Company vs Freelance for Website Design: What to Choose?

By: Rafa Ticzon

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08 Jan 2022

Why do people choose website design companies over Freelancer - Verz Design

With how business has transitioned into the digital world, having an effective website has become a must. While it seems viable to create your own, you actually miss out on the advantages of hiring professionals instead. When it comes to creating a website, usability and credibility are important factors. In this article, we will be tackling the key benefits of engaging a website design company over freelancers. 

7 Reasons Why do people choose website design companies over Freelancer

The biggest decision-making factor why companies choose to hire a freelancer over a professional web design company is budget. A big expense immediately does seem daunting, especially for smaller-scale businesses. However, there are actually a lot more professionals that you may not be aware of. With that, here are seven reasons to choose a professional website design company over freelancing. 

1. Greater Understanding of the Industry

Greater understanding of the Industry

The reality of technology is ever-changing, and this could be hard to keep track of while running a business. This is where having a dedicated team on top of everything helps a lot. You and your website are sure to keep up with the latest technology and trends under the proper guidance of a web development company.

While anyone can get into web designing, it may not be the best option to hire just anybody. Designing an effective and user-friendly website is key to reeling in customers and racking up eCommerce sales. And more often than not, opting for the cheaper alternative could oftentimes do more harm than good. Website design is a whole profession that requires a lot of skill and experience in lead conversion, appropriate SEO, and search engine algorithms. 

2. Appealing Web Designs

Appealing web designs with website design companies

A good web development company can bring greater profit to your website, as they make sure it is aesthetically pleasing to customers. This also helps a lot with staying consistent with your branding, which is also an important factor in customer appeal. Designs do eventually grow old as well. One of the web design company benefits is that your designs will never be outdated. 

In addition, it’s important to go with a team that can meet all your specific needs, which is exactly what a web design company can offer. Whatever the client has in mind, a good web design company will ensure they will deliver more than is expected of them, perfectly marrying quality and quantity, with cohesion and great web page etiquette. 

3. Secure, Safe and Reliable Websites

Professional web designers build secure, safe, and reliable websites

Professionals will build your website with security in mind. From the get go, they will set up your website with protective protocols. One method involves an SSL certificate, which is indicated at the beginning of your url as “https.” 

Having this on your site is the best way to keep both you and your client’s information secure. If your website handles information like passwords or credit details, this is a must-have for you. In addition, Google will rank your website higher because of its security. 

Hiring a web development company also includes regular updates and backups, making sure your website is running smoothly at all times and that you have extra copies of your data and files. 

4. SEO-Friendly

Dedicated web design agencies help to build SEO-Friendly websites

Building an SEO-friendly website is the foundation of a successful business. This can be done by incorporating it into your ecommerce web design and your written content. Google values user experience and favours sites that offer exactly this for its visitors. 

A good design not only draws in visitors but helps them follow through their customer journey. Proper use of white space, colour schemes and easy to read fonts are additional web design company benefits designers will use to maintain readability for your visitors.

It’s also important to ensure that your content is SEO optimized. Professional website design companies will be sure to populate your content with the appropriate tools such as Meta & Header Tags, focus keyphrases, target keywords, and location tagging. 

Doing this not only helps viewers understand what exactly your business offers, but helps search engines rank you in SERP’s. With a good web development company by your side, you’re assured your content is not only useful and informative but relevant to your visitors.

5. Responsive and Speed-Optimized Websites

Responsive and speed optimised websites

Your website is your first impression on the internet. Optimizing your website speed gives you better SEO, better ranking, and in turn, better ROI. A website that works seamlessly and loads correctly every time has a better chance of converting visitors to loyal customers. 

By opting for professional services, you will be assured that your website will be fast and efficient. Benefits of engaging a web design company include the use of CDN (Content Delivery Network), better server host, optimizing of image size, reduced plugins, minimized JavaScript and CSS, website caching, using a database and CMS optimization performance is part of our website speed optimization service, and reduced web fonts.

6. Mobile Optimized

Mobile optimised website

Mobile SEO is the process of optimizing your website for aesthetics and functionality. You’ll provide your visitors with a positive experience when your website is optimized for SEO. 

This is made easy with the help of a web design company because they have the complete set of tools and skills to get this done for you. They will make sure that your website has a responsive design. One that uses adaptable layouts fit for any device, including mobile. 

7. Client Support

Get better client support with the web design company

It is also essential for your business to have client support after your company website is set up. One of the key web design company benefits is that they make sure to see their work through even after the website is completed. Unlike when you opt for a freelancer where your partnership ends as soon as the website is up and running. 

Being able to address any problems that may arise, or future client’s needs is a priority. There are a lot of websites that need to be considered. Editing content, adding websites pages, renewing hosting, or even regular maintenance are all important examples. With a web design company, you wouldn’t have to worry about contacting a whole new designer. You will simply get the desired service from the same point of contact.

Invest in a Web Design Company Today!

Hiring someone should not only benefit your company but also take away unnecessary stress. At the end of the day, a good partner should have the proper skill set for the job. As well as having your best interest in mind at all times. With that, there is no better choice than a professional web development company in terms of painless processes and end quality.

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