How to Set Up Google Display Network Advertising Campaigns

By: Cyd Cruz

Advertising SEM

28 May 2020

How to Set Up Google Display Network Advertising Campaigns

Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is Google’s very own online advertising platform. It allows advertisers to briefly display service offers, product displays, and advertisements within Google’s network.

It is estimated that Google display ads are served on over two million websites and apps, reaching over 90% of internet users. While the reach sounds amazing, the click-through rates on these websites are typically lower than the ones on the search network, meaning that Google display ads can rack up high costs if you’re not careful. Let’s take a deep dive into how you can set up an effective Google Display Network Advertising Campaign with the following.

5 Ways You Can Create Effective GDN Campaigns

GDN leaves advertisers with four different options to choose from when creating ads:

  • Text ads
  • Images ads
  • Video ads
  • Mobile website ads

While it sounds simple at first glance, there are some methods to make your GDN ads campaigns more effective. You can achieve this by targeting relevant users, capturing attention, and gaining clicks. This article aims to enumerate the many different ways for you to accomplish this.

1. Utilise behavioural retargeting

Utilise behavioural retargeting to create GDN ads campaigns

More commonly known as “retargeting”, behavioural retargeting is the practice of analysing a previous user’s actions and page visits on the internet with cookies. It then uses the information gathered for a more accurate showcase of targeted advertisements.

So, for example, when you search for ways on how to keep your dog occupied, you can expect to get advertisements for dog toys when you visit other websites.

On to the point: why is behavioural retargeting important for crafting an effective advertising campaign for GDN? Well, the short answer is because any return on the display network that you’ll be seeing will most likely come from retargeting first. It works because you’re sending ads to users who have already shown interest in your product or service in the first place. It’s a sure-fire way to get the right audience interested in your ads and in turn, click on your ads to find out more about your offerings.

Maximise your GDN and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) efforts with retargeting.

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2. Create ads in multiple best sizes

Create ads in multiple best sizes

Google allows publishers to display a range of different sized ads on their websites, which is why Google recommends that you design your ads in a range of sizes to show on different websites pages.

That being said, different ad sizes often come with different click-through rates and therefore different prices. For example, if you want traffic but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can opt for smaller ad sizes that won’t cost as much. For those who are looking to fully optimise their display ads’ performance, Google recommends creating your ads in the following sizes: 300×250, 336×280, 728×90, and 300×600.

3. Utilise managed placements

Utilise managed placements to set up GDN ads campaigns

There are a lot of ways to find your audiences for advertising purposes, the most commonly utilised is interest targeting. While it is simple and convenient to use this method, it essentially puts the choice of which websites to display your ads on in Google’s hands. While Google is by no means faulty, it would still be ideal for you to have a say in which sites are considered relevant to your ads.

Managed placements are one of the many, if not the only, targeting methods that allow an advertiser to have total control over which websites or apps their ad will be placed on. This method will not only allow you to reach your past and potential audiences easily, but it will also reduce the risks of having your ad end up on a non-relevant site.

If you’ve been running display ads for a while, you can check your referral traffic report to see which websites are giving you the most relevant traffic. You can choose to focus your budget on ad placements in these websites for better ad performance in the long run.

4. Keep your ads simple yet impactful

Keep your ads simple yet impactful

One of the golden principles of marketing and advertising on the internet is to keep it short and simple. People’s attention spans are shrinking and will continue to shrink as time passes by, which is why lengthy ads simply won’t work.

Keep in mind that when people are browsing a website, they’re browsing for the content, not your advertisement. As a result, that advertising content you worked so hard on will merely be treated as a short distraction from what they’re there for in the first place. Use an advert with few but catchy texts to fully grab hold of your viewers’ attention.

5. Keep on testing

Keep on testing to create effective Google ads campaigns

Proper utilisation of the GDN and its targeting methods will surely net you a considerable number of leads. As you’ll probably find out, your potential reach on the Google Display Network is next to infinite.

In addition, Google periodically releases new and improved features, targeting methods, and many other updates. Not staying up to date or simply ignoring new features will cause you to miss out on the best ways to make your display ads work.
No matter how good of an advertiser you are, there’s no way you can reach every single audience that will find your services useful, so keep on testing and testing and testing to extend your influence and, of course, your profit.

Verz Design is here for all your GDN needs

The Google Display Network is one of the most effective ways to reach your audiences when they’re going about their businesses on the internet. It opens up new opportunities for them by showing them your advertisements that may pique their interests.

If you’re still unsure of how to maximise your ads’ performance on GDN, Verz Design has got your back with specialists that have the know-how and experience to craft your advertising campaigns on Google Display Network effectively.

Looking to boost your online presence with Google Display Network? Let’s work together! Give us a ring 6841 1680 or link up with us via email at [email protected] for a free consultation!

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