Verz Design

Lady M Case Study

As the pioneer of the signature well-loved Mille Crêpes enjoyed worldwide, Lady M prides itself on combining French pastry techniques with Japanese etiquette of precision.  Since its opening in 2001 in New York’s Upper East Side, Lady M has grown its international reputation for creating the freshest and finest cakes and confectionary delights.
To preserve this reputation and ensure consistent branding, we helped revamp the Lady M Singapore website to keep it more in line with their original US website. In addition to updating the look and feel of the website, Lady M was able to make use of our Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) Magento package for their new website revamp. With up to 80% funding, our PSG Magento package offers robust solutions on the leading eCommerce platform. Find out what we did below.
01. Establishing Web Design Uniformity

Lady M Singapore’s previous website needed an updated look and feel in order to be more consistent with their Lady M New York website. To ensure the revamped Lady M Singapore website accomplished this, Verz came up with a classic and elegant design and improved navigation that better aligned with the Lady M design aesthetic and branding but with a touch of distinction.

  • Colour palette
  • Similar fonts
  • Web Design
  • Colour palette
  • Improved Navigation
02. Robust Magento 2 Web Development

Lady M choose the Verz PSG Magento Package to update their website to the Magento 2 eCommerce platform. This change means Lady M can now manage everything from the backend entirely on their own. We even added a pre-order feature to allow Lady M to upload products that are yet to be available so users can make an advanced order.
The previous platform they were using only allowed for very minimal changes to their banners but for everything else, Lady M would have to contact the vendor to make the necessary changes on their behalf. Now with Magento 2, they no longer have to experience this hassle and inconvenience, they can easily change it themselves. For example, they can:

  • Change the banner
  • Change the image of the product
  • Create new promotions and mechanisms
  • Upload products for advanced order
  • Edit their individual content pages
03. Customisable Features available that can be added on to the PSG Magento Package

As part of our end-to-end web design and development solutions, we were able to offer Lady M flexible solutions for their Singapore website revamp. We understood that their previous website was customised and that they would appreciate having similar features on their revamped website. Hence we were able to offer these customisable features as an additional service on top of our standard PSG Magento Package. These customisable features included:

  • Customised Delivery Module
  • Customised Locations for Pick Up
  • Customised Timing for Different Stores
  • Add On Options On Checkout or Cart Page
04. Seamless Integration and Overall Project Management

Our track record of effective and efficient project management came into play for Lady M’s revamped website. In addition to developing their site, we had to work alongside an international payment gateway provider as well as an external developer to integrate the Kitchen API. In order to launch the new Lady M Singapore website on time, communication and clear instruction were key!
We seamlessly integrated the Lady M website to the Xero reporting system. This move has made sales reporting and accounting a lot easier because it means customer transaction data from the Lady M website is synced directly to the accounting system. They no longer have to export the transaction report manually into their accounting system making this system more productive and time saving.

05.Technologies Used

While the kitchen API meant Lady M no longer has to manually extract files to send to the kitchen, Verz Design utilised our proven capabilities in PHP custom coding to create an order delivery date log form. This will also allow them to track when an order is affected and report why it didn’t pass through their kitchen API. In addition, using Magento 2 we were able to revamp the Lady M Singapore website so that it:

  • Is engaging and visually-enriched
  • Seamlessly integrates between the site front and backend CMS
  • Includes a remarks section for the shopping cart
  • Is safe from any hacking attempts