Verz Design

SATO Multisite Case Study

As a global leader in the Auto-ID industry, SATO prides itself on having an expansive network of offices worldwide. In the Asia Pacific alone, they have more than 10 offices that work closely with their business partners to cater to the needs of their clients in various industries.
SATO has a dedicated website for every country they are operating in. And while this poses plenty of benefits, it also comes with some disadvantages. One of which is the lack of a unified brand identity. To help them solve this issue, Verz Design and SATO worked hand-in-hand in developing one online portal that will house all country websites. Explore our process below.

The Verz Process: A Targeted Approach

01. Solving Issues on Uniformity

Since the new website will host all of SATO’s country websites, Verz came up with features and solutions that target SATO’s specific needs.

  • Multi-country. This feature introduces one backend developer who will manage multiple countries’ websites for a streamlined and unified backend management.
  • Multi-language. This implements multiple language options for every country, which can also be managed by the backend developer.
  • Partner Portal. A portal linked to each country website, designed to manage their respective partners.
  • News & Event Publishing. To manage the events of all countries. It has a reverse synchronising feature to retrieve the events created by each country website.
02. Addressing Issues on Inventory & Roles

For a more structured and secure product inventory management, Verz provided SATO backend users with various types of role permissions: Super Admin, Country Admin and Language Admin.

  • Super Admin Access – Full site permission and permission to manage all products in every country.
  • Country Admin Access – Capacity to manage only all the products and contents in their designated country.
  • Language Admin Access – Permission to manage the assigned language of the content and products of their designated country.
03. Preventing Potential Issues on Security & User Experience

As part of our end-to-end web design and development service, we provided SATO with a full visual overhaul of the website, as well as support and maintenance solutions to address any potential issues that may arise concerning User Experience (UX) and cybersecurity.
In terms of ensuring good UX, we determined user pain points and delivered accurate solutions such as making the website mobile-responsive to address them. For site support and maintenance, we ensured that SATO’s plugins, software versions and other items are regularly updated. We also provided VAPT support for reliable cybersecurity protocols and language translation support for accessibility.

04. Technologies Used

We utilised our proven capabilities in PHP custom coding, MySQL and WordPress to deliver a website that:

  • Is engaging and visually-enriched
  • Seamlessly integrates between the site front and backend CMS
  • Is built on Sitefinity