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Intro to Custom

Design and build a unique online store that will enhance your brand and engage shoppers. With fully customisable features, the look and feel of your website is highly personal and tailored to your market sector. Give your customers a one of a kind shopping experience with a fully customised Ecommerce website.

Why Custom Ecommerce Web Applications
& not off-the-shelf?

Off-the-shelf web applications are adequate if you are just starting your business. However, bear in mind that once your business is off the ground, it will eventually outgrow the off-the-shelf web applications or incur substantial costs for add-on features.

A customised eCommerce website grows with your business. Building deep, flexible customisation from day one creates a strong foundation to solve long term growth concerns. Changes in workflow or business logic can easily be made and you no longer have to worry about CRM or payment gateway integration. If you can think it, you can do it with Custom.

Off-the-shelf website applications are better suited if the products you are selling are generic and you want a simple purchasing process that does not require customised features such as shipping options or a specific credit card processor.

If your business is unique, your eCommerce website should reflect this uniqueness with customised features to create a sense of familiarity and personalisation for your shoppers, so they remember your brand and return to your site.

Many eCommerce businesses have purchasing processes that must be completed in specific ways. E.g. Whether you wish to run a promotion or vet customers purchasing big ticket items, the eCommerce platform you choose needs to make these processes happen fast and easily. Off-the-shelf applications fall short in handling highly specific operations.

A custom eCommerce website can create these specialised features and easily maintain them once established.

Key benefits of adopting Custom Ecommerce Web Applications for your Business

Key Benefits
Total Design Freedom

Both visually and in terms of data.

Key Benefits
Total Flexibility

Across all components for both front end and back end users.

Key Benefits
Integrates Data Easily

to your process and business requirements i.e. shipping trackers, product calculators or 3 rd party APIs

Key Benefits
Most secure

customised security features quash standardised security measures (off the shelf)