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SharePoint Intranet Portal Case Study

LHN Group is a real estate management services group that provides integrated real estate management offerings across ASEAN and China. They have an expansive workforce spanning across three business segments; Space Optimisation, Logistics Services and Facilities Management.

As a large organisation with various forms of data, LHN Group needed a custom staff portal that would give staff an integrated platform as the true source of information. They engaged Verz to build an intranet portal using SharePoint to store all necessary documentation and to engage staff.


Before building the intranet portal, LHN Group was looking for a more streamlined approach to internal communication due to challenges with:

  • Inefficient Communication: Limited channels for internal communication, leading to potential information gaps and delayed updates for employees.
  • Resource Accessibility: With thousands of tenants and projects, employees needed a clearer system to access and retrieve important business documents, forms and policies.
Features and Functionality
  1. Centralised Document Repository

    The portal serves as a single, secure repository for all essential documents, ensuring easy access and version control. This significantly streamlined the documentation management process across the organisation. Employees can access the necessary documents through simple and clear navigation tabs.

  2. Employee Directory

    Having a dedicated space for employee details fosters a sense of community and transparency within the organisation. Whether it’s a project-related query, a collaboration opportunity, or a simple informational exchange, employees can quickly access the necessary contact details, expediting communication processes.

  3. News and FAQ

    With a news module and a FAQ page, employees are kept in the loop about the company’s goals, achievements and strategic directions. This openness in communication fosters clarity and a sense of belonging with the company.


For LHN Group, the custom SharePoint intranet portal is one step in creating a unified, informed, and engaged workforce within their large-scale organisation. With the portal, they explore an avenue to optimise internal processes, enhance communication, and foster a culture of transparency and collaboration.