7 Fool-Proof Tips in Creating an Effective Landing Page That Converts

By: Nicole Serrano

Advertising Branding

30 Oct 2017

“Without a good landing page, it’s like going fishing without a net: you might land a big one on your hook, but you won’t be able to drag it into the boat.” Kissmetrics

What is a Landing Page?

Having all marketing stunts set in place such your paid Search Engine Marketing ads, having well-optimized pages, and attractive graphics is just winning half the battle; if you can’t make them click, then you’re losing the game.

A landing page is a standalone web page that is distinct from your website with a single focused objective of prompting a visitor to take a certain action, leading towards an intended conversion goal. Whether that is for them to purchase from your shop, subscribe to your e-newsletter, or to send an enquiry, an effective landing page should always drive visitors towards your conversion goal.


Seven Tips in Creating a Powerful Landing Page
Turn visitors into buying customers. Here are 7 reliable tips in creating an impactful landing page that converts!


1. Start with an Inspiring Quote to Capture Attention

The most important piece of content is the first 10-15 words of any copy, because naturally, not everyone has the patience to read long paragraphs. When you use an interesting quote or slogan, this has a tendency to strike something in them that might make them resonate to what you have to say. A well-curated quote is always a good thing because curiosity leads to interest.


2. Keep to One Product or Service

When it comes to landing pages, it’s always important to focus on just one product or service that you want to convey to your customers. According to studies, a customer makes up their mind after the first 8 seconds upon entering a website. Not everyone will read the entire copy word for word, so make sure that your content is easily skimmable. If there are too many products on your landing page, this can result in wasted paid ads, high bounce rates, high costs of acquisition and low conversion rates. Less is more, so cut to the chase and get to your point.


3. Put the Spotlight on the Unique Selling Proposition of your Product

Identify what sets you apart from everyone else, by determining what makes your product or brand unique. The customers know what they want and if they’re already on your landing page, then they’re probably in the middle of their decision-making process already. Before they look elsewhere, convince them that there is a reason to stay and make that conversion. Invest in good copywriting to pitch the unique selling proposition of your product or service and get customers to choose you. The key is to nail down its selling factor and to put it in the spotlight.


4. Showcase Your Portfolio

Show, don’t tell. It’s easy to claim something, but when you present actual proof that customers can see, their decision-making process will be hastened and cut short. When visitors are already interested in your product or service, display some of your past projects in the same landing page so that they don’t have to exit the page and look elsewhere. This makes the conversion process faster and is a great way to push them over the line and further down the sales funnel.


5. Reassure Them with Testimonials

Same with portfolios, customer feedback displays authenticity within your brand – that you and your product is reliable and can be trusted. There is nothing more compelling than reading personal opinions of previous customers sharing what an awesome experience they’ve had when they engaged your brand. Let happy customers write for you and always grab the opportunity to establish your reputation with your potential customers.


6. Add a Call-To-Action within the Page

A call-to-action’s main goal is to serve as an instruction to users in creating the desired action that will convert. Save them from the trouble of having to look for your call-to-action button and make sure you place them in a strategic spot that they can easily see.

Here’s a quick criterion on what you need to consider having in your call-to-action buttons:

Color: The button should be in a color that contrasts from the background color of your web page. Statistics say that to encourage immediate action, colors in shades of red and orange is the best option. If you want to attract attention, go for yellow, while green means go.
Not too big and not too small, the button should be in an appropriate size that is still aesthetically appealing and attractive.
Studies say that the best spot to place your call-to-action button is above the fold so that visitors never miss it.
Personalize your copy and make it specific to the type of industry that you are in. It’s always best to stick to first person speech.

Sometimes it helps to instill a sense of urgency, so you can maximize the opportunity of these call-to-action buttons by displaying promos or using words like, ‘now’ or ‘today’.


7. Ask Only What’s Important in your Enquiry Forms

We know that it’s important to collect as much information from our visitors when they land on one of your pages. Aside from getting to contact them for future purposes, these information that you can get can be useful in plotting your next marketing strategy. However, if they see too many fields that they need to fill up, the visitor might get turned off and decide to look elsewhere instead, leading to an increase in your web page’s bounce rate. Remember that people now are wary about divulging too much personal information about themselves, so don’t over ask. Keep your forms short and ask only what is needed such as their name, email address, and contact number.


Landing pages should have the necessary elements that will lead the visitor into becoming a buying customer. Keep in mind that appearance and functionality should go side by side, for your landing page to convert.

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