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What is a
B2B Ecommerce platform?

Business-to-Business (B2B) ecommerce platforms facilitate transactions between businesses and are a great way for you to build lasting relationships with your business partners. Your website should be able to convince visitors with compelling content and a streamlined process for them to get in touch.

B2B transactions are often large in value and can lead to recurring business, and this makes it highly essential that your company stands out in order to capitalize on bulk orders and the competitive landscape.

How can a Custom B2B Ecommerce Web Application help your platform?

If you’re looking to make an impression with an intuitive, user-friendly website, you deserve a bespoke solution that fully serves your business model. Off-the-shelf solutions may serve as a stopgap solution, but they’re rarely designed to grow and scale alongside your business.

With a Custom B2B Ecommerce Web Application, you’ll be able to integrate directly with your sales pipeline and identify the decision-making points in the process. Also, you’ll have the ability to create widgets or modules that are designed to make the business process simpler and more efficient.

That translates to:
  • Greater sales with tighter control over the purchasing funnel
  • Closer relationships with your clients and increased loyalty
  • Enhanced efficiency and reduced redundancy for all stakeholders involved
  • Optimized workflow for your employees
  • Quick-Quote generator for your customers to self-generate quote and convert to Purchase Order
  • Virtual Sales Representative for your sales team to effectively manage customers and keep up the rapport
  • Flexible Credit Term Arrangements for your customers to enjoy the same omnichannel experience with online and offline purchases
Whether you’re operating as a service provider with state-of-the-art SaaS or helping businesses meet their bulk order procurement needs, you get to decide how you bring value to your customers.Examples of such modules can be as simple as customized payment gateways and human resource portals or even building a full-suite program to chart business expenditure and missed saving opportunities.

What are features to look out for in a Custom B2B Ecommerce platform?

Successful B2B businesses capitalise on their intimate understanding of the industry to meet the needs of their customers. Fortunately, Ecommerce web applications can be uniquely crafted and tailored to do so. We’ve put together a short list of some of the features that have helped our clients flourish:

User-friendly purchase process

Individualized dashboard for each user

Seamless integration with current software/databases

Conversion-driven copy and a flawless user-experience

Flexibility and scalability to work with any volume of demand

Logistics tracking so your customers can allocate resources accordingly

Catered to multiple decision makers with different user access levels

Data analytics in order to understand buying patterns and interactions

How can Verz help you achieve greater growth?

With over 10 years of experience in designing website and web applications, we’ve helped both SMEs and MNCs achieve success with their B2B workflows. We go to great lengths to understand your business processes and utilize best practices in order to deliver exactly what you require.

If you’re interested in excelling in the realm of B2B commerce, get in touch with us and we’ll create a platform that’s attuned to your needs.

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