To keep up, businesses are investing in digital marketing experts and new software to keep them viable for the foreseeable future. One such digital investment is creating a dedicated landing page for specific business campaigns or promotions. Once your landing page is created, landing page optimisation, which refers to the process of improving the elements of your website’s landing page, will help drive conversions.

The landing page is the first page, visitors, often new visitors will see when they engage with your paid ad. This means it has to give the right impressions. The landing page contains different content and design elements such as images, videos, links, fonts, colour, and more. 

As more innovations become available, businesses have more options for improving the efficiency and spectacle of their landing pages. For 2021, how do intend to keep your landing page attractive to continue to engage a steady stream of new customers to your site?

5 Best Tips to Create An Effective Landing Page

1. Rank higher with SEO

Rank higher with SEO

Use Search Engine Optimisation to make your landing page appear first on search results whenever your target customers google your products or services. To do this, add relevant keywords to your landing page content. 

Bear in mind, Google penalises keyword stuffing tactics so be strategic when optimising your content with SEO keywords. You can invest in online visibility tools that will show you which keywords are trending in your niche or industry. 

You also get to know keywords your competitors are using, allowing you to adjust your keyword strategy so you can outrank them in search results. However, this requires some existing knowledge of SEO practice. Engage an SEO expert to spot common SEO issues and guarantee results. 

2. Improve page load time

Improve page load time

Make sure your landing page loads fast because customers lose interest in seconds. (Google aims for half a second!) Mobile and online users have their attention span pulled by various distractions, so an efficient load time gives them time to see what your website offers. 

This way, you keep them interested instead of making them close the tab out of frustration. Some common ways to improve loading speed include removing large-sized images and JavaScript clutter. A UX designer comes in useful here to best advise you on what is essential and what design aspects you can do without.

3. Showcase product and service benefits

Improve page load time

Once visitors have landed on your website, it wouldn’t be enough to just show them images and copy of your product and service features. Keep visitors interested in your landing page by showcasing how your products and services can benefit them. 

For instance, you might be selling an umbrella or a raincoat. Do not stop at featuring the product’s waterproof and durable designs. Include how it can protect the user from harmful UV rays and block raindrops from drenching them. 

Just make sure that your product can deliver the benefits you promise. The clearer and quicker your website visitors see the product benefits on your landing page, the better.

4. Present testimonials and your portfolio

Present testimonials and your portfolio

Nurture the trust of your potential customers toward your business by featuring positive reviews or a portfolio of past work. This way, they know that other customers are satisfied with your products and services. 

Having a video as a portfolio right at the top also shows instead of tells visitors your capabilities, letting them evaluate these alongside the testimonials. The positive reviews and portfolio add credibility to your business and gives the impression you are a trusted professional in the industry.

5. Display persuasive offers 

Provide persuasive offers on the landing page

Help visitors make up their mind by providing persuasive offers such as discounts, freebies, or exclusive benefits once they sign up or purchase. You can make your offer even more enticing by syncing it with a special occasion or holiday. 

Valentines’ Day, Christmas, or Summer Sales are popular examples of this. Remember that other stores will also showcase their own offers, so make sure yours stand out visually on the landing page.

Optimise with Verz Design

Entrust your landing page optimisation to an experienced and qualified team such as Verz Design. We can improve the efficiency and the spectacle of your landing page so that it helps draw interest and drives conversions. Our 11 years can attest to our capabilities and the satisfaction we give to clients. 

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