Singtel is the foremost and largest telecommunications company in Singapore. Founded in as early as the 1800s, the leading telco has refreshed its brand in recent years, transiting from their traditional logo to the modern and forward-facing logo we see today, illuminating their corporate HQ building in Somerset.

Verz Design is proud to have been a part of this major operation, which saw a multi-faceted corporate revamp of their digital infrastructure and customer touchpoints. As of today, we are proud to present 6 major projects we have worked on with Singtel. Being a recurring contributor to Singtel’s impact on the new age of telecommunications, we look forward to future branding collaborations and renewed strategies for Singtel to soar ahead of digital trends to come.

What we did
  • Starfish Sharepoint Web Portal
  • Starfish iOS and Android App
  • Singtel Visual Menu (Mobile-first Design)
  • Singtel Satellite Website
  • Singtel Group HR Sharepoint Intranet
  • Singtel Media Website