Why Your Business Needs A Website in 2020

By: Cyd Cruz

Web Design

25 Nov 2020

Why your business need a website in 2020

In today’s digital age, the internet has provided everyone with an avenue to conduct their businesses online. Within the last decade, social media platforms have become one, if not the most powerful, source of marketing and promotion. Recent updates also allowed businesses to sell directly to users on Instagram and Facebook.

The recent pandemic has forced businesses, not only in Singapore but also globally, to embrace technology. Harnessing the power of tech, eCommerce can help businesses overcome present challenges and unlock potential growth opportunities. 

The urgency of the digital transformation is very real. This might make you think it would be wiser to skip website development altogether and head straight to social media. Unfortunately, there are other factors to consider in order to successfully launch your business online.

Besides being beneficial for you in the long run, here are 5 key reasons why having a business website is still necessary in 2020:

1. Business Credibility

Business credibility and trust is key to gaining new customers

In the world of business, credibility and trust is key to gaining new customers. A website adds legitimacy. In a sea of competition, online businesses that stand out and convince potential customers to buy from them are the ones that make a profit. 

A well-designed website helps you make a more convincing sales pitch to these users. This drastically increases your odds for conversion compared to businesses without a website.

2. Increased Brand Visibility

A website can increase brand visibility

The digital age is highly saturated with information. People want more information on a specific product or service before they decide to buy it. With over 80,000 Google searches submitted every second, getting ranked on the first page of Google is not easy. 

This is true especially if your business’ presence is exclusive to social media platforms. When searching on Google, you see results related to keywords ‘read’ by the Google algorithm on the website’s contents, not through apps.

Optimising specific keywords on your webpages will allow your website to show up whenever users research specific products and services. Being on the first page of Google increases your chances of being the place where customers choose to buy from. 

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3. Stronger Control of Your Brand’s Online Presence

Strong control of your brand's online presence

If you create a website for your business with its own domain name and hosting, the content belongs to you. You have the freedom and flexibility to control how you convey your brand story and present it to an audience. 

This can be done through different elements like design, copy and images. No social media site completely allows this and the content you post there technically no longer belongs to you.

4. Saves Time and Provides Better Customer Service

Saves time and provide better customer service

Social media, with more than 3 billion people using it, makes it easy for you to reach a wide-ranging audience. But having a website provides potential customers a consolidated avenue for everything your business offers. 

A website can help your business provide better customer service because of the amount of information it can house. This includes all your products or services and a Frequently Asked Questions page. 

A highly personalised User Experience (UX) to guide customers to the information they need will also make things better. This saves you considerable time and energy you would otherwise have spent answering all your Direct Messages (DMs) every time a user can’t find something on your socials.

5. High Return of Investment  

High return of investment

If you are planning to market your business, a website should be at the top of your list. While it requires a small investment to get started, your website, if done right, should pay dividends. Building your brand and driving new and potential customers to it will guarantee returns. 

A study has also found that eCommerce website traffic has significantly increased in 2020, partly due to COVID-19. Yes, social media is incredibly easy to use compared to managing a website. Fortunately, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to get started on creating a website either. Verz Design will guide you at every step of your web development and teach you to manage it on your own once it’s up and running! 

At Verz Design, we’ve helped plenty of businesses build an awesome website, let us help you too!

Verz Design is a professional web design and development agency that has 3,000 active clients across multiple industries and over thousands of websites created. With over a decade’s worth of experience in website design and development, we know we’ve got what it takes to create a well-designed website for your business so let’s get started!

Planning on getting your business online? Let us help you get started with an awesome website today! Give us a ring at 6841 1680 or email us at [email protected]!

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